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Feng Shui - Talking about destiny and future.The Feng Shui of Gambling!

Feng Shui (Fung Soy) is a Chinese terminology that implies pseudo science regarding destiny and future of a particular circumstance. “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water or in deeper analogy would translate to “Heaven and Earth”.

Traditionally, during the old Chinese, Feng Shui was used as a basis of building designs such as tombs, Chinese mosque and other construction products. Time passes and it became so popular that even the westerns are following the Feng Shui laws especially when it comes to business matters.

Nowadays, Feng Shui is not only for building houses, not only for opening up a business and not only getting a lucky date to get married, it is also known in the gambling world as a lot of casino enthusiasts now follows the laws and considerations of Feng Shui.

As many believes that it’s the gambling enthusiasts that really rely on some beliefs and Feng Shuis because we all know that gambling involves “luck” 100% and this make those superstitious beliefs acceptable and understandable for the players to do everything they can just to enhance their chances of getting a good outcome in playing.

A lot of gamblers are now asking for sign whether they would start to play or continue to play the game at any casino for them to gather a sure win. There is some general luck that some considers before making a bet on any game in the casino and we would inform the readers regarding that terminologies that “they” say would help the players to increase the probability of bringing home the fortune that the game would award.

  1. Crossing a black cat in your way to a casino – crossing a path with a black cat on your way to a casino is actually a warning that you should stop or postpone your schedule of having a fun with any games on the casino. A black cat according to superstitious beliefs represents a bad luck which means no matter how encouraged you are before you set up your time to gamble would be pointless because you are about to lose in a game.
  2. No 13th Floor on the buildings - Many wonders why that almost 100% of the buildings have no thirteenth floor specially all the casinos built in Las Vegas that happens to be known as the gambling capital of the world due to the fact that number 13 is being believed as the unluckiest number.
  3. Guy using his brain to increase his luck at the casino tables.Beginner’s Luck – It is always believed that if the player is new to a casino and would play the casino game for the first time, would win the game and would bring home an extra prize. Probably, it is because the casino would want the player to return and comeback for another game.
  4. Color Coding Days – An ancient tradition involves wearing clothes in different colors per day or depends on what the person would do for a particular time. For instance, if you are going for your dream partner’s place to ask for her hand, you should wear orange but if you were to gamble and needs to go to a casino, you should wear red.
  5. Minding Your Horoscope – It is said to be good to follow what your star would tell you, for instance, your horoscope says that your lucky day for the week is Wednesday and you’re lucky number would be 7 and 8, you should consider this factors before deciding to visit your favorite casino or making a gambling in an online casino.
  6. Avoiding the casino front doors – Many believes that rubbing of shoulders to shoulders with the losers going out from the casino would transfer the bad luck, therefore many believes to rather use the entrance on the other side of the casino.
  7. Counting Money – this is also avoided at all cost because counting money from time to time while playing a game in a casino also an invitation to bad luck. Same with minding others money or chips or whatever at stake.
  8. Lucky Charms – There are things or objects that supposedly attract luck so they are usually brought by the players. Lucky charms such as horseshoes, feet of a rabbit, amulets, dragon hearts and many to mention are those valuable collection of a gambling enthusiasts.
  9. Carrying a Mojo Bag – Also believed by some as the Judas’ bag that if the gambler is carrying this, he would just have to collect and collect winnings. Mojo bag according to others represent unlimited cash.
  10. Lucky Water – Whisking a water or a holy water to the money that would be used for gambling enhances the chances of winning according gambling Feng Shui, just like blowing softly the cards or the dice that would be used would add the probability of getting what you wished for.
  11. A toe nail of any animal – carrying a toe nail of any animal as per the myth would bring good luck to the gamblers. This implies invincibility in defeating your foes on any selected games.
  12. A Four Leafed Clover – this symbolizes a penny or a coin, sometimes believed as the lucky chips for the players as the round shape formed in the four leafed.

There are also some particular myths or beliefs on a particular game such as in Poker, if you are not lucky in your seat, it would make you a better player if you would change seat or direction towards the dealer or better yet change the table.

In Craps, it is believed that if the dice handed to the new shooter is facing 7, it is not a good sign. It is also a bad luck for the shooter if the dice bounces off from the table. In Blackjack, many believe that counting the cards in your mind while the dealer is throwing it to the players would give you bigger chances of getting 21.

In Roulette games, kissing or blowing the dice before it would be thrown is lucky according to Feng Shui. In general, crossing your fingers before the final outcome of the game is just like praying to yourself to win.

  • Let us just reiterate that all the mentioned gambling Feng Shui is just myths and superstitious beliefs and up to this time have no scientific rationale to be supported. The fact and what we strongly believed is that the only factor that has a concrete effect on the game is just and would always be LUCK!
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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