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Shocking Gambling Effects!

It is already believed and accepted that gambling is not a good hobby when it is over the limit, in fact everything that is too much is not healthy. Though gambling also sometimes has a good effect to the player, probably because very few had managed to changed their lives for the better, in effect of good fortune that had won in any gambling games.

There are also reports of gambling addiction which successfully cured or at least treated but uncured and ignored are also rampant. In many gambling addiction articles, many are already discussed about the consequences and effect of being a gambling addict such as work disturbance which lead to being jobless, family feud that usually leads to separation and abandonment, money laundering or other legal and criminal cases related to money and worst of all, if the gambling addict happens to be weak in facing troubles and problems, this could lead to murder or even worse suicide.

Tax comes from poor people

But above mentions are just self reflectors of this huge problem of gambling addiction, the problem become more disturbing if the effect spreads on any other human that surrounds the gambling addict. Unfortunately, national and local government are more focused on how much tax they are garnering from the gambling magnate forgetting the fact that the money they collected through tax from the casinos are really from the pocket, perspiration and own lives by the citizen under their own jurisdiction. Sometimes, the real effect was just ignored and the people who really contributed to the tax from the gambling enterprise had been forgotten, making them caused a more serious and indigenous problem such as crimes, prostitution, annulment or family problems and bankruptcies. What will this article show you are some of those unforgivable circumstances that may and had effect by the problem itself? Based on reality that had been collected via sensational news which gained the attention not only the local public servants but also even the national authorities. This is in a way good and advantageous as they know what is going on around them and by that, they would be able to make move on how would it be stopped and defeated.

  • Sometime in the late 2011, in Huntingdon Valley, in a car park outside Parx Casino, a six year old girl was discovered alone inside a locked car, this incident made the authority decide to file a charge against a 29-year-old man for child abandonment. The guy who abandoned this girl kid just to be inside a casino was arrested and jailed.
  • Same case occurred on the same week July 16 when a 39-year-old woman also from Abington was charged against the welfare and safety of children when she left 3 kids unattended on her car on the same place in Parx Casino’s parking lot. Though these three kids were left only for only less than 20 minutes, it is still not right to leave kids alone somewhere outside the casino.
  • And if you think that this just happened in Parx Casino, you are mistaken as there are many other incidents that occurred in many other casinos around the country.
  • In fact, sometime in November, three kids are found unattended inside their locked minivan in a parking lot of Rivers Casino in Pittsburg. A boy about ten year old, little boy about three years old and a baby girl of about ten months old are left behind by their parents inside their car while they enjoy playing their favorite games inside the casino. Reports reiterate that there have been the same occurrences at any gambling enterprise around the globe; worst case scenario includes several incidents where children have died. And the more brick-walled casinos built the more problems regarding child-abandonment would occur. That is the reality and nothing but the truth unless the authority would change the course and faith of the innocent victims.
Children in a car

Considering the fact that those recorded are just those that were noticed and caught, whoever do we think have the idea how many other children have been locked inside their cars unnoticed and had never been seen or even how many children are staying in their house with no one to look after them because the suppose to be guardian of the children are busy playing their favorite poker, or slot machines or baccarat or whatsoever games inside the casino.

There are reports that one of the operators of these casinos made a statement, blaming those people who left their kids on their car, according to him, it is their responsibility as an adult to take care of their kids and it is their decision to choose to play in a casino rather than looking after the children. This is so pathetic, if you are in any business that deals with public relations, be reminded that you also have social responsibility to know and understand that these people are out of their minds controlled and possessed by their gambling addiction. It is in this regard that you also need to do something to give back what you earned from the people that made your business profit. Be sure to know that no man or woman in their rightful mind would leave and abandon their kids unattended just to have their hunger in gambling be fed. Yes, given the fact that this is a responsibility of the gambler, to know what is right and wrong when it comes to taking their finances, taking their responsibilities as an adult to guard and protect their kids, but again this is not just an individual illness, this is actually a socially inclined sickness that do not require only a treatment, this needs a thorough analysis on how to avoid the problem in the first place because as the doctors always say, “prevention is always better than cure.” And yes, we agree and salute the authorities as they arrest those adults who abandon their kids for gambling, but what about the lawmakers who legalized the gambling and what about the operators who do not mind social responsibility to attend to those who have problems in gambling. Are we forgetting that they are also an “accessory to the crime?” Just asking………

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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