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Progressive Slot Machine Jackpot

- The most sought after in a casino, whether online or land based

A special page to discuss progressive slot machine is considered for the reason that this type of slot machine has become one of the most popular spot on any casino whether it is land based or online. Progressive slot machine is the most sought after by any players who wishes to bring home fortune by trying luck on playing games in a casino. A progressive slot gaming offers the largest jackpots among any other games for that matter, persuading players to choose this game in trying their destiny with these machines.

A group of progressive jackpot slot machines sometimes is being run by one large network. Meaning different slot machines are connected to each other to make the prize bigger by putting them all together and rewarding them to one lucky player. A number of different machines in the casino or even some machines of different casinos are linked together which are usually affiliated to each other to construct a very large jackpot. This process is made possible through sharing some parts of the money that inserted to a certain machine to another machines. As a player puts money into one of the machines a portion of their contribution is attached to a total jackpot amount being built up by the contributions of other players inserting money into any machine within the network. The jackpot would automatically continue to grow and be displayed on the screen until one of the players hits the jackpot. Once any player hits the jackpot, the network will reset the prize to its original amount at a lower number and begin to rise again as much as many players are inserting money again and so on and so forth.

Good to hear but of course, in every good worth, there is always a consequence. Since these types of slots are very popular and considered as number one for being the most sought after by the players, numerous players are playing at the same time. And never forget that the more players playing the machine, the lower the chances of winning the jackpots. The probability of hitting the jackpot is lesser than playing on a regular machine. There are networks that run thousands of machines at the same time, so each player is competing with thousands of people for the win. An additional fact that the players must be aware of, is that in order to win a progressive jackpot, players must play the required maximum number of coins on each game. If players hit the winning combination but have only bet one coin, that player is not entitled to the jackpot. On the other hand, if player wages the required maximum coins and hit the winning combination, that player would definitely take amounts that could be worth millions.

A fascinating truth about progressive slot machines is that characteristically these kinds of networks are maneuvered by an outside entity and not by the casino. The casino of course, accepts a small fraction of the profits for the consent that was given to these companies to set up their networks within their casino walls. One example is the IGT Company. The outside company, such as IGT is responsible for all the payouts operations. But there are also some casinos that furiously setting up their own networks but they are of course not as big as and larger than those networks that an external source would run. The payouts although are in turn smaller than those of IGT’s, for instance, but the probability of hitting these jackpots are much higher as the players are competing against a lot less contestant for it.

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