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Online casino, online poker, online bingo and bookmaker guide

1. Why does focus on online casino, online poker, online bingo and bookmaker gambling sites

Roulette burningWe have decided to focus on the online casino, online poker, online bingo and bookmaker gambling area because that is what the relevant gambling companies that we refer to are dealing with. You can't for example go to a bookmaker today without visiting an online casino or online poker room, because you can play everything at the same bookmakers.

The problem is simply that a bookmaker is best at sports games, which means the online casino part is not a high priority.

If however you pick an online casino from’s Casino top 10, then you can be sure that the focus is 100% on the online casino area and nothing else.

If you pick a poker room from 's Poker top 10 then equally the focus is 100% on online poker. recommends you use our top lists to create a guide.

2. How do I get started with online poker, casino, online bingo or bookmaker games on the Internet?

Girl shows where to play online casino.Online casino:

  1. recommends that you first learn the rules of the casino games. If you want to play at casinos, then we have prepared a page with the online casino rules of play, Click here
  2. Once you have learned the rules of blackjack or roulette for example, it’s just a case of finding an online casino from our Casino top 10, Click here
  3. If you want to read more about how to install an online casino on your PC, read our software installation guides. The software installation process is often explained on the various casino websites.
  4. We are often playing at either Inter or Party. To read a review of Inter Casino, Click here.
  5. Good luck with your online gaming entertainment.

Man pointing at steps to start with online poker.Online poker:

  1. If you want to play poker we recommend you read 's section on poker rules, poker strategy and other areas related to poker Click here.
  2. On the overview of poker rules it tends to be the Texas Hold’em rules that most people use – but there is also a beginner’s guide to online poker games on the Internet, Click here
  3. Once you have become familiar with the poker rules, we recommend you use this page - Poker top 10, Click here, where we review and describe the biggest and best online poker rooms on the Internet.
  4. You are also welcome to create a profile on Forums and we would be delighted if you wrote an entry :)
  5. Good luck.


  1. This is just a case of taking the plunge, as all the bookmakers explain how to use their own websites. An overview of reviews of the biggest bookmakers on the Internet is available via Bookmaker top 10, Click here

Online bingo:

  1. Another case of just taking the plunge. However, read our page about online bingo here on first, Click here.
  2. You can also see the top 10 online bingo sites, click here.

Games listing:

Finally, contains a complete listing of online casino, online bingo, online poker and bookmaker games, Click here for a map of .


You can find links to games, rules and info pages on , via Sitemap, Click here

Enjoy playing on the Internet!

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