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Soccer & Psychology!

A psychologist taking notes.What is the relevance?

One of the most important factors in any success of the games especially soccer is said to be the coach. Aside from the players, the coach sets the strategies on how would they attack their opponents. He was the team’s brain while the players are the strength.

But that was before, the typical mentality that surrounds the game soccer. But all they (coach and players) know were just about the game and its rules for playing. There is someone who really making his way to the mainstream of the game soccer, and he is the sport psychologist.

Sports Psychologists are nowadays necessary for any of the team more importantly to the bigger sports club, some even employ them as a regular staff to be able for them to guarantee psychological aspects not only by each member of the team but also the team as a whole. This special employee, the sport psychologist would check the members’ confidence and mentality not only about the game but also their views and opinions about their opponents.

This would in any way help them make themselves mentally strong and fit. There are evidences that Psychology had a major part in setting up the players’ confidence and probably influence players to improve their strength and lessen their weaknesses.

In a soccer team for instance, psychologist can identify the teams’ members’ characteristics and connect them to each member so that clashing between them would not work.

He was also the one who is making the counseling for those team members that lost on their way in regards with self-esteem and commitment.

Is there Psychology in Soccer Sportsbetting?

Bookmaker has the world in their palm!

It is truly devastating if you really expected something that you will achieve but along the way is a hindrance. It is like betting in a soccer game, if everybody thinks that the favorite team is going to win and majority believes on that, the tendency is to put a higher stake for that team. This is the Human Mentality about Soccer, no more, no less. You as a punter would just find it so miserably frustrating if the game ended in a draw with no goal at all or even more painful if your favorite team was defeated by the underdog one. This scenario is actually not impossible to happen as there are already games from which the result is twisted and so very much unexpected. Many even say that the game is planted and scripted or fixed for that matter specially for those who lost the bet. But, the fact is there is no game that can be fixed specially from those international leagues and big clubs are involve as there is proof yet to justify a scripted game.

Symbols that all represents the fantastic game of soccer that we all love.

The Importance of Psychologist!

However, bookmaker operators are not new with this kind of scenario, in fact, they really knew how the twisted game happened and they also knew why it happened. If not, they were probably new in the business or would not last in the business as this was the most important factor why a bookmaker is still in this industry. Bookmaker is the one who facilitate the odds and maintain the market, and to be able to do such a thing, these bookmakers need to be supported and pushed by none other than a “Psychologist”. A sport psychologist in particular, who is very much knowledgeable in research works, knows something about statistics and probably has the idea how to analyze the game. This is the very reason why bookmakers already had a good view on how the match would turn even the game has not yet even started. And because of sports psychologist, bookmakers would also know which team would the punters place their bets even without knowing yet who will going to be the players for the match. And of course, b y knowing these facts, bookmakers could blow up the odds against the teams that are favored more by the punters because as discussed awhile ago, the punters are tended to place more stakes on the favorites although the odds are actually heaped against them, quite unfair but it is the reality. Isn’t wonderful? It is the job of the sports Psychologist. To be able to know better and help the bookmakers to keep the punters win from time to time but if all the stakes and other expenses of the punters are computed, it is still the operators who would gain.

The Blind Truth!

Have you as a punter ever realized that you also have the right to use a psychologist and discuss things about the games before placing a bet. It is not written unlawful anywhere in any constitution that only the bookmakers and other gambling operators can hire and seek advice and support from a professional in accordance with soccer betting.

This is actually the best ever tip that we can give you for now as this may be a big help for you to increase your winnings and enhance the probability of outnumbering your losses. As learning’s from these professionals would probably make you more confident in betting and this would definitely lead into making money from enjoying in placing a bet in soccer games.

There is a soccer player hidden inside all of us!
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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