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“Player of the Year Award” of the WSOP

Picture of an awardThe latest 5 awardees!

We already know that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) can be paralleled to the most famous sports event in the world which is “The Olympic Games”. It is the gambling version of the NBA Finals or the World Cup Soccer.

WSOP is always joined by numerous professional poker players from different nations from whom everyone is dreaming of becoming the emerged champion. This is because of the fact that the monetary prize could really change the players’ lives just in case of tremendous luck and a superb strategy.

But this is not the only thing that the players would want to achieve, aside from winning a place on the tournament; there is also a special award to be given to a poker player who garnered the highest points which is accumulated during the WSOP.

But not all the events are considered on this category like the Casino Employee Event, the event that features the seniors and the event that features all lady games. Scores garnered on these events cannot be counted to the accumulation of the points. This “Player of the Year Award” has been given only to the players of the WSOP in Las Vegas up until 2011 because WSOP Europe also has this kind of special award since then and just recently, WSOP Asia Pacific also recognized those players with the same criteria by giving this “Player of the Year Award”.

The following lists of awardees are all from the WSOP Las Vegas and solely played on the tournament on the same place, but due to the awardees phenomenal achievements, the article would also includes awardees’ winning streak from other poker competitions.


2008 - Erick Lindgren:

– An American professional player who was married to a fellow poker player Erica Schoenberg. He was the sole author of "World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table".

  • a) 2002 – Winner of Bellagio Tournament, winner of World Poker Tour, winner of Party Poker Million III Cruise.
  • b) 2005 – 2nd placer in the World Series of Poker Circuit Event, 5th placer in the World Poker Tournament LA Poker Classic and winner of the Professional Poker Tour tournament.
  • c) 2006 – One of the finalists on the 2006 WPT. 3rd placer of the 2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open and Champion of the Poker Pro Showdown event.
  • d) 2007 – Champion of the $100,000 buy-in Hold'em event of the Aussie Millions.
  • e) 2008 – Winner of World Series of Poker Bracelet in one of the major events. Recognized as the WSOP “Player of the Year Award” due to his 5 total cashes and wins $1,348,528.
  • f) 2013 – 2nd placer in World Poker Tournament Championship.

2009 – Jeff Lisandro:

- An Australian professional poker who is now residing at Italy. He is a cash game specialist, known to be the premier seven card stud player and tagged as the “chewing gum” man of the poker table.

  • a) 1997 – Lisandro won a seat on the final main event in the World Series of Poker Limit Hold’Em event.
  • b) 2004 – Winner of the grand prize $194,000 from limit hold'em heads-up tournament.
  • c) 2005 – Winner of the World Series of Poker Circuit Events over powering his Idol in Poker Howard Lederer.
  • d) 2006 – 17th Placer of the 2006 World Series of Poker main Event and got involved in an incident during the game.
  • e) 2007 – Winner of World Series of Poker Bracelet in the $2,000 Seven-Card Stud event and 2nd placer of the World Championship Pot limit hold’em event.
  • f) 2009 – Champion of the 2009 World Series of Poker Stud High Event, Champion of the WSOP Stud High-Low Event, and Champion of the WSOP Razz Event and recognized as the 2009 World Series of Poker “Player of the Year” Award.

2010 – Frank Kassela:

– An American professional poker player of Tennessee who now stayed in Las Vegas. He got WSOP earnings of up to $1,507,659 and total circuit earnings of up to $101,553.

  • a) 2005 – 4th placer of the World Series of Poker Pot Limit hold’em event 25 and 2nd placer of the WSOP Grand Casino Tunica Pot Limit Omaha.
  • b) 2006 – 6th placer of the World Series of Poker Circuit Event Lowball Triple Draw, and 7th placer of the WSOP Circuit Event Limit Hold’Em.
  • c) 2007 – 3rd placer of the World Series of Poker Circuit Event 16 Pot Limit Omaha with rebuys.
  • d) 2008 – 9th placer of the World Series of Poker Seven Card Razz event 26.
  • e) 2010 – Champion in the World Series of Poker Seven card Stud Hi-Low Split 8 or Better World Championship, Champion of the World Series of Poker Seven Card Razz and Awarded as the 2010 World Series of Poker “Player of the Year”.
  • f) 2011 – 13th placer of the World Series of Poker No Limit Hold’Em Shootout.
  • g) 2013 – 5th placer of the World Series of Poker Seven card Stud.

2011 – Ben Lamb:

– Though Lamb is known to be a Las Vegas constituent, his actual residence as per the WSOP profile account is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He used to be a dealer in a casino known as Hard Rock Casino where he learned something about poker strategy.

  • a) 2006 - Champion of the 2006 United States Poker Championship defeating 400 players with $60,000 as the prize pot money.
  • b) 2009 – 14th placer on the World Series of Poker in a 6494-player event.
  • c) 2010 – Champion of 2010 Spring Championship on Online Poker outlasting 4000 plus players in No Limit Hold’Em event. 5th placer in the World Series of Poker Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-low Split-8 or Better event.
  • d) 2011 – Champion of the World Series of Poker Pot Limit Omaha Championship Event 42, 2nd placer of the WSOP Pot Limit Omaha Event 31, 12th placer of the WSOP No Limit Hold'em / Six Handed Championship Event 46, 8th placer of the WSOP Poker Players Championship Event 55, Card Player Magazine’s choice for “Player of the Year” and he was also recognized as the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year Award recipient.

2012 – Greg Merson:

– An online shorthanded cash game professional from Toronto. He was addicted to illegal drugs but successfully overcame the addictions and luck started to chase him in the world of gambling.

  • a) 2009 – Winner of the World Series of Poker Main event. He placed 639th over 6,494 players.
  • b) 2010 – Winner of the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventures winning $75,000. 2nd placer in the 2010 Poker Stars Sunday Second Chance event.
  • c) 2012 – Winner of the WSOP Bracelet for Texas hold'em World Championship, 5th placer of the WSOP four-handed event, 24th placer of the WSOP six-handed event. Champion of the 2012 WSOP main event and tagged as the 2012 WSOP Player of the Year.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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