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Rakeback in online poker

There are plenty of websites like Online gambling out there, which try to entice us players to sign up with their site, get us to provide our e-mail address, etc. They even have long, elaborate guides on how to clean your computer for cookies, so that you can be 100% certain to get rakeback from all the online poker rooms you set up an account with. NO ONE needs to do this today.

Definition of rakeback:

  • When you play and win a pot in online poker, you have to pay a rake. Rakeback means = to get rake back.

Everyone automatically gets rakeback today – hoorah

This was also the case before – i.e. a few years ago. Fortunately, it is no longer as bureaucratic and unfair today. Everyone gets rakeback or loyalty points, regardless of how they have found the online poker room on the Internet. How much we players get depends on how much we play for and thereby how much rake we actually pay to an online poker room. The more we pay, the more we get. That is fair.

It would actually be a bit unfair if it was not this way. Here at we compare rakeback to the various supermarket offers we see in the UK. Is it fair, for example, to have a discount voucher worth 20p for a pint of milk from Tesco, when the normal price is 50p. No. Everyone should have the right to cheap milk, if the milk is on offer. The same applies to rakeback. Everyone should have rakeback and today everyone gets it!

All online poker rooms you find on this portal all give rakeback or loyalty points to all their customers, regardless of what you do as an online poker player. In other words, you don’t have to do anything else- just play online poker.

An online poker site such as PartyPoker automatically gives up to 50% back in rakeback. Simply set up an account now and start playing online poker.

Or go to our poker top 10. This shows the maximum that you as an online poker player will get back in rakeback or loyalty points.

Good luck out there at the green tables!

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