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Howard Lederer

Howard Lederer spent most of his childhood playing various games. In fact the entire Lederer family played cards and poker as just one of many games to entertain themselves with.

Howard Lederer's extreme competence at poker tables with high bet limits is due his father. The feeling he had when he beat his dad was amazing, and Howard still believes that his dad never purposely lost a game of poker against him. This has been an advantage to HL and has helped strengthen and fine tune his game from an early age.

When Howard was 18 he moved to New York to play chess. The back room of his favourite chess club was the home to many poker games, and Howard's love of playing was immediately ignited. During the next 2 years, Howard played poker constantly, but lost almost every time. Howard discovered that he had to relax more and focus more on his game instead of thinking that it would simply come to him if he played a lot. It was for example, really important that he got enough sleep.

His game began to develop positively in earnest after he started at the Mayfair Club in New York. The Mayfair Club was actually an old bridge and backgammon club, and a regular haunt for some of the world's best bridge and backgammon players.

Howard and some mates were the first to start a no limit hold’em poker in New York in the mid eighties. The game began at 4 o clock in the afternoon and continued till 2 in the morning. Then you went to the bar to discuss the day’s game before going home. An incredible friendship developed between the players, which contributed to a fruitful teaching environment for future poker professionals. The group of talented players, who went to the Mayfair, included well-known poker celebrities Dan Harrington and Erik Seidel. The former has also written a bestseller.

At the end of the eighties Howard started to teach his sister Annie Duke, so that she could improve her game. He encouraged her to take part in WSOP in Las Vegas, as he could see that her game was quite unique. This proved fruitful as Annie is now considered one of the world’s best female poker players. She is also the female to have won the most money at WSOP.

In 1993, Howard Lederer moved to Las Vegas, where he focused exclusively on cash games.

As the online poker fever began in 2002, Lederer was actually one of the TV icons who helped turn poker into a popular thinking sport. He did this via his participation in WPT – the World Poker Tournaments, which remain a monthly event.

The rest is history and Howard also plays poker at the casino hotels in Las Vegas today. So you might be unlucky enough to meet him at one of the high stakes table.

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