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Winning at Poker the Evil Way!

Dishonest, corrupt, immoral, deceitful, unethical, and very wrong, these are just some of the definitions of the word cheating. Not just in poker but in every slice of life, cheating is bad and unforgiveable.

A lot of articles and reading materials when it comes to playing poker are mostly about the strategies, about the tips on when to call or when to hold, the best time to raise and the excellent situation to consider when betting all-in. But all of these topics though very important to know especially to the beginners can actually be read even to the online casino website where you actually wanted to play. There is indeed a subject that would probably leave a shock to those who cannot believe that this is possible but there would also be some readers who would probably get mad and would create a self-scenario simply because of the guilt and or would just ignore the fact in covering up self faults and mistakes.

A hand hiding an ace in the sleves.

This subject would help the players evade the situation of being cheated and being fooled by maybe the dealers, maybe the organizers or even maybe from other players on the table. We would also want to reiterate that this article’s intention is not to teach the poker players to make an evil way of winning or simply imposing an idea of cheating, the objective of this article is to provide knowledge to the poker enthusiasts to learn on how to be vigilant on the situation so that cheating on the table can be evaded.

What is Poker Cheating?

It is something that advantageous to the one who is committing the cheat, something beyond the rules and regulations set by the game itself and arranged by the house management purposely to take the advantage against the operators, against the dealers or against the co-players.

Poker cheating can be done by one, whether you are a dealer, you are an operator or even you are just a player. There are many ways of cheating in poker, some of them are easy to navigate and even the card beginners can learn but many of them can only be done by those poker professionals and well practiced in cheating because the process of these types of cheating are quite complicated. And before doing such a thing, be sure to be ready on the consequences it may turn if you happen to be caught, if you are caught doing it in a casino, beware because you may end up in jail, or you may be banned from many casinos and you can no longer play anymore. You need to be very strong because you will be scrutinized and you will become very famous because your auto-biography will be passed to many other casinos. If you are doing this cheating on any place other than a casino, beware because you may end up alone because your friends and co-players would alienate you, you may also end up in a hospital or worse, you will go your final destination in grave because you had been beaten.

So, if I may reinstate, this article is not intended for those who wanted to learn how to cheat because he wanted to win, rather this reading material is for those who wanted to learn the process of cheating so they can easily notice them, avoid them and can stop cheaters.

  • “Honest Mistake”!
    There are cheating ways that is actually no further need of an extra skill to manipulate like not paying the house charges, not giving the correct amount of pot, and taking a snap stare to other players’ cards. Though these types of methods usually cannot be proven especially during the first time of commitment because those instances can be justified by the general alibi “An Honest Mistake”.
  • Cheating the easy way!
    One of the most common ways of cheating that even a child can do is called “Card Switching”. It is done by simple several steps. First, the cheater would wait for good cards but cannot make a good hand, then select the best card and hide it somewhere that is very easy to access by the cheater but cannot be seen by the Wolf hiding so people cant see it is a real wolf.others. Cheater can do this without the dealer noticing by simply folding and putting the cards down in a pile. And then for the final step, switch the hidden card to any card on hand whenever necessary. Usually, the cheater of this kind has a buddy next to him and stands as a look-out. This is also done only by a five card games, not applicable with Texas Hold’Em as it could easily be noticed.
  • Pocket Banking!
    Another non-skill method and sometimes not tagged as a cheat is keeping some fraction of the total chips while still on the play. There are types of poker games that allow this kind of endeavor though this is quite unethical and not advisable to do. But there are also types of poker games that prohibit this kind of action. This is usually done in purpose sometimes to safeguard the winnings as profit. This is also done sometimes to avoid big loss in the case of big betting.
  • When a player wants to manipulate the game!
    Card switching is one concrete sample of this manipulation, this can be done by keeping a good card to sometimes under the player’s leg or inside his sleeves where he can easily switch the card whenever needed. Reflector gadgets can be used by the players to be able to see the face of the cards. This would enable him to easily know what would be his decisions, whether he needed to raise, fold or call. A player can also use “Cued cards” as his way of manipulating the game. This can be done on a second or more round of deals depending on which time he could put a mark on the cards that he wanted to know. But one of the most effective ways of cheating in a game without the other players noticing is the “Buddy-buddy system”. This is sometimes called “Collusion”, from which two or more players would create a unique way of communication from which only them can understand. This is used to overpower the other players who play alone.
  • When the dealer is involved in cheating!
    There are as many as the players’ way of cheating as the dealers way, meaning the dealer can also manipulate the game whether he wanted the house to win or he would be wanting someone from the players to win. Cued cards can be one of these methods that a dealer can manipulate, meaning there is a card with marks that would determine the indication that this card is needed by the dealer. This cued card would be given by the dealer to whomever he wanted to win or he could just keep it unused if he wanted anyone not to win. Pre-arranged dealing is another of this method, the dealer would act as if he is shuffling the cards but there is a cued card that he is clipping while shuffling the cards and he would give it intentionally to someone whom he wants to win. Pre-arranged dealing can also be called “False cuts and shuffles”.
    The dealer could also deal two or more cards in any of a single round deal to some players who happens to be his buddy or his accessories to the cheating. And this method is called “Double dealing”.
  • Cheating in Online Poker!
    Well some of the methods of cheating mentioned above are quite impossible to execute in online poker such as the switching of cards, keeping some of the chips, double dealing, pre-arranged dealing and reflector gadgets. Though there are new methods invented to cheat poker games online and quite effective when it comes to manipulating the game and without other players noticing. One of its kind is through the use of BOTS, bots are technical programs that replace human to play the poker game, and talking about program, it diminishes and over power human mind and knowledge. Theoretically, this is cheating because it is not ethical to use bots to compete with simple human brain. Buddy-buddy system or the Collusion process is also possible in online cheating; this could be done through instant messaging, telephone calls or via texting to tackle about their cards and their decisions to make while in the middle of the game. Using multi-accounts can also be a way of cheating poker games online. These many accounts would be used in a single room or table to manipulate the game.

Again cheating is not advisable, this is a crime punishable by law, so before thinking of doing such a thing, think twice, thrice or a million times. Instead, treat this new knowledge as precautions to avoid possible cheat from your opponents on the poker table.

A poker player showing his hand.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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