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A: Sports Book Tips and Strategies for Soccer!

It is believed that this game is the most liked, most watched and most followed game in the world for the past decades now, Soccer is not only very popular with those sports enthusiasts, not only intriguingly a top rated on national Football Goaltelevision but the excitement has been extended to online betting.

Every result of the games could not be as exciting as ever specially when betting a certain portion of your asset is at stake. Online gambling on the other hand has already reached the mainstream when it comes to popularity and continuously eyeing for the main alternative for entertainment and past time.

And if you are a fanatic to this game and would want to be a part of the game without even going to the arena, online betting is also as enticing as sitting in a bench watching the game live. And so combining the two most enjoyable and pleasurable fun could be equaled to Soccer Book maker. Here is a simple and précised article on how betting in an online bookmaker that feature a soccer game would be much easier to understand and the probability of deciding much correctly would quite increase by any chance of luck.

First is selecting a game, many bookmakers are just offering a bet based on the size of their website in accordance with markets and how their operations are rating, while some bookmakers are basing their betting processes and procedures on their expertise.

There are offers of betting only on the major leagues but a high stake is preferred, very seldom on major leagues that require low budget odds but there is some.

There are also offers on small and big major leagues that never require a certain amount of odds, meaning, there is a variety of stake available.

The following are some of the major leagues that most bookmakers are offering, Champions League, FIFA World Cup, English Premiership, Spanish La Liga, Scottish premiership and a lot more. From these competitions, it is better to play betting games with your most favorite games ever, by this, although you have to lose your bet due to some unlucky and unavoidable circumstances, you still win because you really enjoyed the game to the max as the team you bet on is your favorite. But mentioned awhile ago, it is not only the major leagues that capture the interest of the punters, minor leagues are also on hand to be gamble with as lower level leagues are also being offered by some of the bookmakers. As a starter on this industry of betting, these small leagues are more favorable for you as a beginner player because the odds be likely to be more in favor of the players and also consider the fact that major leagues can be more dangerous for your assets specially if the game you are betting on is not quite 100% known to you, for instance, the qualities, the capabilities and the knowledge of every players on every team are so subjective for you to determine who would win or who would bring home the trophy.

B: Betting Tips:

A variety of betting options when it comes to soccer games are also offered by any bookmaker website, and each betting options differs in many ways as to how the players would want to play the betting games.

1. Fact - Betting which team would end up successful and declared as the winner or putting a bet that the team would lose to its opponent would be called “Standard Bets”. It also includes betting that the game would end up as draw or Betting tips from this football experttie, if this is the case, the players could refund their bets if ever there would be a winner on the game. So with the fact that if you bet on a certain team but the game would end up as draw, you can refund your bets.

Tips – before deciding for a standard bets, make sure you are very confident and so sure to what team would you be betting for. It is usually large amount that is at stake if it involves standard betting so it is better be good to know which among the betting options would be a “sure win”. You can check the history of both teams that would play, their performances, their team members etc….

2. Fact – Betting beforehand the game is scheduled is called “Future Betting”. Usually involves major leagues such as Champions’ League or the FIFA World League. Quite risky for the punters as all the details for both the teams are still yet unknown, and the odds offered by the operators are often high. So much excited punters could not wait a little time as they already take the challenge to bet for whatever team would play for the major league. The options are usually the home based team or the away teams.

Tips – Again, be aware of the history of all the games and try to assure what would be the teams playing for the incoming major league and then, from there, check the teams’ records and previous plays. It is believe that there are teams that are better in playing on their home court and there are also teams that play better away from their own land.

3. Fact – The most popular betting option is the “Exotic Bets” which a variety of style is offered from which a punter can put a stake on deciding the “correct full time score”, “correct half time score”, correct prediction on “what team would score first” or “what team would be the last scorer”. On this betting option, punters can also decide and put a bet whether the final score would be odd or even. Quite complicated for the beginners but surely adds excitement to the betting enthusiasts.

Tips – Exotic betting is not as easy as the two previous betting options but if you had a thorough knowledge on the team itself or on the members of the team such as replacements for injured players, suspended players or any missing players because those member of the team could be the star player or one of the most important player of the team. Be sure to be knowledgeable on the player that would replace those.

4. Fact – If the punters are allowed in betting for the half time score, it is called “Live Game” betting. Though the odds are quite smaller than those of other betting options, the probability for the punters to win is also quite favorable.

Tips – On live game betting, all you have to do is be observant of the of the movement of every players in a previous half time game and from there, you would be able to predict more often than not the correct result for the next half time result. Just be cautious because as we mentioned many times, soccer games are a game of unpredictability.

5. Fact - If the punters are allowed to bet which among the teams would win with an advantage, the betting option is called “Handicap” or the “Asian Handicap”. On this, punters cannot bet on a draw game as there is always a movement on this kind of betting option. If you put a bet on the leading team, they should win the game for you to win the odds. But if you put a bet on the underdog team with an advantage of half goal, they should win the game or at least tie with the other team for you to win the pot. On this kind of betting, the underdog team can also be given quarter goal or a full goal advantage.

Tips - On this, what you should check importantly is the capability of the teams that are playing and their motivation to win. How important is the game for them to win. Check how is the two teams differ from each other, how good the team as compared to the other team.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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