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Ahead of exploring into the deep world of online poker, a very important distinction should be made first, and we are discussing about table poker here. Telling the difference between table poker and video poker is just like computing Strategyan elementary mathematics; the answer is very obvious by just seeing the equation.

Yes, it is easy to tell the difference between table poker and video poker at a fabric of the building casino. One consists of a real human body sitting around the table fooling and playing real cards.

The other one is an electronic game that is played by dropping coins into a machine and pressing buttons. This peculiarity is not as straightforward to formulate online for the reason that both games necessitate players to be seated at a computer playing a game through an electronic interface.

But the dissimilarities go well beyond the noticeable, and the most important distinction is that video poker is a game in which the gambler is playing against the house while in table poker, the participants play against each other.

2. Online Poker Advantages Compared to Live Poker

Freshly initiated player may find it very intimidating to sit down at a live poker game. Consider the fact that there are also betting procedures and etiquette to be mindful of aside from concentrating the game at hand.

Submerge this with the truth that the other players who are actually on an expert stage in playing this game at the table would not exactly be going to reach out of their way to help make the amateur feel more comfortable and at ease while sitting with them at the table. That is why it is no wonder that most poker beginners today go online to get acquainted with the game.

Moreover to the pressure factors that are mentioned above, there are still many other advantages that can be seen in playing online by the amateurs and experts alike. And this includes the following;

  • Bird that represents cleverness.Virtual play money – The best way to learn all the necessary fact regarding the game including the betting rules and procedures of poker is to play the trial version and competing in playing money games. In here, players need not have to deposit real accounts money.
  • Minimal rake and dealer tips are not needed – By incriminating a rake or commission on each hand, poker room operators are making money through this, distinctively a percentage of each pot. Most online poker rooms are charging lower rakes than real life poker rooms because they have operations with less overhead costs. Considerably, a dollar or two dealer tips which are very common for each large pot won has no solid effect in the total winning of any winning player.
  • Bonuses and Freebies – Online poker rooms can manage to pay for extra winning prize to tender attractive additional benefits or bonuses and freebies such as tournaments with no entry charges, with real money as the reward put up by the site to newly activated member or frequent regular players due to their lower overhead expenses.
  • More hands per hour – Online games are administered well to be played the game at a much faster rate, approximately twice as fast as a live game because the dealing, shuffling of cards and betting is instantaneous. No further unnecessary intermission numbers are entertained.
  • Wide assortment of game types, stake sizes, at any time - All the players’ favorite poker games can be found online at any time of the day online. Either of the regular games or tournaments or even heads-up meaning one on one can be played online for stake at the lowest price possible per bet and as high as no limit at all.
  • Transparent statistics – Online software permits players to graph or diagram valuable statistics such as how much the players win or loss per hour, what percent of hands the players see the failure with, and what percent of pots the players win at the face-off. It also allows players to come into notes on their challengers for potential reference.

3. The Ring Goal in Poker:

The following are the objectives that the poker players need to acquire. Seek the hardest poker hand as obtaining this means the greatest value. The most valuable hand in poker is equivalent to the highest hand that leads to winning the hand and the pot automatically which is the money that has been wagered. The following poker hands would be presented in this article from the highest to the lowest rank respectively.

  • Royal Flush – A combination of both the highest straight five cards in a row and a five cards of the same suit which is called the flush, whether spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs is called “Royal Flush”. It is Ace-King-Queen-Jack and10 of the same suit. This exist only once per suit. Making it only four such hands. Because it is Goalso rare, players would be able to get this one very seldom. The probability of getting this kind of rank in five cards is 1 is to 649,740.
  • Straight Flush – A five cards in a row, meaning straight plus the entire is in the same suit, meaning flush is called “straight flush”. It is very much alike to the royal flush apart from the fact that the straight has no ace as the highest card. A straight flush could be whatever thing from king as the highest card (K-Q-J-10-9) to five as the highest card (5-4-3-2-A). Actually, the rule here is very simple, the higher the first card of the straight flush, the better the hand. Therefore, the King high straight flush would be better than a high five straight flush. These straight flushes which are not Royal exist 36 times in a five card game. So, the probability of getting a straight flush in a five card game with no draw is 1 is to 72,193.
  • Four of a kind – Four cards of identical rank is called “Four of a kind” or “Quadra” like for jacks or four deuces. The higher the Quadra or the rank of a card, the higher the chances of beating the opponent. The best Quadra or four of a kind is A-A-A-A. By embracing four aces, players have all the aces in the deck. Remember that since poker is a five card game, players will have an odd card that will complete the hand. Therefore players might have A-A-A-A-2 or 9-9-9-9-J. And this odd card is called the kicker. The kicker is used to break ties in a poker but since two four of a kind can never tie unless there is a wild card or community card, the kicker here would be insignificant. The probability of having a Quadra or four of a kind is 1 is to 4,165.
  • Full House – A three cards of one rank and a pair is called “full house”. Suits here has no relevance so do not matter on the competition. A Full house can have the highest as A-A-A-K-K, all the way down to the lowest as 2-2-2-3-3. The rank of the three matching cards is the determining factor when deciding which full house are the winning cards. This is of course applicable if there is more than one full house. Therefore, a full house of 8-8-8-4-4 beats the full house of 7-7-7-9-9. A full house is often called a boat. When describing your full house, you say full house of seven over nines, or seven full of nines or just seven full. The probability of having full houses in a five card game are 1 is to 694.
  • Flush – A five cards of the same suite is called Flush, resembling five hearts or five spades not lined up or not straight. The one with the highest card wins if two players have flushes. In here, suit has nothing to do in determining the winner, it does not matter. A flush with Ace as the highest card beats a flush with King as the highest card. A flush of Q-J-8-7-5 beats a flush of 10-9-6-5-3. It can be described as a queen-high flush or flush queen high. If two players both have flushes with Ace as the highest card, the next card will be the determining factor in concluding the winner, and so on and so forth all the way down to the fifth card, if necessary. So a flush of J-10-7-6-4 beats J-10-7-6-3. If it happens that all five cards are equally the same, then it is a draw and the pot would be splitted to the players with the same cards. The probability of having a flush is 1 is to 509.
  • Straight – A five cards in a row of mixed suits is called “straight”. For example, A-K-Q-J-10 or 9-8-7-6-5 or 6-5-4-3-2. The ruling here in determining the winner is so simple. The higher the straight, the better the hand. The high card in the straight determines its value. A straight with Ace as the highest card is the unbeatable. A straight with 5 as the highest card (5-4-3-2-A) would be the lowest. Around the corner straight like Q-K-A-2-3 is not allowed on here and not considered as straight. The probability of having a straight in a five card game is 1 is to 255.
  • Three of a Kind –A three cards of the same rank such as 8-8-8 is called “Three of a kind”, it is also known as “trio” and two unrelated cards, for a hand like 6-6-6-10-8. Suit here also has nothing to do in determining the winner as three of the same rank can never be duplicated, it is not a factor. Probability of having a trio or three of a kind in a five-card game is 1 is to 47.
  • Two Pair – two pair is obviously two pairs, and one unrelated card in a hand, for example Q-Q-7-7-2. You have a pair of queens and a pair of seven. It can be told that the winning player can be finalized through the worth of the hand with the top pair. So 4-4-2-2 beats 3-3-2-2. The lower pair is only important in case of a draw. For example, J-J-3-3 beats J-J-2-2. The kicker is also utilized in breaching the draws when two players have two identical pairs. Example: J-J-3-3-9 beats J-J-3-3-8. Probability of having two pairs being dealt in a five card game is 1 is to 21.
  • One pair – A two cards in the same rank is called “one pair”. It is the most basic of poker hands, but it’s also very important, for a pair gets a player an early lead in many games that can be exploited. If it happens that two players have the same pair, the other three cards determine the winner. Example: A-A-J-9-3 beats A-A-J-9-2. And if two players have identical hands, the pot is split evenly. The probability of having a pair on five cards game is 1 is to 2.37.
  • No Pair (High Card) – If the five cards has not fall into any of the patterns above, it is called “nothing” or “no pair”. Half of the players’ hands will be no pair or nothing; it is most of the time the case. This means that the players don’t have a pair or anything ranked above it. The strength of the hand is determined by the high card. Example is A-Q-9-10-2 of different suits which is also called an ace-high. 9-7-6-3-2 is a nine-high. Of course in this sample, Ace high beats nine-high. A-Q-10-9-3 beats A-J-9-8-2. Identical hands split the pot unless there isn’t a better hand held by some other player, of course. The probability of having these kinds of cards called nothing is 50:50.

4. Poker Strategy, Tips and Poker Advices:

Winning in a poker game is not like a success in preparing a newly learned recipe. It is not as easy as picking up a cookbook and follows the instruction of cooking to come out with a good meal and becoming a good chef. The ever famous golden rule truism about poker pronounces that “it is simple to learn but it takes a lifetime to master.” Meaning, learning the rules and processes of the game is easy; anyone can easily play the game by just simply watching another players how to do it.

But knowing instantly what to do in a peculiar and unexpected situation is a Tips & Hints to become a better poker player.different story. Mastering the game is not that simple. Even the regular players need to recognize some magic before reaching the level of expertise. So, it is true that any intelligent person can learn the rules and different hands in a few minutes, but the degree of mastery and subtleties only develop into apparent overtime.

There comes a time that players will begin imagining of themselves as an appealing good player of this game. But then, after a few months or a year later, and if they will just look back at the technique they played and how they approached certain hands and situations, it is sure that they will just shake their head at how inexperienced and immature they were in playing the game.

Consider the fact that every poker hand is an individual combat, a battle fight in a larger game. It is not just the game that is played or will just playing by the players throughout their entire life. Players must always think in a larger scale or long term.

There will be games when no matter how good the players play; still the player will not come out to the lead. But if played accurately, in due course players will be enjoying the triumph of being a winner, and that what is it all about most importantly.

  • Consider every hand as a lesson – Play, play and play some more. This is necessary especially on a brick walled poker rendezvous. Pay attention to every hand, even the ones that you are not in. Watch the players, their mannerisms, their moves. Get a line on their style. Try to put them on hands. Learn from the good players. Do you understand what a good hand is in the game you are playing? Do you know what a good hand is in particular situations in the game?
  • Practice the right to choose – Every players are absolutely not opposing against an unremitting roulette wheel that makes the House 5.26 percent of every bet stake, or unemotional dice worse probabilities that can be figured to the nth degree by any student kid with a calculator, or a slot machine that takes your coins and spits some back out according to a computer chip preset by the casino. The advantage and beauty of playing poker is that the players are actually playing against other players meaning, it involves another people. And all the players have to do to reach the triumph or win is to play better than the other players do. The opponents are flesh and blood. People who make decisions which many of them are mostly wrong. And more than in any other game, players can make their own decisions, too. Sounds good, sound logical, decisions based on reasoning and psychology that quite quickly will pay dividends. By this technique, players are not considered as a prisoner of any roll of the dice.
  • Never ever depend on luck – Even in the most beautiful set of rounds, players are not sure to win every session. Because the quality of the players card will vary every night or even every hour. But actually it is said that it’s always even. In almost due time, players will get the same amount of number of good and bad hands as any other players. It is the technique and strategy that will determine the players’ fortune…and not luck. Some says that triumph in general is 10% luck and 90% determination but in Poker, luck is just 1% and 99% of strategies and techniques.
  • Good players do not gamble – Best poker players do not depend and consider luck or myths as a remedy to losing or winning in an online gambling because they are not gamblers. They never call themselves gamblers actually. If players already had studied all the angles of the game and had already done it many times, considering all the dangers of playing, a whole lot of things would have to go wrong if no loopholes would be encountered. It is already very much acceptable by the players who do not call them gamblers. For them, it is not a gamble. It is rather a calculated risk. And if you are really a good player, you can get all better decisions through mathematical solutions in a poker games. These kinds of players know that they cannot win all the games at all times and something has to happen to lose some money even short term. That is why it is called calculated risk and not gamble.

5. How to make money in poker

Making money in poker – Being very successful in playing poker is not about winning the most pots. Instead it is about winning the most money. Players would not win every hand neither they can try. Players can make money from folding at the right time as they do from raking pots. Good players know that the money that has been saved is as Hands with money.good as the money that has been won.

Obviously, winning is parallel to beating the opponents, meaning, player should be playing better than the other. Knowing more and continuing to learn more about the game is actually a big edge. Let the opponents think that he is good while you continue to learn.

Also, the observant, the focused and the patients are those considered as good players. The opponents’ mistake is your profit. Here are some mini strategies on how to make more money in poker.

  • a. Maximize with the good hands. Make more bets with the leads. And make others pay to try catching up.
  • b. Never stick to a particular hand. Believe that almost every hand can be beaten. Fold when it is obvious that you are holding the better cards.
  • c. Never try to protect the chips by still owning it. Chips that are already tossed to the pot are no longer in your possession.
  • d. Do not play marginal hand. A hand that is second best during the start usually end up second best still. Have an extra patience.
  • e. Be unpredictable. Play various styles and do not let others ride in your game. Bluffing is a good way of not letting them know your cards.
  • f. Smile always. Be friendly. People mind losing to a friendlier player than losing to a jerk. Gain friend while playing not foes.
  • g. Add strength to your personality while playing. Intimidate opponents from time to time. Play at a limit comfortable for self and uncomfortable for the opponents.
  • h. Always adopt your style to the kind of play. Follow the waves from being mild to being wild.
  • i. And in case of winning, humility still the name of the game. In losing, accept and think and understand how it happened.

These traits can determine who the stronger players are and who the weaker players are. Therefore, if you can be all these characteristics and stay calm and have the control, and if you can keep away your ego and emotions out of it, you are on the best way to enhancing your chances on winning and be successful on any games that you are about to play.

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