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The Life Story of a Gambling Addict!

1. Our Social Responsibility!

It is very important for us working at, that we do not only show the players the best online gambling sites to choose from with integrity, honor and reputation to hold back in doing nasty things that would never benefit the players.

Customer is our number one concern and would always be the first in our line of priority. As we believed that if not through our customers, we would never reach our target and we would never be on our place now. Of course we only listed the best among the best of online casinos to play with our assurance of fair and honest process of the games, but still we do not encourage people to gamble so much and we always remind them that everything that is too much is bad. Again, playing is just for fun, entertainment and a break to free stresses and problems.

As part of our mission and vision and to corresponds with our social responsibilities not only to the staff and management of, but also most importantly for the welfare of those who just wanted an outlet of fun and entertainment, the players.

We had already discussed how to manage time and its importance for every individual not to waste important and necessary activities just because of the lack of time. It is important to know when is the time to spend for oneself, time to spend with the family and so on and so forth.

We also had presented the process of managing money, how it would be affected by out of control spending, on how to lessen expenses especially to those immaterial and unnecessary items. One of the most important lecture that, had presented would be the idea of giving the players warnings and reminders that addiction to gambling really exists and no one should ignore this problem to himself if experience because as how it was discussed previously, it would definitely waste your life. We also had reiterate that this would never be forever in you, if you are addicted to gambling, because there are ways, process and cure that will surely bring back the life you dreamt of once in your life time. This is if you are really willing to be helped and to be supported to change your destiny for the better.

As we also believed that no matter how hard they help you, if you are not eager to be changed, no one and nothing can really help you. In this accordance, the management and staff of, would really be appreciative to this someone who wholeheartedly given his story not just to publicize his life but to share the lesson of his life. He admitted that this would be very hard for him to tell me every detail because it would bring back the freshness of his wound which actually just healed not very long yet. He just requested the writer (of course it was me) not to mention his real name to protect his identity, his family and so is to protect the image of those with the same name.

2. His Life before Gambling!

He was born with the “golden spoon” in his mouth, from one of the most reputable hospital in the world. Even his birth time is already a matter of luck and probability. His doctor already declared that he has no life when he was born, but Golden spoonhis mother insisted to all of them that her child is breathing so she requested the doctor to put him in incubator to support his breathing. This incident of his life was already a gambling for his parents as they put all their wealth as a stake just to save his life.

Luckily to him, his parents belong to the rich portion of society, meaning he doesn’t need to work to earn money because he belongs to the rich family. He can get whatever he wanted. As a kid, he’s got the most innovated toys in town; he was able to wear most fashionable clothes usually rich kid can only afford. He went to the most expensive and exclusive schools in the country, though all of these were never wasted because he is actually a bright student, always graduated with flying colors.

He also was a sport enthusiast; in fact he was once a varsity player for volleyball. He was a very competitive person, he usually competes for something he was sure to win or to get even but failure is not his cup of tea neither on his vocabulary. He seldom make this opportunity as another game within the sport as he sometimes bet for his own stake and this is just for fun for him, just adding adventure and challenge to his endeavor.

A Graduate with his exam papersHe finished and completed Bachelor of Business Administration major in Advertising and Public Relations and took additional units for Hotel and Restaurant Management.

After school, he was able to build a business of his own, a catering services that usually target a higher class of market, aside from the business legacy that his parents achieved for the past years of hard work and intelligence. He’s got his own cars even before he got married to another wealthy fiancé. His two kids are going to exclusive schools also and can get whatever they needed.

He was never impractical when it comes to the things that he needed to buy for his family. He never usually buys things that are not necessary and has no essential value for the family. His family was actually an epitome of a good family. He is making sure that he spends time only for their business and for the family. His family is very thankful as he has no unnecessary activities. All his time was only for them.

His businesses became stronger and bigger, he has now restaurants to manage to practice his theoretical knowledge and convert it into practical application. And he would never fail as he is committed and hardworking. He has the eagerness to succeed and would never consider failure.

Again this is a matter of luck and probability for him as he put almost everything on his account for this new endeavor. But of course, no one knows whatever the consequence of this part of his life that would probably make or break his life.

Even him did not presume what would happen to this business, he’s just sure that this is what he wanted and he needs to pursue this.

3. How Gambling Came?

The first few months of the new restaurant did not work well. It would take more around three months to get even. Though it affects the general income of the family, he still can manage for the next couple of months as he is really willing to gamble all his resort for this dream business of him. He thought of a something that would help promote his restaurant and so he indulge the restaurant’s name to advertising and some promotional activities such as celebrity invitation and endorsements, public press conferences and TV programs sponsorships. This again another additional expenses for him from which his resources is about to be limited, but as he was so destined to continue this business, he needs to do something that would help him finance these advertising strategies.

A table in a restaurant

And so, while planning for the next move, someone invited him for a break just to sip a little wine and spend some time for fun, as per his friend, he can think well without all of those stresses and start planning to fund the marketing strategy for the restaurant. He really did not understand why instead of going to the bar where they can have some fun, they proceeded to a brick-walled casino from which is getting more popular and celebrating its introductory stage.

He felt so very peculiar when he started to see all the people who are enjoying every corner of the building. Every machine everywhere seemed to be so inviting, all the tables around are full of laughter and excitements and every human being seemed to be happy and contented. What he left for his bank account is just enough for their necessity at home, paying for his additional promotions for the restaurant is actually the problem, he was so hesitant if he would pay attention to the invitations as the crew and staff of the arena are quite aggressive in convincing probable clients to play. In between peculiarity and excitement, he found himself taking the challenge in one of the slot machines which happened to be his favorite fictitious character.

Slot Machines in play

At first, he is just watching the one who seated in front of the machine playing slot, then transferred to another machine to watch again until he was able to watch almost 10 machines before he decided to buy slot coins to play. All he wanted is to forget all the stress that accords with the restaurant and make a plan on how he could probably raise amount to fund what is needed to be done about the business. And impromptu, he thought that with his small amount on his pocket, by luck and luck and tremendous luck, he could raise and provide the amount he needed.

With his conviction to be lucky on that night, he really doesn’t understand if the management knew he was a first timer and eventually as he is enjoying the game, forgetting about the restaurant, forgetting about his objectives why he left home and take a break, even forgetting that he is only playing for fun and evade problems, he was not aware of the time during that night as the fun he is looking was found plus the opportunity to gain more funds is actually getting nearer.

4. The Taste of the first Victory!

Yes, his first attempt to play at the casino ends very well; he was able to bring home the amount more than ten times of the amount that he brought. By this, he was able to process all necessary things for the restaurant to get Money rain from gambling in a casino.advertised. More than that, his savings was doubled and he was able to buy gifts for his wife and two kids. By this consequence who would thought of not going back to the casino?

Considering the fact that what really happened inside the casino was as exciting as his first step to manage his own restaurant. He actually started by watching other players playing slot machines, then betting himself penny beginning with a very small stake. Enjoying himself and experiencing triumph with the winnings consecutively made him increase his bets slowly but surely he continues to beat the machine as what he perceived. Every time he loses a turn or two, he would transfer machine and continue playing. The fun and the excitement seemed to be very never ending and so his winnings increased tremendously. There are also times that he also tried another game but cannot win because he still needs to study and analyze the rules and regulations of the games, like he was able to join a table of poker, though he already knew how to play the game, he has no idea on the tricks and strategies that may corresponds to the game, so he just loses. But the amount lost for the game is just very small part of the amount that he won in slot machine.

He never won the jackpot yet on the slot machines but with the flow of his games like winning big prizes for about four times or even five times consecutively then loses one turn then win again for six consecutive times is like winning the jackpot prize. Again, who could ever think of not going back to play in a casino if this would always be the scenario?

His first visit in a land based casino was a success, he’s got the luck and he used this luck not only to entertain himself but to take advantage of the objectives of going in to a break which ended up in this situation. He was so thankful to his friend who brought him on the venue and he even gave a particular amount to his friend as a sign of appreciation. He went home with a promise to himself that he would be back and play again all the games he played.

Big win written together with the prize money.

He is already home with a good news to his wife but all his mind and attention are still on the casino and he is floating still with the pictures and visuals of the slot machines that gave him the opportunity to end his problem with the restaurant. Though his wife was not convinced that this is a good sign for them to put up with the business, and gambling according to her is not the solution and would never be of help to bring solution to any problem whether it is emotional, practical or even financial problems. But it is now here and the solutions to their problems are right in front of them already and he believed that it would never happen if not because of the games he played in a casino. In short, he believed that gambling helped them solved their problems, for now.

5. The Other Side of the Story!

  • “It's like gambling somehow. You go out for a night of drinking and you don't know where you’re going to end up the next day. It could work out good or it could be disastrous. It's like the throw of the dice.” Jim Morrison

His wife is not convinced about gambling as she herself had been victimized before by the addiction of such kind. She forced her husband to promise her not to be back to the casino because she believed and explained to her husband that it is only luck that gave him the chance to bring home triumph and luck would not always be on his side.

This promise seemed to be just a joke for him because although he released his pledge to his wife not to play again in a casino, his thinking and all his mind was already set for another schedule on when he would come back to the place where he really enjoyed and a plus factor on how he was helped to settle his problem. And for the very first time in the history of their marriage, he lied. He broke a promise and did not mind how his wife would be hurt by his nasty decisions. It happened already; he just got back to the casino and play and play and play. This time, he is very unfortunate because he did not win a single penny; he lost an amount with a portion on his payment for the advertising set to promote his restaurant. He went home that day with a hard feelings, aside from being very unlucky and wasting a lot of money, he can accept the fact that he lied to his wife just to face this unfortunate destiny. But again, he thought that it is because of the truth that this was his second visit to the casino, which is why luck did not favor him.

A man hunting his luck.

And so, he tried again with another day on the same venue of course without his wife knowing. But again, he lost another chance of spending his money on the right track instead of wasting it in gambling. He also had started to search for some casinos to try on as he really misses the excitement and fun during his first unintentional visit to the casino. He almost had visited every casinos in town and most of the time, he is spending amounts bigger that his earnings.

And this seemed not enough for him, after a day in a brick-walled casino; he also is registered to many online casinos that he would play with before the end of the day, usually before he go to bed. His wife already noticed the changes on her husband’s attitude, he has no longer time with them, he cannot have time for family bonding, though this is just fine with his wife and kids as they thought that this is just because of the business and pressures that the head of the family are encountering on their business. But it is not only the family that is affected, as more misunderstandings occur, between him and his wife, between him and his two kids, not only with the business, his relationships with his employees are getting ugly and bad, enough reason for the business to deteriorates its quality when it comes to service and sales. “Nothing” was always the word that he would answer to anyone who asked him what would be the problem; he cannot confess to them what is the problem even to his own family. He just always back out and walk away every time there is someone who confronts him. His wife suspects he has another relationship that her husband is cheating on her because she thought that this could only be the reason why she cannot received any response from her husband. She tried everything for her husband to tell her what could be the problem so she could help him but nope, no response at all.

Until the restaurant business was stopped, the venue was sold, but the money also disappeared, (of course because of gambling) without his wife’s knowledge. Because of pity to herself and to her kids, and for the reason that she can no longer stand with her husband, he was left by his family all alone. He cannot blame his wife for leaving him as up to now; his wife still has zero knowledge on what his problem is. Even his own family, his parents and siblings who happened to manage catering services also did not allow him to join and take charge of the business. He is all alone now.

But despite of all the bad things that are happening to him, it seems that all of those are just nothing for him, all he cares now is how he could play his favorite games on the casino whether it is online or live. He begun to borrow money from the banks, from any loan enterprise that would allow him borrow money, from his friends, his family’s friends and to some of his new acquaintance. Slowly and one by one, he started to sell his belongings, his cars; his jewelries, his gadgets like laptops and cell phones and even his branded clothing are sold.

And all of these are just because he wanted to try his luck again and get back all what he lost, but every time he would run after his loses, he lost more. And he has nothing left now, he is alone without anything. He started asking himself, why are this happening to him? What he had done to himself, but again the hunger for gambling is still there, every time he would have small amount on his pocket, he would run to his favorite casino and spend everything there in playing his favorite games. His health is also deteriorating; his body now is not as lively and strong as before and he can no longer work an ordinary job. He is actually suffering from a tremendous diabetic problem; his feet both on left and right side are swallowing.

His sense of sight is getting blurred and blinded slowly. He was actually requested by his siblings to come home and stay with them upon knowing his situations, but with conditions, he could not have any single money on his pocket, all the things he needed would be bought for him by them and not himself. He cannot also get out of the house without anyone from them accompanying him. And most especially, the best condition of them all is he would be treated to a rehabilitation center and attend some symposiums that would help him change himself for the better.

  • “I want people to understand, gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it's meant to be, which is fun and entertaining.” By Michael Jordan.

6. Lessons Learned!

  • “Another great evil arising from this desires to be thought rich; or rather, from the desire not to be thought poor, is the destructive thing which has been honored by the name of 'speculation'; but which ought to be called Gambling.” William Cobbett

He is living now from a miserable life with his friend because until now, he is not ready to face the challenge that he would encounter if he would accept the offer of one of his brother. And he doesn’t understand because he seemed contented now with his situation. He strongly believed that he could rehabilitate himself and change his life for the better even very slowly without the help of any professionals.

He is attending prayer meetings, he made himself busy with church activities and he always talk to his good friends for some advice and learning. He shared his story to help others realize what could be the difference between good, bad and worst things to do. He wanted us to be warned if we are thinking that gambling would be of help to escape miseries and problems, or if we already are lying to our love ones because of gambling.

These are just signs that we already encounter problems with gambling. If we are already setting aside necessary and basic expenses just to use the money for gambling or if we lost our self dignity in borrowing money to others just to gamble or if we just simply lost our appetite to work because of gambling, this could be a serious problem already and we need to seek help from others who are willing to listen and give us advice regarding the matter. Worst if we feel anxiety, so much depression and even thinking of finishing our own lives after spending days and a lot of hours gambling but not thinking of stopping to gamble, would be the greatest and most serious problem that needed to be treated as soon as possible.

  • "Last year people won more than one billion dollars playing poker. And casinos made twenty-seven billion just by being around those people."
    Samantha Bee
  • "I don't gamble, because winning a hundred dollars doesn't give me great pleasure. But losing a hundred dollars pisses me off."
    Alex Trebek
  • “No problem can ever be solved by another problem, gambling would never be a solution to any shortcomings that you may encounter, and so it was not treated as a cure to poverty. “
    Eli Catiis
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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