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The Muslim Culture!

A Concise Summary!

A crystal clear factor in identifying a nation and its affiliation to humankind is through learning a certain culture, traditions, myths and beliefs. And one of the most unique and uncertain is the one that sometimes made up your life or sometimes to some point may also spice up the way of your living. But to some respect, it also considered as the sincerest culture to mankind, the Muslim Culture! Well, the most identifiable in connection to this culture is the religion, and it is called Islam. It is from the word “Salam” which means “Peace” and also used as every day greetings. But the word Salam is not just peace to the Muslims but possesses a greater meaning, it was defined as “submitting yourselves” to the only “One-God”. It also means, living harmoniously with all the things around you. The God they called “Allah” is actually the gods of everyone. It is called in many different ways such as “The Only God”, “The One”, The Merciful”, “The Creator”, The All-Knowing” and a lot more. As He was the God for all humankind, He was known to be the creator of all the things that surround us. Muslim’s “Prophet” is called “Muhammad” who happens to be the messenger of Peace by God. His mission is not only limited to be the servant of his co-Muslims but also to all humankind regardless of religion. He taught the real reason of existence of Jesus, and from Abraham to Moses. Muslim’s religious book is called the “Quiran”. It contains all and exact words of the lord as the legibility of the terms used and constructed on this book are intact and originated from the real words of God. There is also the book “Hadith”, what is written in there are the things that Mohammad had contributed to the Islam world such as the elaboration of the sayings, his deeds and even his life is written in there.


Muslims Beliefs

Muslims beliefs include Angels and many other different invisible creatures existing that are also created by God for different missions. Muslim’s belief also includes the last day Judgment for all mankind and everyone’s corresponding penalty or compensations. Muslim’s church is called “Mosque” from where Muslims can internalize and pray for whatever is wanted. The Muslims believe that it is better to have the worshipping procedure in a congregation but still it is ok to pray anywhere individually. Christian’s Sunday equivalent to Muslim is Friday from where the Muslim communities get together during the noon time for the group prayer vigil as it is believed that Friday is a holy day. Muslims celebrate two very special occasions. The “Eid of Sacrifice” in commemoration of the sacrifice of Abraham regarding his son’s life. The second special occasion is the “Eid of Fasting” or the Ramadan. Muslims believe that eating pork is unholy, so Muslims prohibit eating this food and any food made up by pork. Nowadays, Muslims are still anywhere living peacefully together with Christians and many different religions. And the good thing is that, they also cooperate in just one government wherever country of their jurisdiction. Let us not forget that no matter what religion we belong, it is always important to learn how to respect one another and by that, the only way to avoid wars and misunderstanding is through the essence of respecting and accepting.

What is gambling in Muslim Culture?

The Muslim community does not contradict the general rules when it comes to gambling, as the religion Islam strictly prohibits gambling in any forms and all the likes for that matter. This was defined by as a very dangerous form of entertainment as it is so addictive by nature. It harms not only the gamblers but also, its family, its society and more over, the spiritual aspect of the religious group where that gambler belongs. These prohibitions are stated in the Quran in many verses, but generally the essence is just simply saying that gaining so much money without working for them is unholy, especially if the involved belongs to the lower class of society, that taking money from them through the deceitful manner of gambling is a clear sample of a mortal sin. As the Prophet “Mohammad” once say that “Whoever says to his companion, 'Come on, let's gamble,' let him give in charity (as penance)." This was a clear sample on how the rich people are oppressing the poor by giving them false hope of getting away from poverty instantly by gambling.

The Quran also states that "Satan's plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of God, and from prayer: will you not then abstain?" (Quran 5:91). In a simpler term, it was gambling that is considered the twin of crime, this verse in Quran clearly states that the consequence of gambling is becoming more sinful because it starts another sin which is hatred, deceitful and greediness. As gamblers continue to gamble, the resort of having extra money is becoming very limited so it would probably cause the gambler to do more crimes to reinstate their loses.

It is also understandable and well explained in the Quran that prospering in life and or escaping from poverty would never be acquired through gambling as it only causes the gambler to lose himself and start breaking his family’s reputation, and the society along which would also be affected. This is written in the Quran verse "O you who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, sacrificing to stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination- of Satan's handwork: eschew such (abomination), that you may prosper." (Quran 5:90).

Muslim Owned Casino?

There are a lot of verses in Quran that strictly state that gambling is prohibited and how serious the sin it may concur. And the essence are all leading to teaching the Muslims the Holiness and simplicity of living fairly and the importance of striving hard to be able to gain whatever is needed and wanted. But, there is always a word “BUT” as in every one thousand families, there is always one family that has a prodigal son, same with this culture, there is always someone that is anti-cultural mindset though this article is not saying that it is so sinful for those who are like that and no one has the right to condemn anyone for whatever purpose it may be.
There are still several casinos globally that are owned by Muslim family, or should it be written as half-Muslim half-Christian family. To be safe, those casinos involved are owned and operated by former Muslim families who converted their religion as Christians.

A muslim family
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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