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Blackjack rules

It is very easy to learn the rules of blackjack and on this page you will acquire a basic knowledge about which terms you need to know when playing this game. You will then learn to use the fundamental Blackjack rules. Finally, you will be shown how to practically apply a Blackjack chart, so that you can play sensibly at the casinos.

This page contains the following sections,

  1. Card values in Blackjack
  2. Blackjack terms
  3. Basic blackjack rules
  4. How to use the Blackjack Chart (download a blackjack chart, Click here)

1. Card values in Blackjack

  • 2-9 = Number value on the cards
  • 10 plus all picture cards = All have the value of 10
  • Ace = 1 or 11

2. Blackjack terms

  • DEALER: The dealer is the person who deals the cards during the game.
  • HIT: When you select HIT, the dealer will give you one more card.
  • STAND: This means that you stay the same. You do not want any more cards from the dealer.
  • BUST: BUST is when the total of the cards you receive from the dealer exceeds 21.
  • SPLIT: You can choose SPLIT if you have two cards of the same value. In practice this means that you will play with 2 hands. Your stake also doubles. E.g. $2 per hand. You can then choose to HIT or STAND for both hands.
  • DOUBLE DOWN: Your stake is doubled and the dealer gives you another card. It is then the dealer's turn.
  • BLACKJACK: You get a blackjack if your card values total 21. E.g. Ace+10, 6+7+8, 10+10+Es, etc. On some casinos you not only get a bonus of 1 x stake (plus the stake), but you also get 1.5 x stake for a Blackjack. If the dealer also gets a Blackjack at the same time, you get your own stake back.
  • INSURANCE: This is insurance you can buy from the bank, in this case the dealer, if his visible card is an Ace. In 9 out of 10 instances, you should say "NO" to insurance.
  • SURRENDER: You give up the chance to win, which will cost you half your stake.

3. Blackjack rules

  • The dealer starts by dealing 2 cards to you and one card to himself. You can then choose one of the above. You can choose to HIT, STAND, DOUBLE DOWN or SPLIT, if you have two cards the same, cf. the above definition of the terms. When you do not want any more cards, the turn passes to the dealer.
  • The aim of Blackjack is to get 21. If neither you or the dealer gets 21, then the person with the highest number value wins. Remember however, that if you have a number value that exceeds 21, you will get the message BUST and you will lose. This also applies to the dealer of course.
  • The dealer must always continue to hit, until as a minimum he has reached a number value of 17.
  • The winnings in Blackjack is the double of the stake. If you bet e.g. $5 and win, you get $10.

4. How to use the Blackjack Chart

If you haven’t downloaded and printed the Blackjack Chart, you should do it now by clicking here. Always use this Blackjack Chart when playing Blackjack on the casinos. The whole idea of “scoring bonuses” is about playing sensibly AT ALL TIMES, by following the Blackjack Chart to the letter. If you do this, statistically you will win approx. 98% of your stake. The casinos “live” on the remaining 2% and up to 100%. Just remember you have a bonus to eat into. The 2% you statistically lose should just be perceived as a small reduction in your bonus. So in most cases, you will, at almost no risk, be able to play and win on the casinos using your bonuses.

How the Blackjack Chart works

First you find out what the dealer's cards are in the top row, then you find your own card combination in the vertical column. At the point where these two cross is a letter, which tells you statistically what the best move is.

Example: If the dealer’s only visible card is a jack, i.e. the number value is 10, you will find the number 10 under "Dealers' card". You then check what the sum of your own cards are. If for example you have a 3 and a 9, the sum of these is 12. The Blackjack Chart will tell you that your next move should be to choose HIT, as the dealer's card "10" crosses the sum of your cards "12" according to the Blackjack Chart.

Note that the “middle” box is one where one of your cards is an ace. The “bottom” box is where you have 2 cards the same. The top box is for all other card combinations and is this one you will use most often.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen


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