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Slots, slotmachines

What are online slots?

Online slots is the word we use for slotmachines. On slots, games work in exactly the same way. You put money in the machine and press the button called “SPIN”. The slots‘ wheel starts to spin. If you hit one of the combinations, such as "3 BAR" or "3 Goldbars" or similar, you win.

Why play on slots?

Firstly, you need to enjoy playing on slots. Another reason you might play on them is to have the chance of winning large jackpots, while only risking small stakes at a time. (On some slots the minimum stake is only 25 cents i.e. 1/4 dollar.)

Score box

It is via the so-called “progressive slots”, where several casinos work together to create a joint jackpot that gradually grows in size, that you have a chance of winning very large amounts. Often these jackpots will reach $200,000, $300,000, $400,000 (American dollars) and even higher, before some lucky person wins the whole lot.

You need luck on your side in this game

The drawback of slots is that winning on them is based entirely on luck. They are comparable to scratch cards and lottery draws on the Internet. You need to be lucky to win – no doubt about it. There are many good strategies around on how to play slots "intelligently". So if you play on slots, do it because you think it’s fun, or you are after big winnings with small stakes.

Be aware of the following

If you play the progressive slots, where the jackpot, i.e. the main prize, gradually grows to become very big, you need to put a maximum amount of coins into the slot per game. On the Cryptologic online casinos, Inter Casino and VIP Casino it is $3 per game. But you could just play with less, but then you do not have the chance of scoring the big prize of several hundred thousand dollars. The other prizes are also quite high.

Which slots does recommend?

The best slot game on the Internet we think is Rags to Riches, which you can play on most casinos that use software from Cryptologic. Here is Inter Casino (Click here) the best recommendation, because the casino offers the biggest bonus. (Another recommendation is VIP Casino) We have chosen these 2 casinos based on 2 criteria.

  1. You get a free 100% bonus every month from both these casinos.
  2. The "Rags to Riches" slots jackpot always grows very big, so the chance of scoring the jackpot is genuine.

The next best alternative are the slots games offered by microgaming online. For example Golden Tiger Casino and Riverbelle Casino are 2 excellent microgaming casinos. Slots, which you play on if you want to go after the big jackpot at these casinos, could be "Cashsplash" , "Fruit Fiesta" , "Major Millions Progressive Jackpots" or other. There are numerous slots to choose from.


  1. Once you have opened the casino software and are about to play, e.g. " Rags to Riches " on Inter Casino, wait playing until the jackpot is suitably big! It’s not a great idea to play progressive slots if a woman won the jackpot the day before. :-)
  2. When you play slots, you are gambling in earnest. Slots are games that are based 100% on coincidence and luck. They are comparable to scratch cards and lotteries. Low stakes and high winnings – but based entirely on luck.
  3. It is often worth playing with the highest stake possible per game. On some slots you could, for example, win a jackpot of $2000 by betting just $2 a time. But if you bet $3 per time, the jackpot is $4000.
  4. If you play progressive slots, then you should always play with the maximum stake, if you have a chance of winning the jackpot.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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