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The Return of the Champion!

“The one who quits never wins and the one who wins never quits”. This is what the People of the Champion Manny Pacquiao believed on his entire boxing career. Despite of the consecutive couple of loses; the champ did not call it quits though there are detractors who are enthusiastically putting him down to retire, but instead of losing faith and withholding hope, the People’s Champ strive harder and never stops practicing and exercising. His previous loses did not make him stop, and he did not mind the entire negative comments he just received after that loses. He put his time and effort 100 percent to train himself, not only his body but also his mind and soul to whatever the consequence the fight turned out to be. But it is truly indeed that if there are no guts, there would be no glory. On his recent fight against the American Champ Brandon Rios last November 24, 2013 at the Venetian Macau in China, it was visibly obvious that Pacquiao’s hunger for triumph had driven him to win; every punch are full of hope, every pain is nothing. He is destined to overpower Yolanda (Haiyan) who took thousands of people’s lives in the Northern Philippines, his home country, not to kill people but to bring back hope for the people who are devastated by the typhoon. Weeks after this heinous typhoon, Pacquiao was able to bring back smiles to the people of the Philippines, more than the relief goods that they are receiving, more than the sympathy and mercy of the neighboring countries (thank god for this wonderful phenomenon), it is the victory that Pacquiao had brought them that made them really smile and hope and strive and continue to live in and move on to what had happened.

The Prediction:

Going back to the article that, featured entitled “The Next Combat” Date: 12-08-2013, we showed some tips and clues on what would be the outcome of the fight. The article mentioned some factors of considerations including who is the real Brandon Rios, his advantage and disadvantages and we also had discussed the strength and power of the 8 Division World Champion boxers Manny Pacquiao. There is also a rumor that, never failed to mention, it is the alleged planned fight which until this very moment is not proven, and so we could forget about that as no one talked and thought about that this time. One of the factors that the website mentioned is that the one who would adjust his weight to gain pounds as we believed that this could be an advantage, this factor did not go with our beliefs as Rios who gained weight lost the fight. But again, reputations of the two boxers are undeniably valuable so both of them need to strive for the win. In the end, the website had predicted that it would be Manny Pacquiao’s hand that would be raised by the referee for the victory via knock-out or technical knock-out. Again, the website had predicted 50% of the result because it was Manny Pacquiao who won but not via knock-out or technical knock-out instead it was via Unanimous Decision.

The Pacquiao – Rios Face-off

This fight would actually make or break Manny Pacquiao’s boxing career as before this bout are two consecutive losses for him. Fortunately, the contest turned to be very positive for Pacquiao and the “distraught” boxing reputation has been regained. Though we are not saying that Rios’ reputation has already been done as we believed that this is again another challenge for him to strive harder and to continue hoping for a better boxing career, but his records had been marked negatively by the people’s Champ himself. Giving you a snap shot on the fight, we would give you some sort of visualization of the fight from beginning to end. Among the three judges, all of them gave a winning score cards in favor to Pacquiao; one of them even gave a grand slam win for Pacquiao from round 1 to round 12, the other judge gave 11 is to 1 in favor of Manny and the third judge gave a 10 is to 2 also in favor of Pacquiao. 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110 are the final results of the three judges. These results made many boxing enthusiasts and sports analyst commented that Pacquiao had really changed for the better after his last two fights. He gets more intelligent inside the ring and there are also comments that he is faster and stronger during this fight as compared to his previous bouts.

  • Round 1 – A very strong start for Manny Pacquiao, at this very early stage of the fight, he already showed his eagerness to win. It seems that for him, there is no time for stopping. As for Rios, he also had showed strength and conviction as he would never allow Pacquiao to dominate the fight, but unfortunately Rios cannot overtake Pacquiao’s speed and so at this early stage, Pacquiao created a problem for Rios to face-off.
  • Round 2 – Pacquiao still dominates the fight, though Rios was really trying to throw punches to at least equal his opponents but the fast and the furious Pacquiao also became faster and more furious.
  • Round 3 – Rios showed his strongest chance to beat his opponent on this round, throw more punches and gets more vigilant in his actions but very unfortunate for him, the speed of his opponents still in the control of this round.
  • Round 4 – Rios continues to show his vigilance in throwing more jabs that landed on Pacquiao’s body but this just equaled all the punches that Pacquiao landed not only to his body but more on his face. This first quarter of the fight documented that Pacquiao had an advantage of 39 punches as compared to the number of punches that Rios thrown.
  • Round 5 – This false hopes that Rios got during the 3rd and the 4th rounds ended up on the fifth round as Manny Pacquiao return to his original body, the speed, the strength and the conviction to win all returned. Though it was also commendable for Rios to receive all the punches without being down.
  • Round 6 – At this point of time, the doubts on whoever would win seemed to be very clear; it is just a question of “would Pacquiao finishes the fight on this round?” As more punches of Pacquiao landed on Rios’ face, the bloodlines from the latter’s front head were extremely distinguishable, and yet Rios was able to stand without being knocked down.
  • Round 7 – Aspiring for a knock-out win, Pacquiao landed more punches to now the punching bag Rios. This was seen on the effect of the jabs given by Pacquiao on Rios’ face. Though the latter did not lose hope as for him, Pacquiao would still be just a jaw-breaking punch to snatch the victory.
  • Round 8 – Probably because of the fact of a sure win, Pacquiao lay-low a bit but still aware of his situation to protect punches from Rios. And he still manages to control the fight and accelerate his advantage when it comes to the number of punches.
  • Round 9 – As Rios had felt his hopelessness to bring home the victory, he intends to land a jab on Pacquiao’s head back after the bell rang. He was warned because of this. This round was still for Pacquiao as he continues to dominate the fight.
  • Round 10 – As the face of Rios continues to bleed, his hope to win the fight is getting more impossible, he was just receiving the punches, probably his objectives during this time is only to survived the round.
  • Round 11 – The audience on this round is waiting Pacquiao to land his “knock-out” power punch, but on the other hand, he was not as vigilant as his previous rounds while it is probably Rios’ time to take over but of course, it’s quite too late for round 11 to rebuild his winning post.
  • Round 12 – Rios was still confident as if he was saying that he is still standing at this crucial moment of the fight, but Pacquiao did not consider this the last round as he continues to punch for the victory.

The Decision is Obvious!

There is a comment from a sport analyst that the result of the fight could never be screwed up as the story from round 1 to round 12 is as clear as a crystal. Pacquiao was very dominating during the fight from the beginning to end. And so the looks on the faces of both the fighters could also attest that Pacquiao won and why he had won the fight. It was a unanimous decision in favor of Pacquiao and even one of the judges gave a grand slam win for Pacquiao, meaning Rios never win a single round, but the other two judges had raised minimal differences because the second judge gave Rios 1 win over 11 wins for Pacquiao and the third judge gave Rios 2 winning rounds over 10 winning rounds for Pacquiao. And luckily, there are no objections from the crowd and especially from the opponent’s side. In fact, Rios on his press conference stated that,

"It was a great fight you know, I tried my hardest, I put my heart and soul into this fight. I bust my butt off in the gym. It's just that Manny Pacquiao was quick. He was quicker than I expected. I did train for quickness but the best Pacquiao showed up tonight."

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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