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Bonus types on online casinos and bingo

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All the online casinos and bingo websites you find here on offer a welcome bonus to new customers. A welcome bonus is comparable to free tokens from the casino. In this section, we review the different types of bonuses.

1. Free bonus money
This type of bonus is one that is most attractive for beginners. This may be due to the fact that you are still a little uncertain about whether it really is “safe” to play on a casino or online bingo on the Internet. “Will they just try to cheat me and take all my money?”. This scepticism is shared by most first-time players. But this is where the free bonuses come into their own. See also section entitled "Is it safe to play on casinos on the Internet?", CLICK HERE.

How the bonus form works:
A “free bonus” is free. It’s that simple. There are no requirements from the casino whatsoever to deposit money in your casino account. The only thing you have to do with these casinos is:

  1. First click on the link that online has created under free bonuses.
  2. Then download and install the casino onto your PC.
  3. You set yourself up as a user (for real) on the casino and before you know it, you have FREE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT. See the online casino list on free online casino money, Click here.

In the box marked “comments/assessment” next to each online casino, will give a detailed explanation of how you get the bonus into your account if it is not automatic. Often it is just a case of sending an email to the casino with your user name and password. It is so easy once you get started, even if it still seems a bit confusing!!!

Free money for online casinos has many faces2. Fixed bonus
This bonus type is the most common among Internet casinos. But it is also the one that will make you thousands of pounds/dollars richer if you are lucky and good. This is how it works:

A casino such as ""Inter Casino"" offers all new customers $100. In return, they request that you as a new customer via your credit card (or other payment method, Click here ) deposit an amount of $100 in your casino account. Now you have a total of $200 in your account.

This $200 is "real money", not just "monopoly money". However, you cannot withdraw it yet. The casino requires you to play for the money a certain number of times before withdrawing it This is called to “wage”.

This wager requirement and the thing that gives you, so that you almost cannot avoid winning, you can find on Click here.

If you follow's recommendations, you have the advantage, not the casino!!! In other words, the likelihood of you winning money from the casino is far greater than losing money to the casino.

In this case of "inter-casino" you can e.g. ”handle” losing $100 because you were given them at the start. You can withdraw your "own" $100 at the casinos any time. (However, this is not recommended by

3. Risk-free bonus
This bonus type is very rare today unfortunately. With this bonus type, the rules from different casinos are relatively few. Usually a “Risk Free" bonus is as the name Free casino bonus money. You should always accept the free money especially when you are a new player.suggests. A bonus for us players without us having to risk a single penny. Are they just feeling generous or what?

In practice, this works by you making a deposit of e.g. $50. You can play an unlimited amount for this money, as though this was your own money you were betting.

But the idea behind the “Risk Free” bonuses is that they are risk free for the player. Yes, you heard right. They are 100% risk free. You simply have to play and gamble as much as you want. If you are lucky, you can win a serious amount of money here. You are more likely to play for large amounts at a time, e.g. per hand in a game of Blackjack.

What you should do if you are on a lucky streak at a particular casino, is to play the whole amount. Do not stop even if the account shows $20 or less. You should continue playing. If your account shows zero (it should display zero), you can within 24 hours following your deposit of $50 send an email to the relevant casino, in which you claim your RiskFree $50.

The following day there will be another $50 in your account, which is your own. You are free to withdraw or play them. But remember that you can only claim your $50 back once!!! But that’s still a damn good deal. Highly recommended...

4. Percentage bonus
A percentage bonus is exactly what it says on the tin. The first time you make a deposit in your online casino account, you get an x number of percent (e.g. 50%) added on top. E.g. if you deposit $100 on an online casino, the casino will Percentage bonus for your new casino account.add a further $50 to your casino account. So now you have $150 to play for.

The percentage bonuses vary from 5% right up to 300% in certain casinos. Technically, you could also say that the fixed bonuses could be perceived as percentage bonuses. But the difference with the percentage bonuses, in contrast to fixed bonuses, is that in principle you decide whether you will have a big or small bonus as a "start help" from the casino. This is a question of preference.

There are however individual casinos, where you have to make large deposits as the wager requirement is very small. On these casinos there is a 99% guarantee of winning. The casino is also very reliable, so you do not need many people to lose your stake.

The wager criteria required before you can withdraw your money varies from casino to casino. The best and most attractive online casino bonuses request that you "wage" (have the money "turned" on the playing table, so have "played" it) your bonus just one and up to a maximum of 25 times.

5. Bonus credit
This is a very poor bonus type that does not approve of. You get a bonus you can play for but you cannot withdraw the bonus. You can however withdraw what you win via the bonus, if you are lucky. So you can only withdraw any profits made from the bonus, because the bonus is only a playing bonus.

6. Other types of bonus
On certain places on the Internet there are casinos that offer a fixed bonus or a percentage bonus, cf. above. But they Ugly child shows why bonus credit and other types of casino bonuses is a NO GO.are different in that you do not just wage a specific amount before you can withdraw your bonus. E.g. a casino such as Lucky Gate Casino has a bonus of 100% up to $75. It works in such a way that when you have deposited $75 you instantly get $75. Your account now shows a total of $150.

The special bit about it is simply that the $150 is split into 2 from the start. One half of $75 is bonus money and the other half of the $75 is your “own money”.

The game itself works in such a way that every time you e.g. bet $10 on Blackjack, $9 is from your own money and only $1 comes from the bonus money. You can therefore be unlucky and end up using all your own money before the bonus money has been used up.

No deposit bonus for casino.E.g. if from the start (your account shows $150), bet $10 per hand in Blackjack and lose 9 hands in a row. Your account will show $60 (as $150-$90=$60). But you will not be able to play on in that the $60 is bonus money. If you play for the remaining bonus money of $60, you will have to add a new deposit.

That’s why this bonus type is not recommendable.

7. No bonus
This type of bonus is the worst of them all, as there isn’t one. A casino that does not offer potential customers a bonus offer, so that you have the chance to test whether you like their software, customer service etc. is of no interest to neither or you users.

It should be said however, that you can be lucky that a casino will send you an email with an offer if you are a registered customer, but have still not paid a deposit. But it is too much hassle to download software, register as a user etc. so will only recommend casinos that ALL give an introductory bonus.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen


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