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The Manny Pacquiao & Timothy Bradley Fight 2

Peeping to their first bout!

It was on the 9th of June 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas Nevada when two of the most popular boxer of the world faced each other. It was 115-113 for Bradley, 115-113 for Pacquiao and another 115-113 for Bradley, giving the latter the championship belt. Though there were a controversy arise because of that decision, in fact, boos and negative comments rained on the arena during that time, the decision was not revoked and the announcement seemed to be final. For many of the boxing enthusiasts Pacman really deserved more the belt as he throws 751 punches with 253 hitting Bradley, while on the other hand, Bradley throws 839 punches but had hit Pacman for only 159.

Almost 100% of the audience including those who belong to Bradley’s camp believed that Pacquiao did more than too much to defeat his opponent. But sadly, the two judges do not belong to the audience. It is even believed that Pacquiao got 11 rounds out of twelve while others believed that he won all the rounds of the fights. But as the judges saw the fight in a different angle, even Bradley himself accepted and quoted that he did his best to defeat Pacquiao but he just couldn’t. Also Pacquiao’s opponent’s manager acclaimed that he scored the fight 8 rounds in favor of Pacquiao and 4 rounds for Bradley but denies the allegation that he mentioned that during after the controversy had arisen.

This fight was actually included on the list of controversial decisions that had made through boxing matches. This had also made many of the boxing fans not to rely on the decisions of the judges and not to believe on them anymore. These sentiments are thrown through social media such as Facebook and the likes.

How these two fighters view their upcoming fight?

  • Timothy Bradley;
    Despite of the controversies and doubtful decisions that matter with his last bout with Manny Pacquiao, he still believed that he truly deserved to win their last fight. And he said yes for a rematch to dedicate the bout for the fans. As he already had a win over Pacman, the rematch would just be for a show for the people, it is what he believed. He confidently looking forward together with his camp with this opportunity to finish all the doubts that lingered during their last fight, he had to prove that he was and indeed a better fighter than Pacman. With his eagerness to erase those peculiarity in the mind of many boxing fans, Bradley would turn the world outside down in defeating Pacquiao with a fair decisions.
    But his confidence can really build a foundation to strive more and practice more before facing again Pacman for the second time. In fact, after his controversial win during their first fight, he had beaten a new faced but fast paced popular “Siberian Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov and to add some more boost to his confidence, he also had defeated the long time rival of his incoming opponent the “El Presidente” Juan Manuel Marquez who happened to be the one who just concluded that he (Marquez) was a better fighter that Pacquiao (at least it was what he believed).
    Some boxing analyst previewed with their first fight as a steppingstone to Bradley to demand more increase on his pay. This is also his chance of facing a lot better boxer to face off.
  • Manny Pacquiao;
    Pacquiao’s camp made a listing on which ever his opponent on his next bout, and one from the last two boxers on the list would be the one that had been defeated by Bradley the “Siberian Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov. This is the very reason why his camp chosen Bradley again for a rematch instead of Provodnikov as they believed that Bradley is a better boxer as compared to another one. Unlike on his first fight with Bradley, Manny Pacquiao believed now that it was even between him and Bradley, meaning when it comes to popularity, vulnerability and capabilities as a boxer are just parallel enough after he had overcome the losing streak of two consecutive bouts by winning a fight against Brandon Rios and Bradley after winning two fights against Provodnikov and more importantly by defeating Juan Manuel Marquez. And despite that many boxing enthusiasts strongly believed that
    Pacquiao was robbed a boxing championship belt, he still believed in the conviction of his opponent to be. But of course, not more than enough to beat him as he always say that the only way of defeating him by Bradley is to knock him down and his plan is to be the aggressor on their next fight. Actually, Pacman was tagged as the fighter who cannot finish an opponent by a knockout, as he was implying that he is still nice to his opponent but this coming fight with Bradley for the second time would be different. With his two consecutive losing bout against Marquez and Bradley, it was not actually enough for Pacman to regain his credibility after just defeating Rios. He has to prove something more and needs more back up to rebuilt his reputation as one of the legends in the world of boxing.
  • April 12, 2014 Las Vegas Nevada;
    Yes, it was Pacquiao who got a tremendous sympathy over Bradley during their last bout, but after all the consequences for about two years, Pacquiao regaining his place in the world of boxing by defeating Rios and Bradley after winning fights against Ruslan Provodnikov and Juan Manuel Marquez, both the boxers are now parallel coming in to their rematch on April 12, 2014 at the MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas Nevada. And both of them are looking forward to bringing home the bacon with Pacquiao is craving to re-snatch the WBO welterweight belt and Bradley to finished all the doubts that lingered during their first fight.
    Their incoming fight is now actually the talk of the town since the start of the press releases and press conference to disseminate details and schedules regarding the rematch. Many bookmakers and sports book website are now preparing their different promotions to garner more bettors for the incoming boxing event. There are even sports book that tagged this rematch as “even-money” fight as both the fighters are on their form and had the chance of winning the fight. Many are still on the side of Manny Pacquiao specially those who had watched the first fight between the two.
    In fact, there are bets that favor Pacquiao and gave him 2:1 ratio and listing Pacquiao with -160, some enlists him as -170 and some are giving him -180, meaning punters would risk their $160, $170 or $180 just to win $100. These websites in contradiction to the rate of Pacquiao that they had given, they enlist Bradley with +160, +170 or +180, this means that punters would just risk their $100 to win $160, $170 or $180.
    But as part of the social responsibility of , we are not just convincing the punters to put their bets on the odds that many different sports book are offering. We are reiterating that punters should always make a thorough analysis on the factors of considerations before making a bet. It is also important for the punters to choose sports book website under for the assurance of fairness and its unparalleled credibility when it comes to odds offering.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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