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Roulette systems

1. The Martingale system

There is a roulette system called the Martingale System. This system would be infallible if you had money enough, and if there wasn’t a “ceiling” of the maximum bet you could place in a casino. The systems works by only playing on the colour red (or black, or another 50-50 option). If you win, you get your winnings. If you lose, you double up. You keep doubling your stake until you win.

An example: You start by betting $2 on the colour red, and you lose. Then you bet $4 on the colour red, but lose. Then you bet $8 on the colour red, you win and get your stake of $8 back plus winnings of $8, so a total of $16. The total profit after 3 hands is $16 - ($2+$4+$8) = $2.

Another example: You start by betting $2, and you lose. You do the same in the next 5 games and the stake is doubled every time. I.e. the stake grows by $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64. If you continue playing, you will have to bet $128 on the next game, on the colour red for example. If you win, you start again.

As the above 2nd example shows, the Martingale System is a “dangerous” system as you can be unlucky and lose over a long period of time. But if the losing periods are short, then the Martingale System is usable, but be careful not to do it for too long at a time. Long-term you will either exceed your financial capacity of the casino’s ceiling on bets.

Remember: In each game the chance is exactly 50% of each outcome being either red or black - COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY OF PREVIOUS GAMES. (When not including 0 and 00)

2. Reverse Martingale

If you want to play a type of Martingale, then "reverse martingale" is less resource demanding. In this system, if you place your bet and then lose, you start again. If you win you double your stake and this continues for as long as you have pre-determined. E.g. 2,3 or 4 hands. With this type of Martingale you try to take advantage of a series of the same outcomes instead of fearing them.

3. The D’Alembert system

This system once again uses the 50-50 option. You start by playing with one token. If you lose, you gain a token. When you win, you play with one token less. When you get a zero, you win all the tokens.
An example,





1 1 loss -1
2 2 loss -3
3 3 loss -6
4 4 win -2
5 3 win +1
6 2 loss -1
7 3 win +2
8 2 win +4
9 1 win +5


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