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World poker tour

World Poker Tour, known as WPT, is a collection of poker tournaments, which most of the world’s best professional poker players take part in. In Denmark, Gus Hansen is known for his achievements and impressive results in WPT.

The World Poker Tour consists of a series of Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, which are played around the world and on some cruise ships. Poker tournaments are held mainly in the US.

The company WPT Enterprises and CEO Stephen Lipscomb handles the daily management of the World Poker Tour. Stephen Lipscomb was also part of the start-up of WPT. He is a qualified lawyer and former TV producer.

The World Poker Tour started small at the end of 2002/beginning of 2003. The first highlight in WPT’s history was the WPT Championship, which was held in April 2003 at the Bellagio hotel casino in Las Vegas.

WPT is primarily a TV show, and the tournaments are broadcast via satellite to viewers in both America and the rest of the world, which has contributed to the boom in poker’s popularity in recent years. There has been growing interest in poker at land-based casinos, much to the surprise of most casino managers. The sale of poker chips, poker accessories and other poker paraphernalia has since WPT risen so significantly that poker equipment sellers have not been able to keep up with the huge demand for products, often due to their own rapid growth. The sale of poker-related products has also turned some of the more popular poker authors into millionaires. Buying a copy “Winning Low Limit Hold’em” by Lee Jones when you are a beginner has become a matter of course. David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth are also popular authors of bestsellers.

The industry to benefit most from WPT’s success in mass culture, is without doubt the online poker rooms industry. A poker room such as Partypoker has, for example, become a billion dollar business in just a few years. The exposure of poker on television and the subsequent trend-creating effect this has had among ordinary people, particularly younger men, explains why they and other poker rooms have become billion dollar businesses overnight.

WPT currently also has its own poker room on the Internet. Read more about their site and download the software here.

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