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Cryptologic gaming software


Cryptologic provides gaming software to the world’s biggest online casino

The Cryptologic gaming company / Waterlogic is a gaming software company with headquarters in Canada. They have currently developed online casino and online poker gaming software for a number of casinos and online poker rooms, including the world's biggest online casino - Inter casino (and Inter poker). Inter Casino is a predominant Cryptologic casino in the online casino area, which actually earns more money than any other casino on the Internet today. The gaming software from Cryptologic is constantly being improved, and new games are added regularly.

General description of Cryptologic. The sections are as follows:

  1. Background
  2. Online casino gaming software
  3. Money
  4. How to set up your online casino account (Installation guide)
  5. Deposit
  6. Online casino bonus
  7. Withdrawal
  8. Minimum stake in Blackjack

1. Background

  • Cryptologic was founded in 1995 and after one year launched its first casino on the Internet. This was “Inter Casino”, which is actually one of the first casinos ever to enable playing for “real money” from your own home PC. Many more casinos have since arrived on the scene.
  • The company currently employs approx. 110 employees. The headquarters are based in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.
  • Visit Cryptologic’s website, CLICK HERE

2. Online casino gaming software

The online casino gaming software developed by Cryptologic is stunning. A couple of examples of some of the casino games you can play can be seen below.

Table games

Video poker


  • Blackjack(singleplayer)
  • Blackjack (multiplayer)
  • Roulette (single-player)
  • Roulette (multi-player)
  • Baccarat (single-player)
  • Baccarat (multi-player)
  • All American video poker
  • Deuces wild
  • Jacks or better
  • Super jackpot (Progressive jackpot)
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Galactic Odyssey
  • High noon
  • Lucky seven
  • Sphinx Hijinx
  • Triple Olives
    (Progressive jackpot)
  • NB: The games offered depend on each individual casino. In the multi-player games you can also chat with your co-players.
    You may sometimes experience that the speed of a game is a little slow, particularly if you play multi-player on a casino at a time when there are many others playing too. But it is liveable with.
    This problem often occurs when you try to qualify yourself when you want to withdraw your bonus, cf. the "BONUS" box further down the page.

3. Money

The bank part in all Cryptologic casinos is run by E-cash, which Cryptologic has developed itself. Your money transactions are in safe hands. All information is sent via E-cash , which is encrypted so you can be certain that no strangers have access to your credit card details or other personal information.

4. How to set up an account

  1. First you need to download and install the software. Then restart the computer and start the software.
  2. Set yourself up as a user. You can choose your own user name and password on all the Cryptologic casinos, so make sure you don't use the same user name every time you play on a new Cryptologic casino. You can e.g. start with Peter1, Peter2, etc. You can use the same password for all the casinos.
  3. It is worth having different user names as the Cryptologic casinos send a pin code to all their users who play for "real" money. The letter from the casinos contains only three pieces of information. Your user name, pin code and an “account number”. The casino’s name does not appear in this letter. So remember to use different usernames for the Cryptologic casinos, so that you can tell them apart from the different pin codes that are required for each one.

5. Deposit

The bank at Cryptologic casinos is called “cashier”. When you want to deposit money, enter the casino's software and click on "cashier". Then click on “deposit”.
Before depositing money in your casino account, you need to register your credit card. Click on Change/register card. Fill in your credit card details.
Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

6. Online casino bonus

The bonus always comes as soon as you have paid the minimum requirement. Always remember to deposit the minimum requirement in one go. You cannot deposit 2 x $15 if the minimum requirement for a bonus is $30. Then you miss the bonus and there is no point emailing the casino's customer support.

In many casinos, the bonus is monthly. You can therefore go in month after month to receive it. The disadvantage is that there is often a very high wager requirement associated with it. So you have to play a lot before being able to withdraw the bonus.

7. Withdrawal

You must click on “cashier” and then “withdrawal” in the casino’s software.

8. Minimum stake in Blackjack

It is relatively high, in that it is $2.


Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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