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Vatican and Gambling!

I was wondering if some parts of the globe, usually in Asia restrict gambling to their citizens as they consider it so much illegal or against the law, how much more in the Vatican. The Vatican as the holiest city among them all and definitely the home of the Popes where the saints are canonized or recognized, and the miracles are not really miracles without the approval from the most powerful human alive when it comes to religion, particularly Catholicism who happened to be homing in this city, the Vatican.

How sinful is the sin considered in this city? Not to mention the fact that the Vatican was one of the factors that leads the recognition and gave importance to the Ten Commandment of the Bible. Let me mention one of the most underrated commandments as this definitely is connected to what I am going to discuss in this article.

The Vatican

7th Commandment – “Thou Shall Not Steal”

Though the terminologies are very well self-explanatory, the word “Steal” has been defined more broadly. This particular commandment has a lot of interpretations as the one who reads it understood it differently from the other readers. It is just like the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” so with “the interpretation is in the mind of the reader.” But no matter how it was defined or interpreted, the essence is still the same and the general meaning Biblealways leads to the thought that is a sin to get something not your own.

Yes, that simple, but I was wondering what about the things not your own but actually was given to you wholeheartedly, I guess this is not included in the meaning, as the things that are given to you can technically you own already. Sounds logical right? What about this? The things you get because you won it as a prize in a gamble? Is it stealing? Technically no, but logically, I think yes. I know this is arguable and the understanding of this definition is subjective, that is why I need to reiterate that whatever the opinions that are mentioned here are purely based on how I understood the subject and I have no intention whatsoever on disapproving any other opinions based on this subject.

How it is related to gambling?

One interpretation of the Bible to the seventh commandment is regarding the game of chance or the card games. It is discussed there that the game of chance or the card game itself is not really the forbidden one neither illegal to the laws of human.

Even wagering for this kind of doings is still not a sin according to Bible. But everything that is too much is bad. It just became intolerable when someone is committing himself to too much gambling from where he would put something that is not right as a wager. It is becoming undesirable spiritually when somebody is depriving something that is basically needed from someone.

The danger in getting too much rapport with gambling is like enchaining yourself to a point of no return. Also unjust betting and playing the game unfairly to gain self interest is greediness therefore unholy to the Bible.

Well, given that the game of chance is not actually forbidden, how about gambling with the Popes? I heard that there are a lot of Bookmaker websites that accept wagers and stakes on whoever the next Pope would be. Would you consider it fun? Would that be categorized as “Entertainment”? Again, I really don’t know on how would you react to this but the Vatican people preferably the Popes and the other members of the Vatican church would consider this a mortal sin.

CNN March 8, 2013

The number 1 news program in the world has released a breath taking news about some bookmaker websites that are offering odds on whoever emerged as the new Pope. The signal of the punters would also be the signal of the world Popethat there is already a new Pope after Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation which was also tagged as the “Most Memorable Resignation of All Time” as this was again the first resignation in Vatican’s Pope after almost 600 years. The signal mentioned is none other than the white smoke that would signify that the new Pope has already been elected and the white smoke also confirms that after a few minutes, there would be a winner on the bookmakers’ website contests. Here are some contenders that are considered before the conclave had announced the new Pope. Again, this is based on CNN’s report as per their research on the bookmaker’s management.

Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan takes the lead; he was the bookmaker’s website’s favorite Archbishop with the odds of 2 is to 1. Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana is running second with the odds of 5 is to 2 and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone who happens to be the Vatican’s State secretary is third on the list with odds 3 is to 1. And this is just a list of one bookmaker website. There are also different sports betting websites that also announced their favorite top 5 with their corresponding odds. An Irish bookmaker even challenged the American punters to take the risk of betting their own cardinal, cardinal Timothy Dolan with the odds of amazing 20 is to 1, one reason why the odds is this big is that gambling in the US is strictly prohibited. According to the Irish bookmaker that was featured by CNN, just a few hours after the Pope’s resignation, the bet for the new Pope is incredibly flying high with £300,000 or $450,000. And the organizer of this Irish Bookmaker is expecting more and more as the selection of the new pope hasn’t final yet.

And to think that this is not only the issue here, betting for the new Pope, even the releasing of the smoke on the conclave is already an option for the punters to put their bet and grab the chance of doubling their money, whether the smoke is white or black. 100% of the bet would be awarded to the punters who can guess the right color of the smoke. Wow! I was really amazed when I heard this news from CNN, everything now can be a subject for gambling.

But still I do not want to judge the punters why they need to gamble with the Popes, neither the operator of the bookmaker websites because we really have no right to judge them and I believe that this would not be enough to know who really they are and we would not know what kind of people they are just because of doing such things. And Lastly…

Dennis Rodman in Vatican?

Yes, Dennis Rodman the NBA superstar, what do you think is he doing in Vatican during those times? I also heard this to CBS News. Dennis Rodman has arrived to Vatican not as a tourist to witness the selection of the new Pope and neither to watch the color of the smoke that the chimney would release. He was there to promote, advertise, endorse, commercialize or whatever the term is a gambling site. The report even mentioned Rodman’s prediction to whoever the next Pope is, and he would be none other than Cardinal Turkson, of course the black Cardinal, who else?

Again, we would not want to mislead the readers on judging these people as we really do not know them personally. Whatever their purposes on why they have done those things are up to them and whatsoever their intention in embracing themselves to their actions would be their own karma. What we are just saying is that Vatican, the holiest city and the Popes, the holiest human alive can also be a subject for wagering and gambling.

The Vatican at Night.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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