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Gambling quizTake a Break for a Quiz!

You would take this quiz as a very easy challenge if you are a Casino enthusiast and a regular casino player. But if you had just started the fun of taking the risk of winning an instant huge money or let’s just say that you had begin the fun, we strongly suggest that you should spend short time to read some of the very helpful articles on this website to avoid so much regret in the end.

After reading some of the articles, test yourself on how much you had learned from the articles you had read by answering some common and easy questions in accordance with casino matters.

Good Luck!

1. In Poker games, would “Quadra” or four of the same kind except four Aces beat a straight flush?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No
  • c. Yes and No
  • d. Depends

2. How many numbers can you find in a Bingo card?

  • a. 75
  • b. 24
  • c. 36
  • d. 42

3. You will win in a Roulette table if the ball landed whether on 1, 3, 5, 7, etc… if you put your bet on what option on the table?

  • a. Even
  • b. Odd
  • c. Black
  • d. Red

4. In Blackjack, what it is called when the total of the cards received from the dealer exceeds 21.

  • a. Bust
  • b. Hit
  • c. Stand
  • d. Split

5. The only poker game that is actually no other opponents aside from the machine is called.

  • a. Limit Hold’em
  • b. Tournament
  • c. VIP Club
  • d. Video Poker

6. In Baccarat game, what is the maximum numbers of card is to be dealt by the player?

  • a. 2
  • b. 3
  • c. 4
  • d. 5

7. What is the most probable dice roll result in a Craps game? It has the most number of dice combinations.

  • a. 5
  • b. 6
  • c. 7
  • d. 8

8. What kind of Crap’s bet you would need if the dice result combination is 2 or 12? Its payout is 30 times the amount of bet.

  • a. eleven
  • b. Ace deuce
  • c. Aces or Boxcars
  • d. Any seven

9. This game aims to get all your checkers back to your quadrant, and then had to remove from the board. What is the game called?

  • a. Slot
  • b. Bingo
  • c. Baccarats
  • d. Backgammon

10. What could have beaten a straight hand in a poker game?

  • a. Straight Flush
  • b. Full House
  • c. A Royal Flush
  • d. All of the above

11. What card is valued more than ten in a blackjack game?

  • a. Ace
  • b. Jack
  • c. Queen
  • d. King

12. The only game that cannot be played with a Live Dealer online is the game?

  • a. Craps
  • b. Blackjack
  • c. Baccarat
  • d. Roulette

The answers for above questions are just simple and easy. They are enlisted on another page. If there is any unclear question or it happens that the answer is not suitable for the question, please note that the writer is also human and also entitled for a mistake but generally, all are well researched and analyzed.

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Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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