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888 Ladies Bingo

Online bingo
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Online Gambling loves bingo and 888 Ladies Bingo is one of the best online bingo rooms on the Internet.

888 Ladies Bingo is also one of the most popular online Bingo rooms whose target player/audience is predominantly women. 888 Ladies Bingo´s objective is not only to entertain its player by providing a virtual game but also to bring laughter and smile to those who are in the mood of playing here in this website. This is obviously the reason behind getting comedian and television personality Vic Reeves to front act its advertising campaign by dressing up like a real woman.

Men are also welcome at 888 Ladies Bingo!

Do not get the first paragraph make any misunderstandings as 888 Ladies Bingo also entertain Men. But, of course they will have to consider playing in a mostly pink gaming environment as this is the ambiance they will experience while on boarding and receiving an extra ordinary treatment from 888 Ladies Bingo. The enjoyment is not a question as men players will also benefit what the women are enjoying.

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888 Ladies Bingo

Online Gambling Software!

In this website, 888 Ladies Bingo, all the games can be played via the window’s web browser. So no online gambling software is needed to be downloaded at all. Registration process is not that quite difficult, creating an account is just like filling up a simple form and as easy as chewing a gum. And while doing the registration and creation of an account, a lot of promotional strategies are attached to the form the player is filling up.

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The Online Games and the Jackpot!

The online games that can be played in 888 Ladies Bingo are 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo plus all of the other games as well such as a line, two lines, full house and so on. There is an abundance of jackpot prizes at stake here. The most shocking jackpot prize in terms of cash prize is the remarkable weekly £888,888 which can be won on the game 75 ball bingoes. A player who will be able to mark all of their 25 numbers within 40 balls will win this jackpot prize. The money in terms of amount is not a joke, but even if a player did not win this jackpot, player could still win an amount less than the jackpot prize by marking their 25 numbers in the card when 40 calling numbers are exceeded. There is also a similar “sliding scale” jackpot which is available in the 90 ball games. Players can learn the details of how to win these prizes all throughout the week on the site itself.

888 Ladies Bingo - Win an Ipad

The Presentation!

The presentation of the website 888 Ladies Bingo games can be described as very exquisite, as the screen is dominated by the bingo ticket itself and the chat window. The game and the account information can be seen on the extreme top left of the screen. The number board will also appear when the game is ongoing. Players have a lot of options on how to sort and how to daub the cards. The numbers will be announced by a very beautiful voice of a woman but aside from bursting out the number, it will also be shown on the number board.

Also available on the game is the Chat Room which is considered to be very user-friendly because there is always a Chat Host available to show fortunate particles and play some of the chat games. If players visualize other types of games rather than Bingo, there is a very good series of other games like slots, including super slots, instant win and table games to select.

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The Tournament!

Aside from all of these impressive descriptions, 888 Ladies Bingo is considered very extraordinary because of its incredible community and social relevance. Players can join the team Bingo games, play with friends, colleagues or partners on this type of game and participate in the £3,000 Team Bingo Tournament. If a player doesn’t have any friends at 888 Ladies Bingo, he/she can just send an email to the organizer of the team bingo and they will take charge of hooking up a playmate for the player.

Vic Reeves!

It is now time to visit 888 Ladies Bingo to discover the reason why the famous and respected Vic Reeves selected the website for his own “big night out”. Online gambling honestly loves this place, and we’re sure and believe that you will love this online Bingo site too.

The Technical and the Customer Service Support!

The support for Customer service is available 24/7 both via the Live Chat system and by Business Address. Send email for any queries to or dial 0808 101 4776. The callers within UK can have a free of charge call.

Money Matters!

MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Solo or Maestro cards are those cards that will fund the players’ online Bingo account. Please be noted that players cannot make any withdrawals from their account until they have first deposited and played £30. The website provided a full banking terms and conditions. And players need not to worry because all personal data is encrypted and transmitted securely for security purposes.

Visit 888 Ladies Bingo,
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