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Sports Betting in UK versus Sports Betting in US

Sports betting as we all know is becoming very popular nowadays because even to the most remote areas, it is going to be a habitual routinely past time for many players. But still the two of the most celebrated betting clients are those players from the United States and United Kingdom. These two are considered the biggest two in the betting world Main sport in sportsbetting in United Kingdom is footballindustry. However, despite of the common characteristics between the two, it is still important to know and understand the differences among the two sports betting giants. Why? If you are from UK and you are about to enter the world of sports betting in the US or vice versa, this article is for you.

It has nothing to do with the culture or how the citizens of two different natures have been bread, but for some effect, there is a quite difference on the interest of nature between the two jurisdictions when it comes to sports betting. Although nobody would definitely put a wager on their favorite team’s competitor, it is believed that for some reason, United Kingdom bettors are spikier or sharper than of those US bettors. This is absolutely not because of the American sports per se or not their culture for that matter because if measurement for the interest is at stake, it is just equal amount and parallel with each other.

One of the most noticeable dissimilar between the two nations are much on the games themselves, the attitude of the players for both citizens is exempted as characters or personality are very much impeccable and subjective. But the process of the games or how they are played takes a big role on defining the differences of the two. But first, let us take a look at their popularity, of course, popularity of the sports game between US and UK are very much different. In US, it is usually basketball, (just take for example NBA,) NBA is not just popular in US but in the whole world, while in UK it is undoubtedly soccer or football. Of course, betting would be different also in regards with the popularity of the game on each nation.

Let’s say for example the game Darts, which is one of the most popular in UK and so a lot of promotions run by the UK operators for sports book are at stake while in US, dart games could be very minimal when it comes to bettors. Another concrete sample is the game Soccer, in UK, there is a time set for the game to end, around 90 minutes, and no extra time would be given whatever the output score would be, meaning there is no possibility of having a tie. While in US is the reciprocal of this, tie is very much possible so overtime is required especially on the games basketball and football where the more important factor to win is the score, so the higher the score would be the winner and so there is no chance of having a draw.

The process of betting or the Odds is also considered a major difference between US and UK. It is called expressing the lines; “money line system” is usually the way for the US bettors. It is something about defining which among the two opponent team the underdog is and which among the two the favorite is. Represented by a negative or a positive sign, the negative symbol or the minus symbol would always represent the team with the edge or the favorite while the positive symbol represents the underdog team. In this process, the underdog team would be having a more enticing price than the favorite team. For instance, the player place a bet for the favorite team for $200 and he won, he would have $140 as prize, but if the player placed a bet for the underdog team, his $200 would become $240 if the team chosen won.

While in UK, the most commonly used in a price system is the process of “decimal”, much simpler and easier to calculate for the players. Let say for example the price is 50%, the player’s bet of $100 would become $150 if he won the betting contest.

But still what is more important for the sports betting players is the fact that before engaging to any of the sports betting game, it is most important to know and understand the rules not only of the games itself but more necessarily the procedure and any other factors of considerations of the sports betting games whether it is a UK operated bookmaker or a US based sport book website.

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