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Poker Manipulators!

We already had discussed some techniques involved in cheating in poker, whether it is online or live. And the objective of that study is to be vigilant in observing the poker environment so as to avoid being cheated and to stop the possibility of manipulating the poker table by those who wanted to take advantage of the innocent and the unfair way of fighting for a poker victory.

But as we believe in the saying that “No hidden secret can be kept forever”, there are still people who violated the ethics of playing poker turning them to manipulate the poker table but unfortunately caught by any chance. Whatever their reasons for doing such things whether for a good cause or for personal reasons, the fact that they have done these bad things, they have not only disobey the rules of the poker house in particular but they also had breach the law and disrespect the authority.

Here are some individuals who had committed the crime of cheating and disrespecting the ethics of playing poker. Please be noted that whatever name would be on the following article could be or could not be convicted and proven to be cheating, but the mere fact that those names got their involvement in cheating once on their poker lifetime, it is decided to include and mention them as part of the subject.

Man controlling another man with his hand.

1. Cheating in live poker - Guilty or Not Guilty?

Ali Tekintamgac

Though his biography has not been famously discussed, this German Poker professional player created a scenario on the poker industry. Ali Tekintamgac of Germany was involved in a lot of news about Poker, from emerging as the A man has got caught.champion of the World Poker Tour Spanish Championship main event at the Gran Casino, Barcelona on 2010. This winnings has made him fourth highest chips holder on the incoming Partouche Poker Tour Grand Final which will be held at the Palms Beach Casino, Cannes along side of the shore of French Riviera.

But his seat on the season three PPT grand final has been taken from him because it was discovered that he was able to win this particular place on the grand finals through cheating. He was found guilty using unregistered journalist reporters and or bloggers to make a symbol or signs that only they understand. It is in this regard that the PPT grand finals will still hold its event without Tekintamgac, making the final nine become eight.

He again became the topic on the news and the subject on different social media when he was able to topple 2010 WPT Spanish Championship and became one of the finalists of the WPT Championship of 2011. His cheating scandal of 2010 made him even more famous and considered as a threat by the other finalists.

Due to the sensationalized 2010 PPT Grand final scandal, there are reports prior to that about the same incidents also happened during the 2009 Patouche Poker Tour. The report is via a video taken during the 2009 PPT final game and was posted in you tube by a certain Nordine Bouya. On the video was Cedric Rossi who happened to be the second placer of the said grand finals making signs and symbols with his accessory to the alleged cheating Paul Pierre Pasqualini.

As the official publishing department of WPT, Rossi and Pasqualini have their sign language as a symbol of something that they need to know. These signs include head-touching which is equivalent to ACE cards, forehead-touching that means one from them had a KING, eye-scratching that symbolizes QUEEN, nose-scratching for JACK, mouth-touching for TEN, neck-scratching for nine or eight and arm-holding which means that they have a pair with small value. But the fact that the video was released three years after the incident, I guess it has not brought to the authority and was not tried in any court.

Kadir Karabulut

Kadir Karabulut was the 8th placer in the CAPT Innsbruck No Limit Hold’em on 2008, 16th placer in EPT Monte Carlo - Season 6 No Limit Hold'em Bounty on 2010 and the champion in the Merit Poker Series Main Event - No Limit Hold'em on 2011. This Turkish professional poker player almost end his poker career when he was caught cheating during the event in Holland Casino Dom Classic on February of 2011.

Just like Tekintamgac, Karabulut also has accessories to his crime, the photographers and the media staff who are covering the event during that time. There are signs and symbols that only they understand, each signs corresponds each of the cards. The incident was first noticed by his co-players known to be Peter de Korver and seconded by the other players on the table. The players decided not continue the game until Karabulut is still in the game, so the organizers made a decision to disqualify him making the other players to continue the event.

2. Cheating in online poker

The above mentioned names are alleged cheaters of live poker, and there are also reports that even online poker was already invaded by the manipulators who improvised ways of doing so. Therefore, here are some names that got their involvement in the so immoral and unethical poker cheating.

  • JJProdigy
    JJProdigy was caught using multi accounts on Pokerstars and Partypoker websites and to some other online poker websites. The alleged cheater’s real name is Josh Fields and was only 16 years old, when he was caught.
  • Other manipulators
    Other manipulators who has the same case of using multi accounts are Nick Niergarth who uses gbmantis on Poker Stars and Full Tilt, Brian Townsend with the account sbrugby also on Full Tilt Poker pro and Poker Stars and Justin Bonomo also known as ZeeJustin on Poker Stars and Party Poker. While Chris Vaughn also known as BluffMagCV and Sorrel Mizzi also known as Imper1um were involved in account selling scandal with each other, The Potripper account who happened to be the account of Scott Tom and a certain Green were involved cheating in online poker by the use of a software that would enable them to see the cards of their opponents. Gbmantis and sbrugby are also both tagged as cheaters by collusion process.
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