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The History of Boxing!

Boxing is considered as one of the most popular physical games in the world of sport. It is also tagged as one of the oldest among the sports known to humans. It is the game of strength, endurance, patience and wit.

Its popularity is more relevant to Europe and America during its beginning and suddenly spread its phenomenon to Asia, Africa and to other parts of the world. In fact, there are recorded data found that boxing is already visible in some parts of Africa during 4000BC. It is said that African warriors are fighting with their bare hands in exchange for A Boxer Punchingsome meat, for a place to stay and even to have a wife.

Just like in ancient Roman and Greek times where boxing is believed to be the sport for Gods. In ancient Greece, slavery is prevalent and huge; slaves would fight bare hands for their independence or to lever up their life status. But there are also free men during that time who loves to fight just to show what they have got and to prove their families specially their father that they are strong enough. And some free men also fight just for the spirit of sports. On 500AD, Emperor Augustus banned any form of fighting after the assassination of Julius Caesar as part of his “Pax Romana” or the Roman Peace.

Henry Fitz James, the "1st Duke of Albemarle” was the very first leader who held a boxing competition in 1861 in Britain. This is a fight between the butchers and the butler. For whatever his reason remained unclear but many of his colleagues are saying that the competition held was just for pure entertainment. This was followed by different competitions from different venues and lead by different officials.

Boxing became a relevant sport when an outline of the game was structured by Jack Boughtonis who happened also to be the “father of boxing”. The rules he created were based on his experiences while inside the ring fighting for the win. He accidentally killed one of his opponents during their fights and this made him so depressed because he really didn’t want any of his fights to end like that and so he was able to create rules and regulations of boxing to avoid accidents that would end one’s life.

Moreover, there is still relevant enhancement in boxing especially during its modern day times; a certain John Douglass had created new set of rules which happened to be considered as very useful to the boxing world. 12 set of rules were given by him and the most relevant is the 3 minute per round time and the use of the gloves. This was around the mid 1865. But these rules were not yet implemented until the Marques of Queensberry approved the new set of rules in 1866. The rules implemented include the prohibition of squeezing and scraping during the bout and the use of gloves were made more strictly.

In addition to that, there are also rules that the gloves that would be used for boxing should have the quality standard that they would approve. These rules were named after the Marques of Queensberry and was strictly executed especially the fact that the use of gloves had made compulsory though it seemed that so difficult to follow during that time because there are boxers who according to them were not comfortable wearing gloves during the bouts.

But because of the implementation of the rules which was turned to a law of boxing, the bare-fisted boxing slowly faded and became irrelevant. Some say it was also because of the boxer James Corbett who defeated his opponents John Sullivan on the ring who did use gloves during their bout. Boxing continued to shine and a lot of male individuals are getting more interested in becoming a boxer. In fact, during the early 19th century up to 20th century boxing was already included in the St. Louis game making boxers very popular not only to their local countries but also around the globe.

Another breakthrough in boxing was recorded in 1902 when Jack Marles invented a mouth piece to protect teeth during the bouts, but this was made only for rehearsals or practice until Ted Lewis still used it inside the ring while fighting. And so, it became popular and became talk of the town as some say it is not appropriate and some say it was a way of cheating but after a thorough analysis, it turned out that using a mouth piece to guard the mouth or the teeth is also necessary.

Since 1904, boxing has been featured every time a Summer Olympics game was held and it only allowed male boxers to compete until the 2012 Summer Olympic because female boxers are today welcome to join the boxing competition.

Boxing History

Nowadays, names that are making waves to the world of boxing include Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley, Ricky Hatton and a lot more along side with the previous boxing champions of the mid 19th century such as Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Willie Pep etc.

And the formation of boxing organizations that would guard the rules and would provide important factors in the games were increasingly formed such as NBA or the National Boxing Organizations, the WBC or the World Boxing Championship, IBF or the International Boxing Federation and the WBA or the World Boxing associations. These organizations are very active in promoting the sport boxing and helping boxers to develop their skills. Also they are the ones who categorized champions and the best among the rest. And these boxing organizations are keeping the sport safe and sound and yet boxing is still the most physical sport in the world and still one of the most popular sports up to date.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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