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Inspiring stories - Big casino jackpot winners

It was a tremendous unexpected fortune to become one of the luckiest players of the day during that time. Winning ten times of any players’ deposit is already an overwhelming experience, what more winning hundred or thousand times the starting money? Isn’t it good luck?

Winner written with big letters in gold.

1. Jackpots from Casino Rewards won on the Mega Moolah slot machine from Microgaming

Jackpot won by A.D

The furthermost anticipation has been the astounding jackpot won by A.D. (Real complete name is hidden to protect the winners identification). $5.2 Million! This is actually the second time to give out fortune by one of the pioneers and one of the most awarded in online casino group, The “Casino Rewards”. On its 11 year history in the market, as the Internet's premier online casino group, Casino Rewards compensates another multi-million dollar progressive jackpot prize. This was on October 2011, the Mega Moolah reels aligned for beginner gamer A.D. who was so lucky to garner 3.8 Million Euros instantly!

Together with his partner, online player "A.D." travelled out to Sydney, Australia to be entertained at abundant restaurant Aria, overlooking the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. After a press photo event in the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, A.D. was handed a cheque for an incredible €3,841,871.46.

Giving to charity according to the winner is one of his plans. Helping out other people specially his girlfriend’s relatives is also one of his priorities. Travelling too would be part of the diplomacy for himself as the player A.D. really loves to travel. But despite of winning millions, he would never stop working according to him in a video coverage, although he may have other people working for him. This is basically what he would prefer to spend the money he won as he is not in a hurry spending that money. I’m not in a great hurry to spend this money.”

Dollars flying down from heaven.

Jackpot won by K.E

It was 2008 when the first winner arises; it was K.E. and his staggering $5.5 million on the very same online progressive slot, Mega Moolah.

The day I won the jackpot is a beautiful memory ... it was not long ago, so it’s still quite vivid. I played Mega Moolah, the jackpot screen opened, the wheel was spinning, there were a few segments on which it could have stopped, but A person with only slots in his mind.that was exceptional and I thought that that could not happen to me ... but it did! I could not believe it at first, then I called to make sure, because I thought it could be an error ... but it wasn’t! I stayed there for I don’t know how long, staring at the ceiling and thinking lots of things. At first I didn’t think much, I only thought that my life was most probably going to change.” – A.D.

This was the overwhelming statement of the winner A.D. during his acceptance off the cheque. The happiness on his aura is very noticeable as he even doesn’t really know what to say and how to stand in front of the presenter and other authorities to witness and justify the awarding ceremony.

A.D. and K.E. turned out to be overnight multi-millionaires

Both the two players, A.D. and K.E. turned out to be overnight multi-millionaires and this is because of the free bonus money which happens to be like free spins for an hour. This is advertized through the post on a Casino Rewards promotional CD that they send to the both players.. The free sign up money is also available online, with the most appealing being €/$1,500 free at Golden Tiger Casino; £/€/$1,250 free at Casino Action and €/$500 free at Casino Classic.

As per A.D.’s interview, he reiterated that: “I first heard about Casino Rewards because I received an envelope at home with a CD from Challenge Casino. I downloaded it and everything started from there. I like their service in particular. If you need, there’s always someone available to assist you, so it becomes something very normal, like playing at home.

Any probable prospect in playing can sign up for free so easily within a few minutes at any of the Casino Rewards online casinos and be playing Mega Moolah or any of the other 420+ online slots, blackjack, video poker and roulette games in the comfort of their own living room using casino bonus cash.

Mountain made of gold coins.
Jackpot written in red

2. Here are some inspiring stories that would probably captivate the hearts of the players, and hopefully would enhance every players hope in enjoying while playing to win big prizes and fortunes.

  • Ashley Revell of London finished the challenged game of his life whilst he sold every single one his whatsoever material ownerships including his shelter house and almost all of his clothes. He then travelled to Man made of dollars. Hands are in the air so showing a winning attitude.Las Vegas with $135,000. He started placing every single money on the red one on the roulette table and the ball accordingly grounded in 7 red. Making him left the casino and headed back home with $270,000, it was actually his first and last casino bet. Because luck is not a stuff to purchase or borrowed or rented, no one can actually own it for a definite time, whether a beginner or a master in gambling has no hold of what can be the outcome of every set of games. Ashley was the one who inspired Simon Cowell to produce the primetime television show Red or Black based on Roulette.
  • Charlie Wells known as the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo garnered his wealth from absolute luck. He concentrated playing inflexibly to the roulette table for almost half day directly straight, making the casino decided to refill the chip stock no less than twelve times forcibly. Wells turned $4000 into $1,000,000 which is considered to be an exorbitant amount during his time in 1892. The major unbelievable part of his captivating splash came when he bet on one position which is the five spot for almost of all the time of his stay on the casino and hitting this combination five times consecutively.
  • Elmer Sherwin, a 92 year old ordinary citizen, was so lucky to win the highest progressive slot jackpot in the world, not once but twice, the Megabucks progressive slot. Megabucks progressive slot had actually made players going gaga because it reaches $30m jackpot mark. It's not actually easy to win this kind of jackpot. As per its history since its launching in 1989, it has only been won a few dozen times. And the probability of hitting the jackpot is around one is to fifty million. So imagine how lucky Sherwin is in winning this twice? He won the inaugural Megabucks progressive jackpot in 1989 for $5m and won it again in 2005 for $21m. Every player had made this truth very interested on the game that made this kind of progressive jackpot one of the most participated on the casino. This is also the reason why players would not based the result of any game to its previous result. It is still luck and only luck that could possibly be the reason for any triumph of any players.
  • Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United football club spent an astonishing 15 minutes on roulette in the Fifty London casino in Mayfair in 2008. Mike put a stake on the so called “complete” from which player would bet on a definite number, definite color, a definite kind whether odd or even and a definite position whether Very happy guyhigh or low. He then chose his luckiest number that happens to be 17. His complete bet came in netting him a mesmerizing cool £1.5 million. Afterwards, he expressed gratitude to the croupier very heart fully and left the casino envied by all other players around. It is now believed that no matter how long the player stays to gamble, if the luck is unwillingly be owned by that individual, that player cannot be triumphant. But if luck is known to be the player’s twin, even playing in no time could be that player’s fortune.
  • Archie Karas is considered to be the most popular in both the biggest winner and also the biggest loser category in the casino line of industry. He has to go down as the most extraordinary casino gambler of all time. Karas had driven from his home in LA to Las Vegas with just $50 in his pocket and after hustling a few games of poker had built up $10,000 to start his professional gambling attack on the Vegas strip. In playing poker, baccarat and dice, this lucky player quickly staggered a mesmerizing $40m fortune. He never stops playing petrifying fellow poker players and casinos alike with his very gigantic stakes and ridiculously ballsy bets. This time luck has evaded him for quite some time. It's the common universal Vegas story, which means that he also finished up losing them all. This is also the reason why he is also featured and made an appearance on the other article called “The Biggest Loser” page. There are some gambling strategies on how to manage the players’ money and how to handle the winnings. It is also important to know when to stop and develop the eagerness on playing and controlling the addictiveness on gambling.
  • Norwegian player known only as Peter was the one who actually won the biggest ever online progressive jackpot at Betsson Casino on the Arabian Nights slot machine. At first, it seems that it is nothing to him because he has no idea how much he had won. He needed to ask technical support how much €11.7 million when converted to Norwegian Crowns is. He then started to giggle and realized that he had actually won 38 million in his local currency. Trembling with excitement, he begin to plan and analyze how he had won and how would he spend this big money. Details by details, it is therefore concluded that it is still luck that brought Peter to this undoubtedly endless fortune. And obviously, this player’s objective is only to entertain himself because of the fact that he has no idea of the amount that he hits while he was playing the game.

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