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The Battle of All Battles: THE FIGHT

  • Mayweather "Money"- Alvarez "Canelo"

Just like the finals of the world famous Football League or the NBA, there is still one belong to the most profiting sports events in terms of ticket sales, in terms of popularity and in terms of attendees especially if the sportsmen involved are well known not only by their local nationality but by the whole globe. There are also many different enterprises that make the most of the event such as the betting industry and many online bookmaker websites. A lot of betting options are offered by different sports book that are operated around the world.

Mayweather fighting Alvarez

This event which would occur on September 14, of the current year 2013 in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand is the most anticipated and most interesting fight between the two great fighters in the world of boxing, the Mayweather - Alvarez fight. If you would take a snap on the curriculum vitae of the two world renowned boxers, you would just notice that both are very successful on their endeavor and both are destined to become champions. If you are a boxing betting enthusiast, you would probably be confused on whom you would be siding unless you are a die-hard fan of either one of the boxer but if you really are after the betting prize and not just a supporter, I highly suggest you must analyze first the consequences of this fight and at least know the background of the two great fighters so that you must have at least a clue on what side you should be spending off. And from this article, we truly hope that by giving you a sufficient idea on whom and how these boxers fight, you would be able to come up with a good decision. Of course what we would be able to feed you would not be the assurance on how the fight would end and who would emerge as the champion of this much anticipated bout.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.!

Known as the “King of Defense”, Mayweather’s defensive techniques which were taught by him by his father Mayweather Sr. and uncle Roger Mayweather is always his winning streak. With his amazing defensive choreography, Mayweather usually dances with his favorite style shoulder roll, a traditional boxing strategy from which his right fist is positioned with the usual height and sometimes higher, the other fist which is the left is positioned lower than usual level of waist height. His right shoulder is above level covering the chin and blocking possible punches that would target his cheek. While his right fist including the elbow would be used as it is to block jabs which would come from the opponent’s left hand and left hooks. This strategy helps Mayweather to block and avoid punches on both sides of the opponent by following his rhythmic choreography even the situation for him is already critical. These are probably the reason why he has not been defeated yet on his entire professional boxing career. And this is actually his time in the boxing world, meaning winning over him in a bout inside the ring is not yet about to happen.


Saúl Álvarez!

While Mayweather is confident enough to announce that on his 44 bouts on his professional boxing career, he has no loss at all ever since his professional boxing debut on 1996. Alvares can also be equally confident as he is also very conceited to show his professional boxing records of 42 wins, 1 draw and zero loss. Meaning, he is also an undefeated boxer and this coming fight with Mayweather would be his turning point of his career. On the 14th of September of 2013, this bout would be his make or break on his entire boxing career. Known for his speed and strength that pushes his every punch, he was destined also for another world title. His strategies inside the ring could equally parallel to Mayweather’s shoulder roll stance. And also, Alvarez was Mayweather’s first opponent whom the latter signed a contract to Showtime and to pick his opponent, (there is a report that Mayweather handpicked all his previous opponents that is why he reached the 44-0 boxing records). So therefore, it could be possible that Alvarez could be his biggest threat inside the ring.

The Forecast!

Again, Mayweather already had 44 career boxing wins and 26 from them are knock-outs while Alvarez already had 42 wins from where 30 of them are via knock-outs. Both of them are equally successful on their boxing careers and both of them are confident to defeat each opponent. Absolutely everyone is waiting for the two boxers to step in the ring and starts their dances and choreographies. From the two, knowing their styles and capabilities, Alvarez could be able to cast more punches and strikes as his speed is remarkably inducing and unparalleled but this is no longer the issue here as his opponent Mayweather is already ready for this kind of attack, the reason why he is called the king of defense. It is very important for Alvarez to make a punch that would hit Mayweather because this could be his winning streak but knowing also the American boxer would not allow this to happen. The latter could also be the emerging winner of this bout even without making a big punch to his opponent just like what happened to his last few fights, probably because of his defense mechanism but Alvarez for sure would have a fight plan for this as he knew his opponents already. And even that Mayweather had his fists landed on Alvarez’ skin, it could not be enough for a knock-out as Alvarez is also known for his strength unless of course he was hit on his weakness point such as on his jaw. For sure, Alvarez would not step into the ring without his fight plan with him, he knew that Mayweather is not easy to defeat but his preparedness could be his weapon. On the other hand, Mayweather also knew that a simple punch could not move Alvarez either couple or a number of small jabs couldn’t put Alvarez down. So if he is not complacent with the fight with his opponent, he would just have a fight plan also.

A Boxing Ring

Who are the favorite and the Underdog?

Mayweather emerged as the favorite among the two boxers on this fight but Alvarez’ own fans would not allow their idol not to be cheered equally during the fight. As mentioned earlier, this is the season for Mayweather and it seemed that his time has not ended yet though it was considered that Alvarez would be his greatest threat. And of course Alvarez is the underdog here as he has no bouts that are as big as Mayweather had. Nevertheless, this September 14 fight would be his biggest fight ever and if destiny favored him, this is going to be his greatest victory as he defeated one of the greatest boxer of all time but however if he lost the fight, he would not lose as big as Mayweather had to lose.

The Ending!

Though the differences between the two fighters are clearly defined, both parties are confident enough to defeat his opponent and their status on the fight already had been differentiated, the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saúl Álvarez on September 14, 2013 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is more likely to end after the 12th round leaving the decision to the judges, but if Mayweather could land hard punches against Alvarez during the early stage of the fight, this could change the course of the boxing match. And if Mayweather would just dance his choreographies till the end of twelfth round, Alvarez could have snatch the victory from him as would land more number of relevant punches.

Follow your Instinct!

Just like many other boxing enthusiasts, many say that it is going to be another Mayweather victory, if you had the same instinct, you can just follow it so that if the result would not favor you, you would never blame others but only yourself.

Expect the Unexpected!

But if you are not a fan of Mayweather and you belong to the group who wants to witness Mayweather’s first fall, you will just to convince yourself so that you can expect the unexpected.

Predict the fight with the help of magic bulb.


Of course we would not know what could happen during the fight, one thing for sure is that, this fight would be one of the best of 2013 and our prediction is still Mayweather wins over Alvarez via a Unanimous decision.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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