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Nothing Less Than Swimming!

When it comes to the fact of what sports are the most practiced and played in the world, why is it that swimming is always not on the list? Swimming is very much underrated both in popularity and awareness in the world of sports. One logical reason I can foresee is that, swimming is more fun and entertainment rather than sports in many minds especially to those people who are not sports minded. During family bonding, colleagues outing or even company team building, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is swimming.

Adding all the benefits of this sport not only to the physical aspect of the body but also to the sharpening of one’s mind, because swimming is like exercising many parts of your muscles and help prevents any sickness of the lungs and heart. Being the sport that has a very low danger practice, this also helps soothing your mind as it regulates different brain processes. Actually, when it comes to technical definition of the sports swimming, swimming is not the contest itself, the sports begin only when a competition is involved, and the competition is not actually just swimming per se but actually the racing. Meaning, swimming competition does not just know swimming because in competition, the thing that is to be measured is not how well you know swimming and not the gracefulness of your act while swimming but actually the speed.

Beautiful girl swimming in water.

As Times Gone By; The History!

The Earth is 75% water and there are reported 682 commercial beaches in the world, plus all the man-made resorts that are equally beautiful and refreshing as those natural made beaches.

Swimming at the beach and gold in your pockets - that´s life and a dream for most people.This was just facts and proofs that even after the creation biblically or the formulation scientifically of the earth, there are already signs of swimming. It is actually recorded since the times of pre-historic era. During the Stone Age, there are reported carvings that prove that there are signs of swimmers on Egypt. And these are not the only thing that tells anyone that during those early ages, there are also works of arts that depicted the subject of swimming all over the ancient world.

During those middle-ages times, the swimming popularity deteriorated as the government of a certain nation put it on law that swimming without any clothes for children became prohibited, but also during this time, the cases and situation of drowning increases.

This is the reason why a certain professor of language named Nicolas Wynman created a book that would definitely help people to avoid accidents in water specifically drowning. The book written by him became controversial as he mentioned in the book that humans actually swim better that fishes.

It was also this time that the very first club for swimming was establish by Japanese people and they enforce their school to teach swimming on grade school.

Swimming as part of Olympic!

The lifebelt was invented during the pre-Olympic times and this was the time that competition regarding swimming was recorded. This contest of swimming was held in London but the participants came from different countries. On this competition, the British and other local swimmers used breast strokes but there are native Americans that used a front crawls and this because this is naturally faster stroke, the Native American won. During the very first Olympic in Athens which was held 1896, there was already swimming as part of the Olympic competitions and since then, every Olympic competitions and other national events like that, swimming is not and would never be exempted and there’s always emerged as a winner in swimming.

Olympic in London

Online Betting on Swimming!

As mentioned earlier, despite the fact that anywhere in the world, swimming is well practiced and one of the most favorite bonding times for many, this sport is not actually as popular as other sports like soccer and basketball in the eyes of the sports betting website. As per their surveys and profit results, swimming has a minimal market share and so cannot gain more profit than their other games. But still there are enthusiasts who love swimming and wanted to excite themselves more by betting on this sport.

Swimmer in butterfly.

World Swimming Competitions!

Because of the limited market on this endeavor, bookmakers’ operators have decided to cover only those swimming competitions that are very popular to the world such as; The Olympics, of course this would be number one on their list as this is the most anticipated sports competition globally. And when it comes to swimming competition, the Olympics has the most number of swimming categories totaling of 34 events for swimming. Second is the FINA World Championship and lastly the European Aquatics Championship which are both held biannually. And when it comes to a particular event, the recorded largest bets gained are from butterfly style, free stroke swimming and the back stroke style that is why online sports betting website tackles more on these categories of swimming.

Olympic Flame

The Different Kind of Bets!

In swimming, there are different kinds of online betting that the punters could play on; one of course would be putting a stake on who would emerged as the final winner of a particular event, some bookmakers allow the punters to bet up to the fifth placer of the contest but most of them are just putting a stake only to the first, second and third winners. Of course, the price on whoever put a bet on the weak contestant would be higher than those putting a bet on the favorites.

There are also sports betting websites that cover a bet that tackles on who ever set a record or whoever broke own records. Or would the player could keep his record or would it be broken by another player? And lastly, there are some bookmakers online that would allow the punters to put a wager on whether a player could finish the race or not? Or putting a stake on whom among the players could not finish the race would also be another kind of betting.

Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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