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Manny Pacquiao: The Life of a Boxer!

Boxing; described as the most challenging struggle of life, the most physical game in the dictionary of sports. The winners in boxing are set to start another life. This is why most of the young men who engaged into this kind of risk are mostly from the poor families. Many of them have no choice than to make boxing their means to survive, but there are few who also are inclined to this sport because of principle and eagerness to provide for themselves and especially there are few also who had changed their lives for the better just because of boxing.

A symbolic drawing of a boxer.

Boxing is also one of the oldest forms of sports even before 4000 BC. This is very popular in Greek and Roman mythology. Modern heroes of boxing include Muhammad Ali of Kentucky United States, Rocky Marciano of Massachusetts of United States who is said to be the only heavyweight champion without loss to his boxing career. And many more like Jack Johnson, Mickey Walker, Joe Louis, and Benny Leonard who had stood out among the rest and brought their respective country a lot of honors.

1. Once there was a dreamer!

Once there was a kid from an isolated province who dreamt of simple things, just going to school regularly, having a regular three meal a day and just wishing to be together with his family. These simple wishes happen to be so difficult for some of the people who are in the state of poverty just like the one who would be the sole subject of this article,

2. Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao - Born on the 17th of the 12th month 1978 in Bukidnon Philippines, he came from a broken family who belongs to the lower class of society when it comes to poverty. He completed his primary school at Saavedra Saway Elementary School in General Santos City but was not able to finish his high school due to lack of financial source of his family. His mother Dionisia runs a small sari-sari-store to provide necessity for her six children from which two of them are from her previous marriage.
Pacquiao’s mother wishes him to become the person of God as a priest but he already knew that his mother would not be able to provide for this dream; even his eagerness to sell “pandesal” (local bread) on the street could never be enough for the supplement of his schooling. This is where he thought that the only chance of surviving life and to provide support for the family is nothing but boxing. As he already believed that being the person of the people would just be liked being the person of God. And pursuing to become a priest is quite impossible with their situation in life.


Also because of poverty, he separated from his family when he was fourteen and decided to leave the province to try luck in the City of Manila. At first, life in the city is quite tough for Pacquiao as he stayed on the street for quite some time. Owning nothing except for his clothes and his pair of slippers, he even did not own a pair of shoes.

Again, this is not an obstacle for any dreamer who has set his mind to conquer, survive and reach whatever his dream was. He stayed strong and poverty for him is nothing but inspiration. The more he felt hunger, the more he wanted to live on.

3. The first boxing mentor!

During his time in GenSan or General Santos Philippines, there was an amateur boxing player from the Philippines by the name Abner Cordero who has made a name in boxing ever since he was able to be included on the national boxing team. His trainer was his father, Dizon Cordero. After Manny Pacquiao had watched Cordero on his fight, he approached Dizon Cordero to train him and make him one of his protégé, as Dizon saw the eagerness to Pacquiao’s eyes, he did not have a second thought of making him his trainee just like his son.


After a month of training, the trainer decided to bring the amateur boxer in Saranggani province for his very first fight. Not only him (the trainer) but all the audience of that particular event were mesmerized by how Manny Pacquiao handled the fight, he outwitted his opponent during the first round. Manny Pacquiao had his first 30 fights under his coach trainer Dizon Cordero without having lost, not even once.

4. Pacquiao’s early life in Manila!

Manny decided to leave the province and tried to take the risk and challenge of life in Manila from which he experience more struggle and a lot of obstacle, he even had his meal only once a day. He was able to work in a crap metal small company from which he earns 160 pesos a day (Less than 5 Pounds). By this time, he was able to feed himself regularly and can afford to send letters to his mother back in the province. Until one time, someone approached him to try boxing in an amateur boxing competition “Blow by Blow”. And his history in boxing begins…he was able to survive 64 amateur fights from which he won 60 times.

5. As Professional Boxer!

- The first televised fight;

After his debut at light flyweight, two more fights had been won by Pacquiao and he is set to have his very first fight that would be shown on national television. At this time, Pacquiao even send a letter to his mother Dionisia back way in the province and invited her to watch his fight on the TV. Unfortunately, his mother has no television yet and has to travel to the next town to watch his son fight on TV. On July 1995, Pacquiao defeated Dele Decierto of the Philippines in Mandaluyong City Philippines and this is served as his debut in Blow by Blow first fight shown in television.


6. The first fall;

Manny Pacquiao won 11 consecutive fights from January 1995 to January 1996; he was an instant star boxer of the late night show “Blow by Blow” when he defeated Edmund Ignacio on January 1995 also from the Philippines. This fight was his professional boxing debut for light flyweight division. Though his 12th fight nearly shock the boxing arena as he was beaten by knock out by his opponent also from the Philippines Rustico Torrecampo. It turned out that Pacquiao’s weight was one pound over the specified and required weight because of his heavier gloves, he was penalized due to this and loss the fight. The boxing experts realized the fact that this incident was a disadvantage for Pacquiao.

7. The first flyweight title!

Manny Pacquiao’s fall from his fight with Torrecampo did not make it to be his burden; in fact this made him stronger and learns more the different strategies in fighting on the cubicle ring. His succeeding bouts would be the proof that he even strived harder and unstoppable. 15 consecutive wins passed and he decided to level up and step upward. It is time to hold a flyweight title. This would also be Pacquiao’s first fight outside the Philippines as he would snatch OPBF or the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation’s title from Chokchai Chockvivat of Thailand. Held at Korakuen Hall, in Tokyo, Japan on June 1997, Pacquiao knocked-out his opponent before a single minute ends up the fifth round. This fight is even longer than what the expectators expects from the boxing champion Manny Pacquiao because it was his habit to finish his fights unexpectedly sooner. And still of course the OPBF title holder for the time is the Philippine boxing champion and he is about to conquer another level up on his boxing career as he began to prepare for his very first boxing world title.


8. The first world title;

After two non-title lightweight bout against Melvin Magramo of the Philippines on September 1997 and Shin Terao of Japan on May 1998 and after defending his OPBF Flyweight title against Panomdej Ohyuthanakorn of Thailand on December 1997, Manny Pacquiao was able to snatched Lineal Championship tile (tagged as the "true" world champion and internationally known to be the best on its division) and WBC Flyweight titles (World Boxing Council) from Chatchai Sasakul of Thailand on December 1998 which was held at the latter’s hometown. As per the champion, there is no sweetest thing ever than to hold his first world title belt. After this, he had a non-title super flyweight bout on February 1999 against Todd Makelim of Australia and defended his Lineal Championship and WBC titles from Gabriel Mira of Mexico on April 1999. This is followed by a fight trying to defend the title for the second time, unfortunately lost the Lineal titles to Medgoen Singsurat of Thailand on September 1999. This is Manny Pacquiao’s second lost on his 28 professional boxing fights giving him a standing of 26-2. Again for him, this is just another break through on his boxing career as he considers this as another challenge to survive and to continue learning from his previous mistakes, besides boxing is just like a wheel, for him sometimes you are above others and sometimes the other way around.

A Video Tribute to PacMan


9. Super Bantamweight Titles;

Instead of regaining what he lost, Manny Pacquiao decided to pursue another world title and he was able to win it over Reynante Jamili of the Philippines on December 1999. He got his first WBC International Super Bantamweight title and was able to defend the belt for five times from different boxing warriors of different nations from December 1999 to April 2001. On June 2001, Pacquiao won another world title from IBF or International Boxing Council Super Bantamweight Division against South African defender Lehlohonolo Ledwaba and was able to defend the title several times also from different boxers from different countries.

10. The first draw in a fight;

In his one of his bout to defend IBF Super Bantamweight belt, Manny Pacquiao was able to retain his title via draw fight against Agapito Sanchez of the Dominican Republic on November 2001 in San Francisco California. For the WBC Super Bantamweight title, the game was forcibly stopped due to the head butt who accidentally wounded Pacquiao’s eye. This gave the Philippine boxing champion Manny Pacquiao a standing of 33-2-1, 33 wins, 2 lost and 1 draw. He’s got his second draw fight against Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico on March 2004 and his third loss from Erik Morales also of Mexico on March 2005.

11. Amazing 15 Consecutive wins follows;

After the sensational draw against Marquez and the loss against Morales, Manny Pacquiao was able to regain his title from these two Mexican boxers and was able to defend himself from other Mexican boxers such as Hector Velasquez, Oscar Larios, Jorge Solis and Marco Barrera, aside from series of fights against Morales and Marquez. After several A boxer has just won.fights and victories against those Mexican boxers, Pacquiao was nicknamed “The Mexicutioner”.

This was followed by fights from boxers of different nations such as United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Ghana Africa. These fifteen consecutive wins made Pacquiao defend his titles and won several titles from different divisions and this includes WBC International Super Featherweight title, WBC and the Ring Super Featherweight title, WBO and WBC Diamond Welterweight title, WBO Light Middleweight title, WBO Welterweight title, and WBC Light Middleweight title.

This made him Octuple Champion or the first and the only boxer in the world in the history of boxing who has won world title in eight different weight divisions.

His ranking after this 15 consecutive wins was 54-3-2 which means 54 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws and of course still counting.

12. The start of a new beginning;

As promised to his mainland and to wife Jinkee Pacquiao and to his four children, Jimuel, Michael, Princess, and Queenie, Manny Pacquiao would continue striving and moving on to their lives. Whether it is from the boxing world, in showbiz (he is also an actor and a product endorser) or whether continue his public service objective as he is now the Saranggani Province Philippine’s Congressman and the Chairman of his own Political Party “People’s Champ Movement”, he would still be visible to his many endeavors. In fact, he would be having his next fight on November 2013 first time in Macau, he would fight in the boxing ring for a non-title welterweight bout against Brandon Rios of the United States. And upon writing this biography, we heard that he would be included in the upcoming Hollywood film “Brass Knuckles” with Rob Schneider this coming 2014. On this film, he would portray as leader of the gangster together with other different fighters of the world.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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