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This is where I play online casino - No need to hide :-)

Inter Casino Pictures - See some of my winnings

I have put some of my winnings at Inter Casino on this page of . I hope it will give you an idea of how it feels to play casino games at this casino and also at online casinos in general.

I mostly play the online slots and the slot machine called Millionaires Slot lll is my favourite slot game. It has a jackpot that is worth 700,000+ dollars and today, tomorrow or in minuttes someone hits that jackpot.

Have fun :-)

I have won 166.50 dollars.

Millionaires Club with a fantastic 166 dollars in winnings.

I have won 198 dollars.

198 dollars in casino winnings on this fabulous slot machines on Inter Casino.

I have won 6 dollars.

Millionaires Club gives me a 5 dollars win.

I have won 19 dollars.

Millionaires slot round 1 gives 19 dollars in casino money.

I have won 9 dollars.

Inter Casino 9 dollars.

I have won 19 dollars.

Inter Casino slot pays 19 dollars and 20 cents in winnings.

I have won 67 dollars.

Inter Casino is in jackpot mode - 67 dollars in winnings to happy me!

I have won 6 dollars.

Award winning online casino gives be a small winning.

I have won 9 dollars.

Conan The Barbarian - 9 dollars in online slots winnings.

I have won 10 dollars.

Conan The Barbarian online slot on my Apple Mac Book Air.

I have won 26 dollars.

26 dollars in online slots winnings.

I have won 40 dollars.

Inter Casino pays another winning to me. I am really lucky this day on Inter Casino.

I have won 40.5 dollars.

Inter Casino 40 dollars and 50 cents in total winnings.

I have won 20 dollars.

Inter Casino - I have won money AGAIN!

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1. £200
2. £150


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