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Showing Basketball TechnicThe Michael Jordan Story!

No guts, no glory! That is what many believes in any endeavor may anyone to conquer. Especially in the world of sports, many players are doing all they can to manipulate the game outstanding the opponents. In any group game or team game, individuality has no part of success, but individual efforts would be of great help to achieve the team’s success. It is like basketball game, where no man is an island, no guts no glory and every minute of time is gold.

As many basketball aspirants are trying to steal the scene and garner the world’s attention, there is one who effortlessly snatched not only the attention but the love of millions all over the globe, by his strength inside the court, by his speed and strategic play on the ball towards the ring. He is Michael Jordan. It is Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali of boxing, Michel Platini of Football, Hugo Conte of Volleyball, and Andre Agassi of Tennis, Lin Dan and Rudy Hartono of Badminton and many more. It is truly that every sport uplifts its corresponding greatest player.

MJ’s countless awards, trophies and medals would be the solid proof that he is not just an ordinary basketball player, not just an achiever, not just a consistent top scorer but a champion. Being a champion on his own way and in the hearts of many basketball enthusiasts, Michael Jordan ruled the basketball court during his time.

But of course, no big name did not came from being small, no superstar did not came from being a starlet and this is like the story of life of one of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan on Oprah - Interview


1. Who is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is the fourth from five children and the third son of James R. Jordan Sr., an equipment supervisor who also happened to be along time baseball fan and Deloris Nee, a banking assistant worker. Even before MJ exists, his father was already a sport enthusiast as he followed some of the greatest games in baseball and idolized some of the greatest baseball players. Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn New York on February 17, 1963 after his two older brothers Larry Jordan, James R. Jordan, Jr. and a sister Deloris Jordan. After him followed another sister named Roslyn Jordan. MJ took his primary schooling in Ogden Elementary School in Chicago Illinois and transferred to Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington North Carolina where his family moved to live. This is where he enhanced his interest to sports by joining sports club in basketball, football and baseball. And because he excel the most in playing basketball, in his second year in Laney’s, he decided to try out to become part of the school’s varsity team but although he possessed an extra ordinary moves and techniques in the game, unfortunately, he was not able to make it to become a member due to lack of height, he stands 5’11” during that time.

But this does not make MJ stop in striving to get a position on the team; he became part of the Junior Varsity team and created a victorious spot to become a member of the main team of the school.
And during his fourth year in high school, he was selected to be part of the McDonald's All-American Game, an all-star basketball games played each year for American and Canadian who excel in different basketball categories such as “slum dunk contest”, “three point competition” and an overall timed skills competition. When he went to college as a scholar, Michael Jordan took Cultural Geography and join basketball college league where he was able to help North Carolina win the final game of the 1982 NCAA Championship against Georgetown that happened to be lead by another basketball NBA icon Patrick Ewing. Jordan was named Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) “freshman of the year” and was chosen by majority to the NCAA All-American First Team in both on his 2nd year (1983) and 3rd year (1984) seasons.

Michael Jordan When He Was 23-Year-Old On David Letterman!


2. Jordan’s Love Interests!

Michael Jordan was first married to Juanita Vanoy and they had 3 children. Jeffrey Michael Jordan, also a distinguished basketball player who joined the college team for the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini, Marcus James Jordan, also a former college basketball player who joined the college team for the UCF Knights men's basketball team of Conference USA. His third child was a daughter named Jasmine Jordan. MJ’s and Vanoy’s marriage seems not to be perfect and after their on and off marriage relationship, they had a divorce on 2006. He was again secretly linked to a certain Karla Knafel but did not work out which lead Knafel to file charges against MJ for five million dollars as according to her is what MJ’s promised to her to keep their relationship and her pregnancy with MJ in the closet. But instead, MJ gave her 250,000 dollars as the court favored him because the result of the DNA test showed that Knafel’s child was not Jordan’s. Just recently, on the 27th day of April 2013, Jordan married his long time lovey-dovey Yvette Prieto, a Cuban-American model who became his fiancée after he proposed on the Christmas Eve of 2011.

3. The Rise of a Legend!

Jordan did not finish his course Cultural Geography in North Carolina as he left the school week before the supposed to be graduation after he garnered some awards and recognized as Naismith College Player of the Year Award in 1984 presented by the Atlanta Tipoff Club and John R. Wooden Award given by the Los Angeles Athletic Club. He left school to be part of the 1984 NBA Draft, from which twenty three teams of the NBA are doing a selection to fill their teams from amateur U.S. basketball players from different colleges and other qualified professional basketball players also from different countries. NBA drafting has ten rounds of selecting from the total of 228 qualified players for who is who, meaning who would consist of a certain team in NBA. And surprisingly, the process of the selection is via a toss coin and whoever wins on this little contest would be the first to pick their players. In Jordan’s time, the Houston Rockets had won the coin flip and had the chance to be the first to select their team members from 228 players.

Michael Jordan Career Highlights (Hall of Fame 2009)


Second is Portland Trail Blazers, the third is the Chicago Bulls from where Michael Jordan was picked and so on and so forth. This 1984 NBS draft is believed to be one of the greatest draft in the history of NBA because a lot of records set are from this particular selection. Not to mention that this batch of drafting had the most number of basketball players who became legends and tagged as the greatest players of basketball in their respective positions. Of course one of them is Michael Jordan along with a Nigerian-American professional basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets and an American outstanding collegian Sam Bowie of the Portland Trail Blazers.

4. The Life inside Chicago Bulls!

A Star is born!

Michael Jordan’s professional basketball career has begun with a bang. Even during his early years in NBA who is actually considered as a neophyte, he already captured the attention of the game goers, he was able to garner fans and being the favorite of many basketball fanatics including from those of the opposing teams, he was featured as a cover of the well known sports magazine and was tagged as “A Star is born.” Adding to the reason why he was selected to become an All-Star starter by the basketball followers during his rookie time. But in any team, insecurities and envy are always present. This positive feedback garnered by MJ seems not accepted by his veteran co-players from the team and so during the game, they tried to avoid passing the ball to Michael Jordan to freeze him out. Though this is just one of those controversies that arise during his rookie time, MJ just did not mind the flicks and continue exerting his best to help the team win during every single game. With the combination of effort and commitment, though the Bulls did not make it on the first season, MJ was one of the recipients of the “Rookie of the Year” award. However on the second season of the game, MJ was not able to join in 64 games due to his foot injury but the Bulls made it to the playoffs.

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays


Though not fully recovered from his injury, MJ did participate on the game and perform well; in fact Jordan had set the record for the highest points in a playoff game with 63 in Game 2 which until up to date has still not yet broken. Though the game is as much as exciting as ever and MJ had put the best of his strength on the game, at least Bulls almost won by only several points ahead by the opposing team, the Boston Celtics. During the 86-87 season of the NBA from which Jordan had fully recovered from his foot injury, Jordan was one of the two highest pointers of the season and had set another record of being the first player of the NBA history to managed 200 wonderful steals and 100 strong blocks in a single season. The Bulls during that time garnered 40 wins making them advance to the next playoff game but again defeated by the Celtics. And the “Most Valuable Player Award” seemed to be just a wish for MJ for his first three seasons on NBA.

5. Most Valuable Player Award!

During the 1987-1988 season leagues, Jordan managed to be the highest pointer again and proclaimed as the most valuable player of the season. His first NBA MVP on his professional basketball career, and during that time, other awards were given to him because of his defense power inside the court. He was awarded as the “Defensive Player of the Year” because of his speed and agility in blocking and stealing. This MVP award was followed during the 1990-1991 season when his team Chicago Bulls concluded for the first time in sixteen years as number one in their division and managed to set another record for having won 61 times within a regular season. Chicago Bulls outsmarted two giant teams during the opening two rounds of the playoffs to be able to get into the Eastern Conference Finals where their greatest competitor, the Detroit Pistons who defeated them several times during the previous seasons are just waiting for their time to face them. Luckily this time, with extra effort to understand the opposing teams’ moves and strategy, the Bulls defeated the Detroit Pistons in a much unexpected twist. And the result of the game was very unlikely to most of the members of the Pistons, which is why they, together with their leader Isiah Thomas had walk-out the court running to the dressing room even before the final minutes of the fourth quarter of the game forgetting to shake hands with the winning team members as part of the tradition in basketball. MJ successfully snatched his first NBA Finals MVP award when for the first time Chicago Bulls had their first final championship by defeating Los Angeles Lakers four games to one. Jordan was actually crying when he accepted his first final MVP trophy. Jordan became the first player in NBA history to win three straight Finals MVP awards when the Bulls defeated Portland Trail Blazers and MJ won his second NBA final MVP and in the 1993 NBA Finals, the Bulls won their third consecutive NBA championship when they defeated Phoenix Suns giving MJ his third NBA finals MVP trophy.

Top 10 All Time Michael Jordan Dunks


These three consecutive MVP awards were followed again by another three consecutive NBA Finals MVP awards after some quite time of retiring and indulging to another sport Baseball. During the 1995-1996 NBA seasons, the Bulls once again dominated every game of the season and Jordan once again recorded the highest points ever in a season making him once again the NBA finals MVP for the fourth time. During the 1996-1997 NBA season, despite of the sickness that Jordan is facing, he continued to play and again did it well with the help of the other team mates including Dennis Rodman who himself had made a buzz to build a reputation entwined to his name. But it was still Jordan to help the team win the most with his buzzer beater long jump shot that made the Bulls the NBA finals champion and MJ the NBA finals MVP for the fifth time. And on the 1997-1998 NBA season was the most interesting and exciting games recorded in the history of the NBA games as it had set the highest rating ever in a television show. During this time, Jordan once again showed his defense power as he stole the ball the opposing team member during the most crucial time of the game giving him the chance for another three point shot that decided the Bulls to win the sixth NBA finals championship and Jordan’s sixth NBA finals MVP award. Michael Jordan was reported one of the greatest if not the only professional basketball player who had won double-triple NBA Finals MVP awards, his first three were during 1991, 1992 and 1993 and his second triple peat were during 1996, 1997 and 1998.

6. A tragic loss for MJ!

Well, in everyone’s lives, it is not always Christmas; there are also times to mourn. In Jordan’s life for example, he lost his most admired person who actually brought him to where he belongs. James R. Jordan, Sr., Michael Jordan’s biological father was assassinated by two middle-aged guys on the 23rd of July, 1993 on Lumberton, North Carolina. His body remained missing until the 3rd of August when a dead body was found in a swamp in Bennettsville, South Carolina. It was not yet known who the dead body was and just was identified to be James R. Jordan Sr. on the 13th of August. It was just actually "a random act of violence" when James R. Jordan was driving home to Charlotte from a visit to a friend’s funeral when he decided to stop for awhile to take a short rest. Then the two killers who just planned of robbing a tourist from a nearby motel but failed to do so because of some instances saw Jordan Sr’s car parked along the road and saw a man sleeping on the wheel of the car, and instantly in a blink of an eye saw a chance to steal the car. Daniel Green and Larry Martin Demery (the murderers) had only plans of stealing from the driver of the car, just tie him up and just leave him there on the road. But the plans did not push through as Green was panicking when Jordan started to wake up; Green shot Jordan in the chest without hesitation at all.

The funny thing is, the two killers have no idea on who was their victim until they had searched for the things that they would steal. Both of them are also surprised when they realized that it was Michael Jordan’s father James R. Jordan Sr. whom they killed. After realizing who the dead body was, the two murderers considered the fact of dissolving the body in a waste-treatment plant, but they were not able to get inside so they decided instead of dumping the body in a swamp. The cause of the speedy capture was because of the victim’s mobile that was used several times by the two murderers and other things that were stolen from MJ’s father. Green and Demery were convicted of murder and received life sentenced imprisonment but this seemed not enough for MJ as his father was his closest buddy on his entire life. His dad was cremated and buried on the 15th of August 1993.

Playing Basketball

7. Michael Jordan and His Gambling Hobby!

There are so many stories that lingered some of the most famous celebrities around the globe which regards the involvement of gambling in their lives. Many of them accepted the fact that they needed rehabilitation with the help of the professionals and there are also some who are in denials and reasoned that it is only entertainment for them. One of these very popular celebrities is said to be one of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. There are few stories about this basketball icon about gambling and some of them occurred in a slight situation, meaning it was done just for fun but still there is money involved.

8. Just for fun!

One minor incident happened when MJ put a wager against his co-team mates on who’s luggage would come out first on the luggage trail on the airport, poor players accepted the challenge and put their own money not knowing that MJ had set up everything and already talked to the maintenance guy to arranged the luggage’s on his favor. Of course, MJ collected his winnings as expected but this is just a slight serious joke for him. During that time, what he won from his co-players are just pennies as compared to his payout from playing basketball. True indeed that MJ loves to gamble and he strategize when playing, just like when he is inside the court, he usually sees to it that he has the advantage against his opponents. But unlike another basketball player Larry Bird who also won some amount in a shooting contest in a practice before the actual game, MJ is quite careless sometimes when it comes to gambling.

Michael Jordan Conversation/Interview Part 1


9. Is MJ Over Confident or Just Want to Waste Money?

There is a report that Michael Jordan paid 300,000 US Dollars for the payment of his seven digit depth after he lost in a challenge to someone who authored a book about the game they compete. The thing is, he knew that his opponent is not only a professional player of the game they compete but also an expert. In fact, he is the author of the book that mainly tackled the sport they played, Golf. Jordan is the “Airness” of the game basketball in which he undoubtedly excel, it is also a common knowledge that no one from the basketball world would take a challenge against MJ to compete in the basketball court of course unless someone as good as him. The point is, not because you are good in a sport from which you always outstood competitors do not mean that you are good in all sports that you know how to play. Probably MJ really knew that he would lose the contest and just want to prove that he could afford to spend money for nothing, or he just wanted to have a quality time with someone his level on the other part of the sports world. Or maybe he just wanted another fun without realizing that the collateral damage is not just a small amount.

10. Is it a Conspiracy Theory?

For all of the basketball enthusiasts who really exerted effort and consumed time to follow updates on basketball, three time retirement of Michael Jordan was no confidential, it is as open book as any other celebrities who had a name to be remembered. During his first retirement, he was a Chicago Bull member; in fact he’s not just an ordinary player but always a highest pointer. The Bulls had their three consecutive NBA final championship trophies during that time and so as Michael Jordan had his three consecutive NBA final MVP awards. No question at all with that as everybody saw what they did particularly Jordan to attain that success. What’s next? Boom! It followed by his announcement of his first retirement. He lost his desire to play basketball as he claimed. In the peak of his basketball career, he lost his passion? Of course, many had raised their eyebrows and showed their wrinkles on Jordan’s decision. But no one of course have the right to question him, besides, it is his decision, it is his own life. But then again, he is a celebrity, a public figure. It is his social responsibility to let his fans know what the real scores are. Did he really retire? Or was he suspended? Many speculations arise when some of his gambling problems were identified. Conspiracy theorists unified evidences to prove their allegations that Michael Jordan did not retire, instead he was suspended. Examples of which are the checks that Michael Jordan signed to pay his gambling debts. By the way, gambling is one of the most strictly prohibited which was included in the NBA rules. Another is his presence in Atlantic City Casino right before one of his biggest game in NBA. But the NBA commissioner would have to cover him up to retain his reputation as an NBA superstar. But whether this s a conspiracy theory or not, what the basketball enthusiasts like on him is not his personal characteristics attributes but his empowering basketball talents.

Michael Jordan Conversation/Interview Part 2


11. A Series of Retirements!

The murder of James R. Jordan, the father of the former professional basketball player Michael Jordan was one of the reason why the latter decided to call it quit for the first time. Jordan proclaimed his basketball career retirement on the sixth of October 1993. So much stress caused by the murder and tiredness on the preparation and efforts due to the “dream team” representation in the Olympics are just those reason why Jordan had decided to retire. Jordan’s decision made a tremendous buzz not only in the world of sports but even outside sports. Contemporaneous to his announcement of retirement, his equally popular jersey number 23 had also been retired and was given an honorary ceremony on the first of November 1994. A sculptured statue known to be called as “The Spirit” was built outside the new United Center in honor to Jordan’s number 23 jersey. After more than a year of resting from basketball, Michael Jordan is set to rule once more inside the basketball court via the 1994-1995 NBA seasons. He was backed in Chicago Bulls on March 18, 1995. Although Jordan had no much basketball practice by more than a year, his performance was very recognizable; in fact he was able to render his signature long jump shot making Chicago Bulls won over the opposing team. Michael Jordan had his second three consecutive NBA finals MVP awards during the 1996 NBA seasons, 1997 NBA seasons and his final NBA Final MVP award was granted to him on 1998 NBA season. On the 13th of January 1999, Jordan decided to retire again for the second time. And this is probably but not confirmed because of the swapping and the rigodon happened on the NBA, which is actually sometimes required especially during NBA draft, some Bulls players express their desire to transfer to another team, some are required to be part of the other team and Jordan thought that his tenure in basketball is already enough. He believed during that time that he already had exerted enough effort in NBA in particular and in the world of basketball in general. That is why he came up to another retirement plans.

Michael Jordan's Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech


But this second retirement he announced did not last long. Basketball runs through his veins and it is in his blood to be a champion. Despite of his second retirement, he again enters the world of basketball but this time, not as a player but as one of the proprietors and Washington Wizards’ President of the Basketball Operations. His tasks being the head of the operations department were very broad. He was the one who would decide when it comes to operational matters including the selection of players to compose his managed NBA team Washington Wizard. But playing is his craft and all of the basketball enthusiasts especially his fans are waiting for Jordan to change his mind again and play. And on the mid year of 2001 Jordan showed the world of basketball that he like to be back playing again but not with the Bulls; instead he wanted to play as part of his new team Washington Wizards. And this time, his salary as a player would be donated to the victims of the “Twin Tower” bombing. He had his play with his new team but unlike his previous game performances, it seemed that he himself was not satisfied though he still managed to play well in the game. He often blamed his co-team mates on the result of the game especially the number one draft pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, Kwame Brown who was traded right after a few more games. Despite of unsatisfactory but tolerable performances, Jordan was given a tribute due to his contributions in the history of NBA. And after his last game that was held in Philadelphia, he retired again and this time, according to him would be final.

12. Jordan’s Final NBA Game!

On the sixteenth of April 2003, the final NBA game that Jordan had played was on First Union Center in Philadelphia. On the latter stage of the third quarter of the game, from which Jordan had only scored 13 points, he stopped playing and stayed on the bench. But the crowds are shouting for him to come back on the court to play on the start of the fourth quarter. With the combination of his coach encouragement plus the requests of the crowds, Jordan did enter the court to play in nearly for the last two minutes of the game. he did a free throw then and after that, a stopping time has to begin again for him to go back to the bench but before he was able to do that, Michael Jordan was honored by everybody inside the arena by giving him a three minute standing ovation not only by his team mates but also from the opposing team and from all of the crowds that are watching the game.

Michael Jordan - Best Basketball Player EVER!
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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