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Online poker dictionary

Online poker dictionary – Below is a brief overview of the most frequently used poker terms, a sort of online poker dictionary. It is worthwhile keeping this list handy the first time you for example read rules of the various poker types. It is also printable.
Aces Full
A full house with 3 Aces and any pair.
Ace High
A 5 card online poker hand that contains an Ace. There is no Straight, Flush or pairs in the hand.
Aces Up
A hand that contains 2 pairs, of which one of them is an Ace.
A proven incorrect action, e.g. gesticulating with your arms, rolling your eyes, scratching your head, with only one purpose. The purpose is to get opponents to believe that you have better or worse cards than you actually do.
Active Player
The name given to all players still in the game.
The term for a style of playing that is aggressive, as players with this playing style are known for choosing to Raise and Re-raise often, while the term Call is not.
If you have an Ace and a Jack as closed cards. (Pocket)
The name given to a player who bets with all his chips. He chooses to go ALL-IN.
American Airlines
2 Aces.
An action that is not illegal, but is still unfair.
Angle Shooting
Name given to using unfair tactics/methods.
The money put in the Pot before the game begins.
When you have a better poker hand than expected.
Back Raise
A Re-Raise from a player who originally Called.
Bad Beat
A five card hand is beaten by a lucky card.
Bankroll – How much money you have in your account.
The act of placing chips in the Pot.
Bet The Pot
A player plays the same amount that is in the Pot.
Name given to a Straight with A-2-3-4-5.
Big Blind

A pre-determined amount that the player sitting in second place clockwise from the dealer MUST pay before cards are dealt. (Players who choose to take part in a game must pay the Big Blind regardless of their position in relation to the dealer)

Big Slick
The name given to a poker hand that contains an Ace and King, A-K.
Name given to the set amounts that the 2 players closest to the dealer clockwise have to pay. There is Small Blind and Big Blind. See further on for exact meaning of these 2 poker terms.
Blind Raise
A player raises before having looked at his cards. “He is playing blind”.
You pretend to have better cards than you actually have. The word Bluff is also used in many other contexts than poker.
Board Cards
The cards dealt with the picture facing upwards and thereby visible to everybody. In so-called “Flop Games”, 5 cards are dealt with the picture facing upwards in the middle of the table. In Seven Card Stud, each poker player is dealt 4 cards with the picture facing upwards.
Boat is poker slang for Full House.
Bottom Pair
Bottom Pair is when a player uses the lowest card from the Flop to create a pair with one of his own cards.
A Straight with Ace. An example: (A-K-Q-J-10)
Bring-In is the forced bet in the first betting round that the poker player with the lowest card in Seven Card Stud or Stud 8 or Better must place. In Razz (Lowball) it is the highest card.
Bring It In
To start the betting round in the first round.
Broomcorn´s Uncle
A player who uses all his money on the Ante and ends up not having any more poker chips.
A Wild card, such as a joker. Often used in the Lowball poker game.
A pair of Aces.
Means the same as Raise.
Online poker slang for Dealer Button. The Dealer Button is used to indicate who is the theoretical dealer and this changes every game in a clockwise direction.
Buy-In is the minimum amount required to sit at a specific poker table and join the game.
When you choose to match the amount that was placed in the pot previously. You match the amount “Bet”.
Call Cold
Call Cold is when you choose to both Bet and Raise.
Calling Station
An online poker player who plays a “Passive and Loose” style who rarely chooses to call a Raise, but instead chooses to Call more often than he should. Hence the name Calling Station.
Cards speak
When players take turns to reveal their closed cards so that everyone can see them.
Case Chips
A player’s last Poker Chips.
Cash-out is when you leave the online poker table and exchange your online poker chips for money.
Check is the action a player chooses when it is his turn and there has previously not been any action at the table, and he does not want to bet himself.
Check-Raise is when a player first chooses to call Check to then in a betting round call Raise.
Crying call
Crying call is when you reluctantly choose to Call, even if you think you are going to lose, but would be pleased if the opposite happened.
In an attempt to keep the dealer straight, you split the deck in 2 piles just before dealing the cards. It is the person to the right of the dealer who has to split the deck in two piles.
Dead Man´s Hand
Two pairs – Aces and 8s. (This is a famous poker hand as Wild Bill Hickock had this hand when Jack McCall shot him in the back.)
The man or woman who deals the card and who is also the supervisor at an online poker table.
Dealer´s position
If you are sitting in the “Dealer’s position” you are the last to bid in a betting round. This is called being “On the Button”.
One of the four card suits.
Disconnect protection
A tool on several online poker rooms that ensures that you won't miss out on the Pot should your Internet connection is suddenly disrupted.
Dominated hands
Online poker hands that are fine to play, but which will lose to similar hands without a Straight or Flush. One example is A-2. This hand will lose to other hands with just an Ace.
Dominating hands
Online poker hands early on in the game that are not only good but also open up the chances of improvement.
Door Card
Door Card is the first card in a Stud game that everyone can see.
Down and dirty
Typically the last down card dealt in 7 card stud.
Down card
Hole cards. Cards dealt with the picture facing downwards.
Doyle Brunson
A Texas Hold’em hand that contains 10-2 (Doyle Brunson won the WSOP twice in a row with this hand.)
Draw Lowball
Draw Lowball is a variety of poker in which each player receives 5 cards with the chance to swap one or more cards. The lowest poker hand wins.
Draw poker
Draw Poker is a variety of poker in which each whereby each individual player receives 5 cards and all poker players have the chance to swap one or more cards in an attempt to get the best poker hand.
You play a hand to improve it.
Drawing dead
You choose to play a poker hand, but regardless of the cards you receive you will still lose. You are Drawing dead.
Means the same as Fold.
A pair of 2s.
A pair of 2s.
Early Position
The first 2-3 online poker players remaining straight after Blinds. They are therefore the first to bid, make online poker calls etc. (Very bad position at an online poker table)
Family pot
When many people play for the pot.
Fifth Street
Also known as the "River card”. In Flop games, it is the fifth Community card and the last betting round. In Stud games, it is the fifth card dealt to each player and also represents a third betting round.
The term given to online poker players who are either completely new online poker players or who play very badly. (This often distinguishes new online poker games, who are complete beginners in the online poker sport). You will often hear people talk about different gambling sites as being full of Fish, and this simply means that they get very little opposition from the other online poker players, as the site was full of Fish.
Five-Card Draw
A poker game where the player is dealt 5 cards that face downwards. They get a chance to swap cards and the player with the highest hand wins the Pot.
Five-Card Stud
A type of poker where all players are dealt 5 cards, one with the picture facing downwards and 5 with the picture facing upwards. You bet after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th card.
Flat Call
When you choose to Call without Raising.
In Texas Hold’em and Omaha, it is the first 3 Community cards that are dealt in the middle of the table facing upwards. The flop moment is also a term used for the start of the 2nd betting round.
Flop Games
Flop games are Hold'em and Omaha poker and a feature of these is that they use Community cards, which are placed in the middle of the table facing upwards so that everyone can see their value.
A poker room in a casino employs a Floorman to check that the rules of the relevant games are complied with. Online poker does not use the term Floorman.

5 random cards of the same suite. An example: You only have diamonds in your hand. See table, click here.

Flush Draw
When a poker player has four cards in his hand of the same suite and hopes to draw the fifth card to get a Flush.
Fold is when you throw your cards on the table and leave the game, when it is your turn to call.
Forced Bet
A forced bet is one you place before the start of the game.
Four of a kind
Four of the same cards.
Fourth Street
Flop games have a fourth Community card, which is also called "the Turn" and signals the start of the third betting round. In Stud games, it is the fourth card that is dealt to each online poker player and the 2nd betting round.
Free card
The card you receive as a result of Semi-Bluffing from the “last position” at the online poker table. All players Check to you.
Full House

Full house. Three cards of the same value and two cards of a different value. Such as (King-King-7-7-7) or (9-9-5-5-5). If two or more players have a full house, the player whose 3 identical cards are the highest wins. See table, click here.

A playing style where you play at minimum risk and achieve limited results. The playing style is one practiced over a longer period of time.
Gut Shot
Gut Shot means to draw a card you need to form an Inside Straight. Such as J-10-8-7. The card you need is 9.
The term used to describe your 5 card poker hand.
Heads up
Means a "head to head" game. There is only you and another player at the table – no one else - and in poker jargon this is known as “Heads Up”.
One of four suits.
When you have to choose the first dealer in Flop poker tournaments, one card is dealt to each poker player. The player with the highest card is chosen as the theoretical dealer. The ranking within card suits is: Spades, hearts, diamond, clubs, where Spades has the highest ranking, then hearts etc.
High Limit
High Limit is a poker game where the limits are very high.
Hold ´em
Short for Texas Hold’em, but most people just call it Hold’em. (The Texas part is implied)
Your first 2 cards with the picture facing downwards in a game of 7 Card Stud.
House is the name of the relevant casino or similar, where you are playing poker.
The way others perceive you as a poker player. Whether you are a Tight player, Loose etc.
Implied Odds
An odds term you should know!
Inside Straight

4 cards that require a fifth card between the highest and lowest card in order to have a full Straight. A player who gets this card is said to have an Inside Straight. An example: 2-3-5-6. The card missing is the 4. See table, click here

Jackpot is a sum of money that a lucky poker player can win, if he meets a series of pre-determined and well-defined criteria. There are, for example, a number of casinos that give a jackpot to an “unlucky” poker player, who has four of a kind or higher and still loses.
Jackpot Poker
A type of poker where a poker room or casino give the Jackpot to a player who has lost a game, even if he had a great poker hand.
A type of poker where a poker player must as a minimum have a pair of jacks to start with to Bet.
Kansas City Lowball
A type of Lowball poker, where the worst poker hand wins. Such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 in different suits. This is also known as Deuce to Seven.
Keep them Honest
You choose to Call to avoid someone else getting successful through Bluffing. Keep them honest = “Help your opponent play an honest game"
Key Card
A key card that was missing in order to create your poker hand. This is called a Key Card.
Key Hand
In tournaments, for example, this is the poker hand that appears as a “key hand”, in that it is of either positive or negative significance to the relevant player.
The highest card a player has in his hand. This card must not be in a pair or similar. The Kicker card is used in those situations when 2 poker players have almost identical poker hands. E.g. they both have 2 pairs with the same value. In these circumstances, the Kicker card will be the one that determines who wins the hand.
Kick It
Another term for Raise.
Kill Pot
Method used to create action around the poker table. A forced Bet of a person who has won the Pot.
Online poker slang for the Pot in the middle of the table in an online poker game.
Another term for Check.
A poker hand with a King and a Jack.
2 queens.
Late Position
If you are at a 10 man online poker table, you consider the first 3 positions, i.e. the first 3 online poker players after “the big blind”, as sitting in early position, the next 3 are in middle position, and those following are in the late position.
Lay down your hand
This means the online poker player chooses to call Fold.
The first player to Bet to the Pot.
Limit Poker
Poker games with fixed minimums and maximum Bet intervals and a pre-determined number of permitted Raises.
Name given to the first poker player who chooses to Call a Bet.
Limp In
Describes a situation whereby you are part of the Pot simply by Calling. A typical Limp In situation is when the first person after a Big Blind chooses to Call the Big Blind.
Live Blind
A forced Bet that one or more players pays before being dealt cards.
Live cards
In Stud games these are the cards you have still not seen and are therefore still perceived as being part of the game.
Live Hand
A Live Hand is a poker hand that is still in the game and can thereby win the jackpot.
Live One
A novice online poker player who is playing a lot of hands.
A lock has been placed; see definition of Nuts.
Name given to a player who is fond of playing A LOT OF hands.
Lowball is a type of poker where the lowest hand wins the pot.
Low Limit
A poker game that plays for very small amounts is called a Low Limit game.
Main Pot
The name given to the main pot in the middle of the table. The Bets not placed in the Main Pot are put in a Side Pot. The Side Pot is reserved for players that go All in, i.e. they each bet all of their Poker Chips.
You shuffle the cards, or “make the deck”.
Online poker slang for a very aggressive player who plays a lot of hands; both good and bad.
A Maverick is having a Queen and a Jack as Pocket cards. They can be the same suit, but don’t have to be.
Another term for Call.
Middle pair
In Flop games this is when an online poker player forms a pair with cards from his closed cards together with the middle card from the Flop.
Middle Position
If you are at a 10 man online poker table, you consider the first 3 positions, i.e., the first 3 online poker players after “the big blind”, as sitting in early position, the next 3 are in the middle position, and those following are in the late position.
When a mistake has been made during dealing - hence name "Misdeal". Requires new deal.
Mental memory jogger. An example of a Mneumonic is Maverick. Remember the name and you know what cards you have in your hand.
A very good online poker hand. The term Monster is also used for a player who starts an online poker tournament with few online poker chips, and which he later turns into many poker chips.
Muck is another term for Fold.
No Limit
A game with No Limit is an online poker game without any betting limits. All players can bet however much they want and/or can afford.
Nuts is the term for the best possible online poker hand. Nuts is an online poker hand that CANNOT be beaten.
The probability of winning or the probability of getting a specific online poker hand.
Off Suit
Cards that are not of the same suit. Such as clubs and hearts.

A type of poker. Read poker rules, Click here

On the button
You are on the dealer button and therefore the last to make your poker call in a betting round.
On the come
When you need better cards if you want a chance of winning. You are “On the come”.
You place the first Bet.
Open-ended Straight
Four sequential cards where just one is needed to form a Straight. The missing card can be used at both ends, such as with the cards 3-4-5-6.
Open Card
These are cards that are visible to everyone as they face upwards.
Open Pair
A pair that is visible to everyone as the cards face upwards.
Out Button
A player who has chosen to miss a round. He has not left the game but is in a waiting position.
The number of cards left in the card pile, which could improve your poker hand.
A Pocket pair that is higher than any of the cards on the table is called an Overpair.
Picture cards

Two cards with the same number value e.g. 5-5.

Means the same as Fold.
Pay Off
When you Call in the last betting round.
Play Back
Play Back is the situation in which you choose to Raise or Re-raise another player's Bet.
Playing The Board
In Flop games, when your best poker hand consists of all 5 Community cards.
Pocker face
Poker face. You have a face like stone, so that opponents cannot see whether you have good or bad hands.
The name of the cards that face downwards and that are placed in front of each player.
Pocket pair
In Texas Hold’em poker it is 2 Hole cards with the same ranking. Such as the jack of spades and jack of diamonds.
Pocket rockets
A pair of dealt Aces in a game of Texas Hold’em poker.
Post is a term you use when you put poker chips in the pot/kitty. To Post means to place bets.
Pot is the amount of money in the form of poker chips placed in the middle of the table and which all players play for.
Pot Limit
A type of game where the maximum Bet is the size of the Pot.
The action undertaken by the dealer when poker chips are pushed towards the winner of the Pot.
Put Down
A term for Folding a poker hand.
Four of a kind.
A High-Low game is the requirement that the smallest hand must meet in order to win the Pot.
100 poker chips in a holder with 5 piles, each with 20 poker chips.
When you have a really lousy card or hand it is called a “rag hand”.
You increase the previous Bet.
Raiser - the name of the person that decides to Raise.
The amount of money the online poker room or casino takes in return for using their online poker tables. This could be 2% of the pot.
The value or rank of the different cards or poker hands.
If a poker player decides to rap on the table it means he has decided to call Check.
An illegal action, whereby you choose to remove money from the table.
In Seven Card Stud when the lowest 5 cards win the Pot.
Read – the thoughts your have about your opponents, whereby you try to "read” them, i.e. read whether they have good/bad hands, whether they are bluffing etc.
An amount of money a poker player pays for a specific number of chips, so that he can continue playing in a tournament.
When you decide to Raise a Raise, it’s called a Re-Raise.
Ring Game
A normal game that IS NOT a poker tournament.
River is the last card given. In Hold’em and Omaha, it is also called 5th Street. In Stud games it is also known as 7th Street.
A poker player who plays like a hard "rock”, as he plays very Tight, i.e. few hands. He plays like a Rock.
Rounders is poker slang for players who have made a living out of playing poker. It is also the title of a Hollywood film starring Matt Damon and Ed Norton – and a must-see for any poker player!
Round of betting
Betting round. Every betting round ends when the last Bet or Raise has been Called.
Royal flush
The best hand you can get in poker. Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10 of the same suit.
If you play for more money than normal, it is called a Run.
A phase of wins.
See Slow play
Satellites are so-called mini online poker tournaments, which you can join to qualify for bigger poker tournaments.
You win the whole pot.
Seating list
The Seating list is a waiting list. A player chooses to add his name to a waiting list for a table he wishes to play at, if there is no table available.
Second Pair
In Flop games, when you create a pair with the next highest cards on the table.
Another term for Call.
A Bet or a Raise that you estimate will not be Called. If it is Called, you can still win.
If you have a Pocket that matches one of the cards on the table.
Seven Card Stud Poker

A type of poker, read poker rules for Seven Card Stud, Click here.

Seventh Street
This is the last betting round in Seven Card Stud and Stud 8 or Better.
Shills are professional people who help start and maintain the poker games.
Short buying
You choose to buy more Poker Chips.
Short handed
If there are few players at the poker table, it means it is Short handed, “few hands”.
The end of the last betting round when all players show their cards and the winner is revealed.
Side pot
The Side pot is a side kitty that becomes active when some players go All in.
Sixth Street
In Seven Card Stud this is the fourth visible card that is dealt.
Slow play
A playing style where you choose to play a strong hand relatively weakly at the start. The aim is to keep hold of the other players so that they remain in the game or to improve future Raises. This is often referred to as Sandbagging.
A relatively talented poker player with a Tight playing style.
Small Blind
The forced amount that the player sitting immediately next to the theoretical dealer must pay before the cards are dealt.
Speed Limit
A pair of 5s.
Steel Wheel
A straight of the same suit. For example: Ace-2-3-4-5
Five cards in a row, but not of the same suit. For example, (10-9-8-7-6) or (Jack-10-9-8-7). If 2 players have a straight in poker, the winner is the player with the highest card. If there are 2 identical straights, the kitty is shared between the two. In a straight, the Ace can be included as the lowest card (Ace-2-3-4-5) Note: A straight “round the corner” is not permitted, i.e. (King-Ace-2-3-4).
Straight Flush
Five cards in a row of the same suit, such as (9-8-7-6-5) of diamonds. The highest card in this straight flush is 9, so if 2 players each have a straight flush, the winner is the one with the highest card. If they are equal, the kitty is shared between the two. Note: In a straight flush, the Ace may be included , such as (Ace-2-3-4-5) of spades. But going round corners is not permitted, i.e. (King-Ace-2-3-4).
String Bet
String Bet – An illegal action. When an online poker player places an amount in the pot to Call a Bet and then goes back to his online poker chips wanting to put more in the pot for a Raise. He does this without calling Raise.
The name given to the distribution applied in Limits associated with Blinds, Ante, Bets or Raises in various poker games.
Stud Games
Different types of poker games where the players get both visible cards for everyone as well as cards facing downwards, i.e. hidden cards.
A player who loses.
The suit of the cards. These are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Spades have the highest value, then hearts etc.
The table is the poker table.
Table Stakes
A player can only play with the poker chips in front of him. It is not possible to play with poker chips hidden in pockets or similar.
Tapped Out
You are bankrupt, finished. You have in other words no more money to play with.
A player who e.g. moves his eyes if he has a good hand. This is called his Tell.
Theoretical Dealer
The player with the dealer button in front of him is said to be the theoretical dealer.
Texas Hold´em Poker
The most popular online poker variant. Most just say Hold’em.
Third Street
In Seven Card Stud and in Seven Card Stud 8 or Better this is the first betting round for the first 3 cards.
Thirty Miles
Three 10s.
Three of a Kind
3 of the same cards.
A playing style characterised by playing very few hands. A tight game is one where very few hands are played.
A player who is playing unusually is called a tilt. A player who is not playing his best but tries to Bluff, Raise etc, without any consistency.
Tournament of Champions.
Top Pair
In Flop games, when you create a pair with the next highest cards on the table.
Top two pair
Two pairs where your Hole card forms a pair with the highest card on the table.
A pair of 3s.
3 of a kind.
Card number 4 is turned on the poker table in a game of Flop.
Two Pair
An online poker hand with 2 pairs.
A Pocket with a lower rank/value than the lowest card on the table.
Under the gun
When you are in First Position and thereby the first to make your poker call.
Up Card
A card facing upwards. The card is visible to everyone.
Walking Sticks
A pair of 7s.
Wild Card
A kind of joker, in that you decide what the card should be worth.
Worst Hand
A losing hand.
World Series of Poker.
World Poker Tour

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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