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The Next Combat!

The Battle between Pacquiao vs. Rios!

For Manny Pacquiao, the world would not stop with just a few consecutive losses and there is always the best time to stand up from the fall. Though many believed that those few losses of him really destroyed his reputations as a boxer, Pacquiao did not mind all these rumors and gossips, instead he took this as another milestone to challenge his own boxing career. In fact, he was scheduled for another fight this November 23, 2013 and for the first time in his boxing career, the fight would be held at The Venetian Macao, Macau, China. Though he was not successful to fight again his first choice of the next opponent who is Juan Manuel Marquez for a rematch for the fifth time, and another match bout against Bradley (from which he still hoped to happen), he was given another opponent who I think is equally sensational and popular in the world of boxing. Brandon Lee Ríos of the United States would be Pacquiao’s next adversary. While Rios has been considered to be an intriguing choice to fight Pacquiao, it is as fascinating as their choice of the bout’s location. Since July 2006, Pacquiao has not tried to hold any of his fight rather than MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada and Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas which are both located in the United States. Instead, he would have his next fight at Cotai Arena at Macau's Venetian Resort Hotel to be able to capture not just Chinese market but Asian Audiences and so to enhance total popularity of boxing in Asia.

Pacquiao vs. Rios

Who is Brandon Lee Ríos?

He is a former WBA lightweight champion who is now a light welterweight aspirant. Born in Texas but raised in Kansas and lived and started training in Oxnard. Rios has debut his professional boxing career on July 2004 and now, he already has a record of 31-1-1. He was a consistent winner until March of 2013 from which he lost a rematch against Mike Alvarado, another champion from the United States. His professional boxing record shows how promising he is in the world of boxing. Though both of Rios and Pacquiao came from a not so successful fight, this would be as interesting as the fight between Mayweather and Alvarez on September 14, 2013. It is believed that this coming fight against Pacquiao would be his turning point to become bigger in the industry of boxing. Rios maybe a smaller and less experienced than Pacquiao but let us admit that he also had the Knock-out power. In fact, this is his request from his management to fight Pacquiao because he knew that he would be able to increase his value if he would defeat the first and the only boxer who had garnered eight division world championship belts. Brandon Rios is a boxer known for his punches as he can exchanges jabs and swap blows with his opponents.

How the fight would run?

It is very important to know both the fighters when deciding on how would the fight would run, how it ends and what would be the consequences of the decisions made. It is also a factor to know what others may say as they probably knew better the fighters than you do. And to give you clues on how Pacquiao and Rios would face each other, here are some premises to be considered.

Some believed that the fight is as planned as scripted as some of the wrestling matches because both of the fighters Pacquiao and Rios are under the management of Bob Arum. And it was the manager who paid off everything to bring back Pacquiao’s popularity and reputation. But of course, just a personal opinion with no basis at all, this cannot be confirmed.

2nd factor would be of who will adjust to whom. In this case, Rios would just level up from light welterweight to welterweight, so he needs to regain pounds to parallel to Pacquiao’s weight. Therefore he would solicit strength from himself and reserve his power on his coming bout with the multiple champions. Given this consideration, for my personal point of view, it would be his advantage as many times on the boxing matches, it was always the one who is leveling up always win except for some instances of course as there is always an exemption.

Popularity and reputation for both boxers are not questionable, as both of them are pay per view attraction, not to mention both already had proven their worth in the world of boxing. Though when it comes to international market, Pacquiao is already a large scale and Rios had just begun to capture the global audience.

When it comes to capabilities and styles while inside the ring, both have their own set of strategies and styles and both can actually have the chance to beat their opponents, but in every fight, there would only be one winner except of course when it is draw. But in this case, knowing all the consequences and premises, we can directly state our prediction on this bout.

The result of this fight will be: Pacquiao wins according to the magic bulb.


Manny Pacquiao wins over Brandon Rios via Knock-out or Technical knock-out.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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