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Types of Slots

- Familiarize and play the most suitable slots for own guts and glory!

Considering the fact that the basic knowledge about any slot machine is just inserting money, spinning the wheel and winning or losing the outcome is just common to most of all the slot machines. But there are still number of different versions existing to add enticement to the different cravings of any individuals in the whole planet.

Some factors of considerations are to be analyzed as well because some games have been somewhat slightly modified to assure that the laws of a certain areas are considered and well followed. Those differences are characteristically established in two different necessary reasons; one is the way on how the operators must pay out the winners and secondly, the fraction of the winnings that they are permitted to keep.

To be able to find a machine that is most suitable and enticing to any players, the following is an article about the different slot games that the players would normally find in a land based or online casino.

1. Progressive Jackpot Slots

  • Being the most popular type of slot with the biggest jackpots, many players are playing at the same time, so the probability of winning the jackpot is less.
  • Progressive slots uk are group of machines running in a single network that exercising to part a portion of the money inserted to continuously acquire a bigger jackpot until it is won.
  • Players would only have the chance of hitting this jackpot is by betting the required maximum number of coins.

2. Multiple Pay-Line

  • More than one pay-line as the tagline says. Meaning, a lot of winning combination is allowed.
  • The most common of these machines allows three pay lines or three winning combination; one in the middle of the screen, one on top and one below.
  • If player spin a winning combination that hits unswervingly on any of these lines player might win. A lot of chances of winning right?
  • But there is a twist; player can only activate all three lines if the maximum number of coins is inserted into the machine.
  • If the player inserts only one or two coins on a three coin maximum three line machine and player hits a winning combination on the top line, player may not win anything.
  • If player had entered three coins, no matter which line was hit, player will win. This is another case of having more chances of hitting the winning combination if and only if the players bet the maximum number of coins.

3. Multiplier Slots

  • The most common type of slot machine in any casino both on land based or online casino.
  • On these machines, the payout changes depending on the number of coins that the players have played.
  • For example, if player hits a combination that pays out $20 and player had inserted one coin, player will win $20.
  • But if player had inserted 2 coins before spinning the wheel, player would’ve won $40 meaning 2 coins multiplied by $20 payout or $60 if player’s initial bet was 3 coins.

4. Bonus Multiplier Slots

  • This type of machine is actually running similar to multiplier machines.
  • When the maximum number of coins is inserted and player hits a winning combination, an extra bonus is added.
  • For instance, by inserting one coin player would win $100, 2 coins player wins $200, but if player had inserted 3 coins which is the maximum bet, player wins $500.

Knowing these different types of slot machines would help players to know what game and which machine would probably make them enjoy on some instances would make them lucky enough to be triumphant in playing slot machines. Just always remember to read and review the payouts and schedules of different machines before indulging into the game proper.

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