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Myths you shall NOT believeMyths about playing casino slots

One casino game that is surrounded by myths and mystery is the slotmachine or slots. Part of this is probably due to the fact that you really do not have any influence on the outcome of the game you are playing in. In this article, will focus on a number of myths that have grown over the years in the casino environment.

  • Long pause means imminent jackpot
    If you pick a slot with a growing jackpot that you have followed over a longer period of time while it has grown in size, you probably think the chance of winning increases by the day. This is wrong. The likelihood or chance of winning a jackpot is always the same regardless of the size of jackpot and how many days, weeks or months have gone by without a pay out of the jackpot. The explanation for this is that an RNG (random number generator) in each slot and each "spin" or game on a slot is independent of the previous game. It is the exact same principle that applies when throwing dice.
  • Fast games increase the chance of winning
    This is wrong. The only thing that happens when playing faster is that you are likely to lose more money. You have the same likelihood of winning every time you play. Instead of playing quickly, take it easy and enjoy the game instead. Playing on slots is entertainment just like online bingo. It is both a fun and relaxing game, where you can win a lot of money if you are lucky.
  • It's best to play slots at night
    It’s a myth that there are certain times of the day when the chance of winning is greater than at other times. Many in the UK incorrectly believe that playing on online slots is best at night, because there are more players online at this time. This is rubbish. The likelihood of winning is always the same, otherwise it would be cheating if a casino could turn the winnings up or down at given points in the day. This is not possible on any of the online casinos reviewed here on All casinos have tested and secure software, and payments are always audited by recognized auditing firms such as Pricewatergouse Coopers and similar.
  • Slots and RNG
    The payment percentage on 2 slots is never the same. 2 different online slots on 2 different online casinos do not return the same amount to players. This is something the slot is programmed to do and this will never change. RNG, which is like a computer brain and which chooses numbers 100% randomly, is what controls the game.
  • Progressive versus normal online slots
    If you want to play cheaply and for a long time, you need to play on normal slots. If you want to play for shorter amounts of time, but want the chance to score a big jackpot, then you need to play on progressive slots. The extra money you pay on the progressive slots is added to the jackpot kitty.
  • Slots and slot tournaments
    Just like online poker. It is cheaper to play slots tournaments than money games. Some online casinos sometimes hold slot tournaments. Players pay a one-off amount and can then play a certain number of times. The winner of the most fictive dollars wins the first prize in real dollars.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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