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The Science of Sports Betting!

Not a simple arithmetic!

Siding a team on any sports and placing a bet in favor of them is not just as simple as picking which stick is the longest The science of sports bettingon its bunch. Betting is sports is not just tossing a coin and claiming the pot if ever you had guessed the right outcome.

There is more to it, rather than luck and correct guesses, it is actually analyzing or putting your feet in the players’ shoes. You should know all the details of the games; from the rules and regulations, the players, the teams to the process on how would you place a stake.

However, the study of those factors of consideration is again not as simple as a basic mathematics, it needs and requires a deeper analysis which involves a systematic and organized body of knowledge regarding the matter, and this is science. To a simpler but more scientific term, this is Psychology.

Basically, Psychology is the study of human minds, body behavior or personal traits and characteristics, but Psychology in Sports Betting is more gigantic and has a broader scope. It would not specify a certain playing hobby of a certain player neither the consistency of a certain team on how they handle the game.

Not just the outcome of the game!

First thing to know; bookmaker operators are about to gain profit no matter what, but the pot or the money that they about to claim is based on how the punters are placing their bets. Meaning the operators of this business had already mastered the Psychology of betting, and then it’s for you turn back that learning to increase your chance of winning or at least minimize your loss. Their knowledge is already concrete as they knew from the very start what would be the perception of the punters regarding the soon to be outcome of the game, their strategy is to know how the punters think about the result would be and not the result of the game itself. In short, bookmaker operators are knowledgeable as they are more interested in guarding how the punters think of the game rather than the game itself.

Another thing is the analysis of the game per se including the schedule, the teams, the players and most importantly the perception of many punters on how the game would end. It is a common knowledge that a good team always wins and the not so good team loses, but the real score as mentioned earlier is not actually only about the outcome of the game. It is important as necessary to understand the difference between what should be the possible outcome of the game as compared to what really the outcome is. By this, you are not only adopting the Psychology to the games’ players but also you are turning back the science of betting to the bookmaker operators.

Never consider yourself the best ever!

Scientist discovers extra ordinary things not by chance but by hard works and knowledge, but no matter how intelligent the scientist is, he could not master a certain invention just by a single test. He should need a series of trial and error process and before he can get the best result, many efforts and money are wasted first. Even sport analysts are not perfect, loopholes and shortcomings are defined during the analysis. The real thing about betting on games is that the punters would sometimes win and most of the time lose, always bear that in mind. Or, just even but the spread is not even still, this is the law on betting games. You as a player should learn how to control your feelings towards both on losing and winning, you should not jump as high as the sky when winning but do not kill yourself when losing a huge amount of money. These emotions could affect in any way to your follow up bets, that is a surely and a clearly fact. It is actually quite hard to do so, when winning and you already thought that everything you touch turns into gold, you This guy has just won a lot of money!are not Midas for that matter, and you are not even the best bettor in the world and honestly, you are not perfect to know everything regarding the things around the world. Same as when you are losing, never get too down as if the world stops revolving, just continue with the strategy and maybe luck could visit you once in awhile. Never ever run after for your loses, there is no recorded fact about getting even or winning by doubling up your bets and by multiplying your stake to even more betting games in the history. It is actually a suicide, and no one would like to commit suicide by betting all – in just to recover your previous waste. How would you do this? Simple psychology…you as a punter does not have to think backwards about the previous money that you placed as a stake.

Money Management!

You win some, you lose some. What’s important is the term used “some”. If you win some, just continue the betting procedure and keep some, but if you lose some, never ever double up the bet. Just wait for another time if you have the chance to have an extra amount again to bet. And this time, consider “Money Management”.

What is Money Management? It is not just putting up a stake and counting the change in the counter or checking up your account after subtracting the total amount bet. When we say Money Management, we never mean managing your money for betting, there is even better than that. It is about setting up a percentage on your extra cash, for example, 1% of the money is for betting, quite dragging and boring but this should be the best case scenario. It is good because you will not just bet one time for sure and you will get more excited as your momentum is getting high. Of course, there is plus and minus as the result of the game is unpredictable. In this case, you need to have an extra amount in your bankroll to support and stand for those times that you are not lucky. But if you are already incapable, do not do something that would drown you deeper or would put you on a situation where you can no longer stand. Quite stressing and disappointing but this is life, no guts no glory. And during winning times, meaning your bankroll is increasing, it is a common practice that your bet is also increasing so again, psychologically speaking, try to control yourself, never let the tsunami move you to a higher wave whatsoever.

Part of psychology is being systematic and organized!

Money management can’t be done through thinking only, some may need a pen and a notebook and some may need a tablet or a net book or whatever is most convenient for them to enlist all the necessary details regarding their betting Win or Losegames matter.

Keep tracts on all your bets, all the winnings and the entire losing amount. This would be of great help for you if you would track down your betting game history.

Organized systematically all money matters including side bets and how they had worked for you. By this you can see whatever is positive and whatever is not.

Try to remember what have you done during those positive time and you may continue doing it, however, you may stop doing what had you done during those negative times.

And finally, favoritism can lead to a biased decision!

We all have our favorite teams, but cheering them while the game is in momentum is different from placing a bet in favor of them. Loving a certain player who happens to be a part member of the team playing would not do well in your decisions.

It would just make your decisions biased. Many believed that never ever gamble when you are in deep emotions, whether it is anger, love, sadness or whatsoever because your mind surpasses by your heart.

Even in general psychology, never tackle something meticulous when you are not yourself, same in gambling or even in playing that would involve decision making.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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