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Traditional Betting on Boxing!

Boxing enthusiasts in general and diehard fans of the famous boxers in particular are those who made boxing very popular, in the level of Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Balboa, Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya and the likes, betting are made to be so simple and personal. Punters should have to find another punter and challenge each other on whoever they wanted to win. No process, no rules, no complication, just the amount and the name of the boxer who would the punter thinks win. Brothers, friends, other relatives, office mates and other colleagues usually do this kind of betting even until nowadays, just like in NBA or any other Basketball League. The stake is also usually a monetary amount depending on how the two parties would negotiate on how the bout would end. Sometimes, the bet is just a “free lunch” or a “free movie” specially if the punters are relatives, but this also commonly done within officemates.

A Winner and A Loser in A Boxing Ring.

Online Betting for Boxing!

We all know that boxing is the most physical challenging sports we have to date. As boxing is the only sports that even there is already blood in the player’s face, the game needs to be continued unless of course the referee’s decision is to stop the game.

Well, betting online for boxing matches is also considered the most challenging but the easiest betting way as compared to other sports. Challenging because punters should critically make a decision on who should they side and would probably spend an amount to soothing that has no assurance.

Easy and simple because the punters would just have to make a wager on who he thinks would win the match. Most of the bookmakers online only have this kind of betting when it comes to betting online for boxing. Money Line Bet is the only type that many sports book online are offering. This is just simple putting a bet on whoever would win from your point of view but of course, there are factors of consideration when it comes to the computation of the prize.

“Money Line Bet”

It seems that this is the only or rather the most popular online betting style for boxing that most of the bookmakers are offering because of the simplicity of the process and for being straightforward when it comes to giving prizes especially its computation. In this online betting option, the punter should be given an exact amount and an exact corresponding prize. For example, a bookmaker is offering +$150 (or plus 150 dollars) for a certain boxer; it means that if the punter put up a wager on this boxer by $100 and that boxer wins, the punter would win $150.

This offer is usually applicable to the boxer who is quite underdog on the fight, meaning the chances of winning for this boxer is quite difficult as compared to his opponent. And therefore this offer would provide the punter a higher risk of losing, probably the reason why the prize is more promising.

On the other hand, when a bookmaker is offering -$130 (or minus 130 dollars) for a certain boxer, the punter would win $100 if he put a wager of $130. This is commonly done if the boxer that would have a bout has a lot more advantage than his opponent, meaning this boxer has a lot more chances of winning the bout.

Given the situation!

Let us take for example the fight between Mayweather and Guerrero last May 2013 for the WBC Welterweight Title, Guerrero seemed to be the underdog between the two professional boxers and so his chance of winning is less than the probability of losing, while Mayweather had all the advantage probably because of the status, because of the previous bouts and including the reason of all the predictions that the latter would win. Many bookmakers put up an arrangement on how the stake would go, such as the Punter would need to make a wager of $145 to be able to win $100 if he wanted to side Mayweather and that wagering system is -$145. And if the punter would want to side Guerrero, he needs to put up a wager of $100 to win $145 if Guerrero’s hand would be raised by the referee after the bout.

Betting Options for Boxing!

There are also very few bookmaker that offers different options in betting such as “how” was the bout is finished, would it be knock-out, technical knock-out, via unanimous decision or split decisions? These options are usually rewarded as 1 is to 1 or the prize would be the same as the amount bet or sometimes depend on who were the boxers are. Another option of betting is about “when” the bout is about to finished, would it be on the first round, second round; third round and so on and so forth? The reward also depends on the status of the boxers that would fight, but usually the sooner the bet the higher the prize (meaning first round would get a higher prize).

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