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Top 10 Biggest Poker Tournaments in the World of All Time!

TOP 10 Poker TournamentsIt is believed that no matter how many new games are introduced to any form of gambling, no matter how vagrant the new games are, it is still the Poker that leads them all.

As it was featured already in many social networks, not just featured but the pioneer to have this kind of endeavor on any website, whether it is a public social media or a gambling casino, not to mention almost 99.9% of the online gambling websites have a special feature that focus particularly on the game Poker.

This only means Poker is still one of the most famous and considered one of the most played games ever aside from slots in any gambling casino whether it is online or land based.

Now, to give the readers an overview of the past poker tournaments, we enlisted top 10 biggest poker tournaments in the world in accordance with “Prize Pool”.

Meanings, regardless of the number of participants, regardless of the time consumed in a tournament and regardless how beautiful are the happenings during the events, the only measurement here would be the pay outs and nothing but the pay outs only.

  • 10. 2004 World Series of Poker – The rights to hold the tournament was bought by Harrah’s Entertainment parallel to the buying of the Binion’s Horseshoe Casino where the 2004 World Series of Poker was held. There were 2,576 participants on the said event and the entry fee was 10,000 US Dollars. The prize pool is $24,224,400, making this the tenth place among the biggest, which was won by Dan Harrington of Cambridge Massachusetts as fourth place with 1.5 million dollars, Josh Arieh of Rochester New York as third place with 2.5 Treasure full of dollars.million dollars, David Williams of Arlington Texas as second place with 3.5 million dollars and the champion of the event is Greg Raymer of Missouri U.S. with 5 million dollars. Raymer just won the seat to the main event through winning another poker tournament online.
  • 9. 2012 World Series of Poker Event 55 – This “Big One for One Drop – No Limit Hold’em” poker tournament was organized by Caesars Interactive Entertainment Inc. This particular event is actually a three-day poker event which was undergone from July 1 to 3. This event has a total prize pool of $42,666,672 making this the ninth place among the biggest and played by 48 participants from different countries like U.S., Canada, France, UK, Malaysia, Monaco and others. Buy In starts at 1,000,000 dollars. The winners are Phil Hellmuth of Madison Wisconsin for fourth place and won $2,645,333, David Einhorn of New Jersey for third place and brought home $4,352,000, Sam Trickett of UK for second place who enjoyed a prize pool of $10,112,001 and the grand prize went to Antonio Esfandiari, an Iranian who moved to California and who was able to bring home the grand prize of $18,346,673.
  • 8. 2005 World Series of Poker – Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino was the venue for all the events concerning 2005 World Series of Pokers except the last two final events which were held in Binion Horseshoe Casino. The main event was being participated by 5.619 registrants who has paid 10 thousand dollars to get played and won their seat via online poker tournaments. The fourth place winner is Aaron Kanter garnering 2 million dollars, third place winner is John Barch with 2.5 million dollars, second place is Steve Dannenmann garnering 4.25 million dollars and the champion was Joe Hachem of Australia who has brought home a mesmerizing 7.5 million dollars. The total prize pool of 2005 WSOP was $52,818,610 making 2005 WSOP the eight places among the biggest poker tournament.
  • 7. 2007 World Series of Poker – It was also Harrah’s Entertainment who organized the event that is why it was also held in Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. Participants reached 6,358 players for the main event but set a record in being the most number of registrants because it has 54,288. The total prize pool of 2007 WSOP was $59,784,954, making it the seventh place on the race. The winners are Alex Kravchenko, Raymond Rahme and Tuan Lam for the fourth, third and second place respectively. The champion of 2007 WSOP was Jerry Yang of Laos and had brought home $8,250,000.
  • 6. 2009 World Series of Poker – This is actually the 4oth annual WSOP which was held at Rio All Suite Casino and Hotel. There were 6,494 total players who joined the event. The total money prize pool was $61,043,600 Man loaded with money for a poker tournament.making 2009 WSOP the sixth placer among the top ten biggest. The winners are Eric Buchman of New York US as the fourth placer bringing home $2,502,890, Antoine Saout for third place with $3,479,670 money prize, Darvin Moon of Maryland Oakland for second place winning $5,182,928 and the champion was Joe Cada of Township Michigan bringing home the amazing $8,547,042.
  • 5. 2012 World Series of Poker – Though this event started on May 27, the main event final table was rescheduled until up to October 29 which was due to the 2012 presidential election. The main event garnered 6,598 total registrants and the top 666 players won a particular amount but the final nine players would have guaranteed prize money of at least $754,798. The total money prize pool was $62,021,200 making the 2012 WSOP the fifth place among the biggest ten. The winners are Russell Thomas, Jacob Balsiger and Jesse Sylvia garnering the amount $2,851,537, $3,799,073 and $5,295,149 for the fourth, third and second place respectively. The champion was Greg Merson of the United States with $8,527,982 prize money.
  • 4. 2008 World Series of Poker – This particular event includes 55 poker championships and the year where special awards for the players are given such as “The Player of the Year” award which was won by Erick Lindren. The main event attracted 6,844 players and was suspended because for the first time the final battle for the last of the nine seat was battled the next day after the final nine event. Ylon Scwartz won the fourth place with $3,763,515 as the prize money, Dennis Phillips won the third place with $4,503,352, Ivan Demidov won the second place with $5,790,024 and Peter Eastgate became the champion of the 2008 WSOP garnering the prize money of $9,152,416. The total prize money was $64,333,600 making this the fourth place among the biggest.
  • 3. 2011 World Series of Poker – This is the first time that WSOP was covered by ESPN live which was participated by 6,865 on its main event which include some celebrities like Jennifer Tilly of the film “30 Beats”, Shannon Elizabeth of the film “American Pie”, Brad Garrett of the film “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”, Sam Simon of the TV series “Anger Management” and many more. Unfortunately, no one from the celebrities made it to the final nine which was won by Matt Giannetti, Ben lamb, Martin Staszko who brought home $3,012,700, $4,021,138 and $5,433,086 as the prize money pool for the fourth, third and second place respectively. Pius Heinz of Germany emerged as the champion who garnered $8,711,956 as the prize. The total prize money pool was $64,531,000 making 2011 WSOP the third biggest poker tournament of all time.
  • 2. 2010 World Series of Poker – The event was held also in Rio All Suite Casino and Hotel in Nevada. This event also take the difference in the rotation of the contest, during the 2006 to 2009, the rotation took eight rounds to compete but the 2010 marks another first in the history as the event known as “The Poker Players Championship” only turned to the main event via No Limit Hold’Em Championship which drew 7,319 registrants. Each of the nine players on the final main event was given 30,000 chips to play for 10,000 dollars buy in. The total prize pool of the event was $68,798,600 making the 2010 WSOP took the second spot on the top ten biggest poker tournament of all time. There are also celebrities who joined the tournaments such as Sara Jean Billions of Dollars.Underwood of the film “The House Bunny”, Anthony Rapp of the TV shows “The X-Files”, Jason Alexander of the film “The Dalmatians” and many more others. The four top winners are Filippo Candio, Joseph Cheong, John Racener and Jonathan Duhamel of Canada as the emerging champion who brought home $8,944,310.
  • 1. 2006 World Series of Poker – The highlights of the event are more on the well-known and anticipated HORSE tournament, and the event also has the highest buy-in for a single WSOP event which was 50,000 dollars. 2006 WSOP also set the record as the biggest poker tournament in terms of registrants because it drew 8,773 players. Aside from being number one on the list of biggest poker tournament in terms of money prize pool which is $82,512,162, in terms of the highest buy-in for a single event and in terms of the number of registrants, it has also the highest amount of reward for the champion which is $12,000,000 that has won by Jamie Gold who is an American TV Producer of California. There are also celebrities who joined the events such as Shannon Elizabeth, James Garner, Brad Garrett, Antonio Tarver and many more. The other winners are Allen Cunningham for fourth place winning $3,628,513, Michael Binger for third place winning $4,123,310 and Paul Wasicka for second place winning $6,102,499.
Man walking up the road made of dollars.

Noted that the first ten biggest poker tournaments in terms of prize pool are from the World Series of Poker, WSOP, but do not be lost as there are also other entries from different poker tournaments that made it to the top 20. 2012 Macau High Stakes Challenge Super High Roller is number 11 that had a $23,511,128 total prize money pool. Its first place was Stanley Choi of China who won $6,465,560. 2007 WPT Championship is number 12 with $15,495,750 prize pool. Carlos Mortensein emerged as the champion who brought home $3,970,415. 2013 GuangDong Ltd Asia Millions Main Event is number 13 with $15,376,897, 2011 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure is number 14 with $15,132,000 prize pool and 2010 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure is number 15 with $14,831,300 as prize pool.

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