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Craps rules

Pushing yourself into online gambling is like testing your discipline. If this line is in anyway an understatement for your understanding, to say that this involves discipline, consider the fact that it is hard to withdraw in any game when your are winning… and yes, even more difficult to call it quit when you are losing. Because if you enter the world of online gambling, you are like in the middle of war, either you or the casino wins the battle. However, it was the casino who wins the war most of the time, that is why battling without knowing your opponent could be fatal.

One objective of this article is to persuade gamers to study and learn all the necessary inclined information regarding the games he/she should play. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your opponents will definitely grant you more chances of defeating your adversary. This is arguably true, particularly in terms of strategy and style, but before you can master that, you must first exert expertise on the rules and regulations of the game you wanted to do extremely well.

Something to know about Craps:

A History:

Crabs” a nickname which is known to be the earlier game of hazard is the origin word that has a French pronunciation as “Craps” and now became the famous name of the game.

It was 17th century when Hazard was developed and urbanized. It was played by members of the European aristocracy before arriving to America through the French Louisiana colony of Arcadia.

Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, or Bernard de Mandeville, (1785 - 1868) (also known as Bernard de Marigny) was a French-Creole American nobleman, playboy, politician, and President of the Louisiana Senate between 1822-1823. took the game of hazard, simplified it, and transformed the game into the first version of craps by 1813.

His adaptation of Hazard traveled up the Mississippi River on steamboats, spreading throughout the United States.

There was actually a problem in the version that was developed by Bernard in which players could exploit the casino using fixed dice and taking advantage of the way players can bet with or against the dice thrower. John H. Winn solved this problem by introducing the possibility for players to bet 'right' or 'wrong' in the layout of the craps table, including a space for 'Don't Pass' bets. His adjustments revolutionized the game, eliminating the usefulness of fixed dice and making it possible for players to bet for or against the roller. And this is still exists in the world of gambling nowadays and made John H. Winn the father of the modern craps.

Looking deeper and further back into the past, it is believed that craps originally a game of pig knucklebones shaped to become cubes during the Holy Roman Empire played by the soldiers of Roman Legions. Rolling the cubed knucklebones to their shields just for the sake of entertainment became their past time. It was carried away during the World War II by the soldiers who used the craps as a modern form of entertainment, which acquired tremendous recognition and reputation and became famous to break the ice of being bored at frozen in the middle of the war.

And so Craps obtain the title as the biggest gambling game on the world. But yes, absolutely the popularity dropped down during the 90’s as the other casino games arises, slot machines, roulette, poker and other casino games on that matter. Recently, however, it has making a surprised comeback especially that the people for now can play online gambling, craps seems to be come backing with attitude, with vengeance.

Even in the numerous Hollywood movies, for how many times that is craps portrayed because it was the game everyone surely loved – no matter it was done by real people or reel human with as much as popularity as the game per se.

How would you Play Craps?

The Craps Rules:

Chances are... the phrase that usually bears the mind of anyone who wants to look forward into the rolling dice’s magic result. This leads to the fact that the game of craps is an outrageous exciting game of chance which is so popular since the era of the Romans. Good predictions may push the gamers to his own luck as the objective of this game is to foresee and guess the outcome of a roll of the dice.

Even the strategy and style in playing the game would never be enough in captivating the success and leaving the table with triumph, not without even a some sort of luck.

In terms of playing the game, several theories have at least a marginal ring of truth. The methods of playing craps skillfully involve being able to predict the outcome of the rolling dice, from where the dice are thrown or the angle that how the dice were rolling. But these do not mean anything. Intelligence has nothing to do with winning this kind of battle, mastering probability needs full of knowledge but again…no one can tell.

Beneath each round is another round, every game has its own definition, it is not logical to base the recent outcome to the previous result, meaning, no probable cause is defined. Or in short, treat every game a new game.

The Basic Craps Rules:

Craps is a game that is operated in a special table built purposely only for this game. The two dice used are in strict compliance in maintaining their standards. They are regularly checked to avoid and fix whatever possible loopholes and always see to it that the dice should be replaced every eight hours of use with the new ones so to avoid any misconception of cheating or whatsoever purposes.

  1. The table staff should consist of a Stickman, a Boxman and 2 Dealers.
  2. The shooter begins the game with betting on either of the bets type whichever the players may wish to put their stakes with the required smallest table bets.
  3. Usually, there are five dice that are presented for the stickman’s possession to the shooter and the shooter should choose a pair of dice to roll. Left over dice should be kept as reserved to whoever is responsible.
  4. In throwing the dice, as a rule, it should only be one hand to be used and that the dice bounce off the far wall surrounding the table.
  5. Upon throwing it, it must be assured that it would strike the table’s tip corner and it should bounce back to keep the game fair in avoiding switching of the dice and controlling the shoot.
  6. The dice should be thoroughly checked in accordance with the stickman’s standard previous to using it again in case one or both dice were thrown outside the table.
  7. This game has actually have a very accommodating table which can entertain up to a maximum of 20 betters, each of them would be given a chance to fly the dice into the table, but if a player doesn’t want to do it, that player could then put their stake to the player who thrown the dice. There are available types of bets that can be chosen upon playing.
  8. A player may decide if he wants a chance in maneuvering the dice’s result or pass the right to the next player but he can continue in betting.
  9. Each round consists of two phases.
    a. Come Out: To begin a round, a single or a couple of shooting should be made by the shooter. Two, three or twelve Come Out roll is known to be as Craps, one who shoots could be known to 'crap out', completes the set of the game involving the lost wagers. A rolled dice resulting to seven or eleven would be known to be a Natural.
    b. Point: Come Out rolls should just be continued by the shooter to make in anticipation of the results that would lead to the so called Point which are four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. One who deals would need to make the On Button be moving towards these numbers marking the beginning of the following segment of the game set.
  10. As a new game in craps begins with a Come Out roll pioneering a rolling dices to a real game or in money game.
  11. When a previous shooter failed to make a Point or make a seven out which is actually be the lucky result, which happens to be the only time that a come out roll should be made.
  12. Then, a new shooter should be placed for a new game. If the previous shooter was able to acquire a Point result, rolling dice should be gave back to the shooter to be able to begin a again. The shooter should continue rolling although that the game would be a one.
  13. But if the shooter failed to make a point, this is the time that the dice would be passed to the following shooter for another rolling out result but just continues with similar processes and so on and so forth.
  14. The next shooter should be on the left side from the one who previously shoots the dice so that the game is just moving clockwise towards the players encircling the table.
  15. Craps table has a lay-out which would be fractioned in 3 divisions. The left and the right sides are separated of course by the center side. Every corner would be reflected same as same as another that has inclusions as follows: The different types of bets which are actually mentioned already. Middle point would be contributed to the two corners which should be part of the bets called proposition.
  16. It is a win for Pass bets when come out roll’s result would either be seven or eleven, it is a loss when the result would be two, three or twelve. Never put a stake on the not winning side when the result of a come out roll is seven or eleven and never wage on the win side every time the result of the roll is two or three. And never wage on the tie side when the result is twelve.
  17. Anyone who wants to join the game but doesn’t want to be a shooter must check first the board of the game whether the “ON” switch is positive on any numerical that leads to the point roll, because if not, it is automatic under the stage of not allowable. On the other hand, if the button is switched, it is on the stage that it is allowable to do so. In either of the two rounds, whether how many rolls are done 'Proposition bets' could also placeable.
  18. The dealers can make pay-outs and can gather all any non-winning stakes during a period of time in between the dice rolls, after that, players can put new bets on their desired position. It was the stickman who monitors all that in the craps table and when he thinks that everybody is ready, he would decide to give the dice to the shooter and announce that the betting for that round is over.

Every result in rolling the two dice is often called as the following:

Dice 1 Dice 2 Total Result Name/Often Called
1 1 2 Snake Eyes
1 2 3 Ace Deuce
1 3 4 Easy Four
1 4 5 Fever Five
1 5 6 Easy Six
1 6 7 Natural or seven Out
2 1 3 Ace Deuce
2 2 4 Easy Four
2 3 5 Fever Five
2 4 6 Easy Six
2 5 7 Natural or seven Out
2 6 8 Easy Eight
3 1 4 Easy Four
3 2 5 Fever Five
3 3 6 Easy Six
3 4 7 Natural or seven Out
3 5 8 Easy Eight
3 6 9 Nine or Nina
4 1 5 Fever Five
4 2 6 Easy Six
4 3 7 Natural or seven Out
4 4 8 Easy Eight
4 5 9 Nine or Nina
4 6 10 Easy Ten
5 1 6 Easy Six
5 2 7 Natural or seven Out
5 3 8 Easy Eight
5 4 9 Nine or Nina
5 5 10 Easy Ten
5 6 11 Yo or Yo-leven
6 1 7 Natural or seven Out
6 2 8 Easy Eight
6 3 9 Nine or Nina
6 4 10 Easy Ten
6 5 11 Yo or Yo-leven
6 6 12 Boxcars or Midnight

The following are the different kind of Bets that a player can make in a Craps

1. Pass Line Bet: If the result of the rolled dice would be either seven or eleven naturally, the player who places the bets wins and losses when the result is a crap of 2, 3 or 12. If the result is a point from 4 consecutively up to 10, the result could be regularly done previous to the result of seven to be able to call it triumph. The result is 7 previous to the point of losing the game. Actually, the essential stake on this game would be the bet for Pass Line in which the shooter must achieved in winning the real goal. This Pass Line Bet would be surely acquired when the result of the roll would be a seven or an eleven. Reciprocally, when rolls resulted to two, three or 12, the challenger lost all the stakes.

2. Don’t Pass Line Bet: The opposite of the Pass Line bet, in which if the result is 7 or 11, the player who placed the bets losses and wins if the result is 2 or 3. A result of 12 means draw but this depends on the casino’s jurisdiction, in some instances, 12 is a win and 2 is a draw. Either way a player cannot lose if 12 is rolled. A draw, which means a tie. The word "BAR" which can be seen on the Craps layout, means "Standoff", it results in a tie, on 12 is done to ensure the casino maintains a house edge regardless of whether players are betting pass or don't pass. If the shooter acquired a point and the resulted roll would be thrown once more, the don't pass bet loses. If a 7 is rolled instead of the point being thrown several times, don't pass bet wins and is paid even money.

3. Odds on Pass Line Bet: Every time four, five, six, eight, nine or ten are established, a player by taking odds can make an additional bet. Each point has its own different pay-offs. These results; four or ten has a payoff equivalent to two is to one; five or nine has a payoff of three is to two; six or eight has a payoff of six is to 5. Anyone would succeed when the result of the roll would not be seven previously.

4. Come Bet: Pass Line Bet alike when it comes to the rules unless for the facts that a player can only acquire this stake subsequently of the establishment on the result “point” on the first kind of bet. A player betting on this would put a stake on the pioneer result that is called “point” which was resulted from the throwing of the following roll of the person who shoots, no matter what stage of the game. When a seven or eleven will be acquired on the pioneer stage, it would be a success. When a two, three or twelve is the result, it’s a lost. Whenever the result would be from four to ten, this kind of bet then will be transferred by the facilitator to a certain canister or a carton container implying the result number that the shooter acquired. This number will be Come Bet result so the gamer would be allowed to put more probability of winning the stakes. These odds will be placed besides this kind of betting by the dealer, or should be quite middle to be able to signify the difference in comparison to the genuine stake and the odds. Succeeding stage would be a success when the one who shoots the dice acquire a result of this kind previous to getting a result of seven. When seven is acquired before this kind of betting, it would be a non-winning bet.

5. Odds on Come Bet: Similar exactly to the Odds on Pass Line Bet except for the fact that it is for come bet and not for pass line bet.

6. Don’t Come Bet: This is actually the reciprocal of Come bet. There are two rounds for this kind of bet. It is a win if a 2 or 3 is rolled on the first round. It loses when the result of the rolled dice is 7 or 11. To reverse the natural house advantage which is putting the player in the position of the house and would probably otherwise favor the player, if a 12 is rolled, it is a push. But if instead the roll would be from four to ten then the don't come bet will be moved by the base dealer into the box which will represent the number that the shooter established. The player wins the second round if the shooter rolls a seven before the don't come point.

7. Place Bets: Behind the establishment of the result, this is the only time this bets work. Anyone can place a stake between four and ten. When the result of what you wage would be below seven 7, you win. But if its above seven, unluckily it a lost. This kind of bet has different payoffs that depend with the result acquired. Four or ten is equivalent to nine is to five; five or nine would be equivalent to seven is to five; lastly, six or eight would be equivalent to seven is to six. This kind of bet can be cancelled no matter what your reason is.

8. Field Bets: This kind of bets is usually involves single dice thrown. You win when the results are as follows; two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. It is a lost when the result would be five, six, seven and eight. This kind of betting would have their equivalent amounts reward. Two would be paid two is to one and twelve would be paid three is to one. And the rest result acquired by the player would be paid just equal to the bet.

9. Big Six, Big Eight Bets: Players can bet to whenever the thrown has been made and win if the result would be a six or eight previous to the rolling out of seven. This kind of bet would just be paid equal to the amount of the bet.

10. Proposition Bets: Players can make this kind of bet anytime of the game aside from the hard ways which are actually all one bets:

  • a) Any Craps: If the result is two, three or twelve, player wins. Would be paid eight times.
  • b) Any Seven: It is a success when the result is seven. It would be paid five times.
  • c) Eleven: Would always be a lucky one if the result is eleven. It pays sixteen times.
  • d) Ace Deuce: Would be success if the result is three. It also pays sixteen times.
  • e) Aces or Boxcars: It would be very lucky if the result is two or twelve. It pays thirty times.
  • f) Horn Bet: it represents all the numbers two, three, eleven and twelve in one time bet. It would be a success if the result of the rolling dice is one from these numbers. Payoff depends based on result number rolled. Otherwise, all the remaining numbers did not win.
  • g) Hard ways: It would be a win when the results of the rolling dice would be a pair. It pays eight times to the result on hard four and ten and ten times to the result of hard six and eight.


Dice Roll Result Dice Combinations Probabilities
2 1 & 1
3 1 & 2, 2 & 1
4 1 & 3, 2 & 2, 3 & 1
5 1 & 4, 2 & 3, 3 & 2, 4 & 1
6 1 & 5, 2 & 4, 3 & 3, 4 & 2, 5 & 1
7 1 & 6, 2 & 5, 3 & 4, 4 & 3, 5 & 2, 6 & 1
8 2 & 6, 3 & 5, 4 & 4, 5 & 3, 6 & 2
9 3 & 6, 4 & 5, 5 & 4, 6 & 3
10 4 & 6, 5 & 5, 6 & 4
11 5 & 6, 6 & 5
12 6 & 6

The odds of the payout can be determined by the probabilities of dice combinations. The above chart which shows the dice combinations probability clearly explained that the number two and number twelve are the hardest to roll since it has only one possibility of obtaining the combination of the dice. The game of craps is built around the dice roll of seven, because it has the most number of chances of the rolled dice combination.

Important Note:

Aside from the rules and some information mentioned on this study, please take note that it is the jurisdiction of the casino (maybe online or not) to add or delete some of the written objectives and/or internal laws that may pertain to whatever considerations such as country law or culture etiquette. Our biggest mission however, concerns the implantation of the basic knowledge in accordance to the rules and the process of playing the game. Please also be informed that certain untold words of etiquette do exist while playing this game and following these is always a must, as these guidelines are considered to be as important as the actual rules per se. Therefore, beginners on this kind of world must familiarize first all the necessary facts regarding this matter before approaching any online games particularly a craps game for that matter.


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