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What is luck in a game?

Most people hope they win and that luck is on their side when they take part in a game, such as a game on an online casino. But the actual concept and definition of luck is a bit hazy.

Cartoon man is showing luck with letters.It’s a bad idea to choose a profession where luck is the determining factor for success. We have all heard those fairytale stories from various media about lucky people who have won millions, just because they were lucky. Who are not familiar with the story of a lottery winner living in the back of beyond who suddenly won millions.

It is a rarity to be one of the few that receives the big prize money, and it is therefore better to have a more sensible and mathematical approach to games in general, especially to games on a casino, whether the Golden Horseshoe Casino or Bet365 Casino.

Definition of probability
Every day millions of people play on casinos, and yet have no idea of what probability means. Instead they choose simply to play without giving it a second thought. Yet a bit of understanding about the meaning of this essential concept could improve their chances of winning. If you understand the meaning of probability, you improve your chances of making the right decisions in given situations in e.g. outcomes of games on roulette.

- Probability is setting how often a given action can be expected to happen. An example. Take a coin and throw it into the air. There is a 50% chance of it being heads or tails.

No memory – independent outcome
Another mistake many make when they go to a casino is that they incorrectly believe that a slot or roulette wheel has a memory. No games have this. Very important to remember. In fact you have to programme your brain for a sort of memory loss after ALL games that take place at a casino. Example: If you have just played a red on roulette, forget that you won. Clean the slate, a new game has had begun!

Definition of luck
Definition of luckLuck is a temporary or short-term deviation from the norm. If you have got a red in roulette 11 times in a row, you feel lucky. Initially it would be correct to call it luck if you have played with this outcome. In the immediate term you are lucky. In the long run, e.g., after the 10,000th game on the roulette wheel, the outcome of red and black on the roulette wheel would be more or less 50-50.

If it is not 50-50 it is because the casino has one or 2 fields without a colour, which is why after the 10,000th game the casino has the statistical advantage. In the long run the casino wins.

  • Therefore in the short run we can win games. This is what we experience as being lucky.
  • In the long run we lose – so games should be perceived as entertainment, but entertainment that can result in riches if you hit a short-term deviation from the curve of luck.

So yes – if you win a big jackpot or a small prize, stop playing that day and enjoy the sweet smell of success. It feels great when you have e.g. played blackjack for an hour and now have 200 dollars extra in your account. :-)

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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