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Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior - Not Just An Ordinary Football Player

1. The Story of Success!

Being a champion doesn’t require enough age. It is neither about experience and tenure to the field you are inclined. Solidarity in the objectives to acquire your goal sometimes could be a big deal in stepping into your dream. Once a champion always a champion, this is what many believed in the field of sports particularly in the industry of football.

There are clans that made it to the top, from the father to son and to other siblings; sometimes they use to call it like “it runs in the blood.” Of course this is not just enough for anyone to excel in any field, this is just 5% of the entire part of success, another 5% is luck and the 90% is capabilities, strength and knowledge. Meaning the most important factor in success is still commitment. No matter how good your father to his field, no matter how efficient your siblings to their respective endeavor, you could not possess the same ability just because they are your relatives. It has to be worked out. It has to be perspired. There are so many superstars in the field of sports who travels and undergone different difficult obstacles before they had reached their positions now. Different stories of life from rags to riches, from no one to being known and from being a neophytes to being a master.

In the field of football, many had made their names big not just because of their relatives or connection to the sports, many of them started as extras and very seldom that a football player jumped to be a football field star in an instant.


Almost all of them begin their journey through a process slowly but surely. Just like our featured artist for this particular article, Neymar da Silva Junior. Just like Messi, Ibrahimovic, Beckham, Bale and many others who just like da Silva had traveled the long and complicated journey in stepping to the ladder of success. had the pleasure and honor to acknowledge those successes as we believed that nothing would be impossible for someone who would strive better and work harder for the realization of one self’s dream and ambition.

And one very easy way to climb up the uppermost is to become inclined in one of the most popular and favorite sports, as we all know that to be able to create a name and bring honor to a country is to be competitive and excel to the sports he is inclined. Da Silva had not experience so much difficulties in the field of football as most of his families are already inclined to this sport. But Neymar had created his own scenery in the world of football not because of this fact but because of his effort and capabilities on his chosen expertise. He also started as a neophyte, meaning he was no exempted to any difficulties but where is he now? Neymar has become one of the most bankable football players of the world, one of the highest paid footballer internationally and one of the most awarded individual on this sports industry, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior.

2. Who is Neymar da Silva?

It was in Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paolo from where this champion was born, by the name Neymar da Silva Senior and Nadine Santos bear a child who is destined to become a football icon. His father, not only he got his name but also his endeavor of being a footballer, as he was also inclined to this kind of sports, his father became his advisor.

This became an advantage to him as he started to learn and know the techniques and different strategies of playing football. The young Neymar considered his father as a very supportive parent not only financially but also morally. The reason why he did not abandon his own little boy David Lucca his first born son when he was 19 is because his father had created a good sample of fatherhood to him. He considered being a young father to be an extra ordinary challenge and opportunity.

Neymar became one of the most sought after footballer of all time; his styles made him bankable and never out of the limelight ever since he joined the field of football. Being a forward of the team or sometimes a winger is not an easy task for him, it involves proper and thorough training and enough endurance specially if there would be an occasion that he needed to be an attacking midfielder.

Neymar is known on his abilities in playing football such as in extra-ordinary dribbling, creative transferring the ball to others, superb way of finishing the ball and also on his technical and mechanical abilities. Neymar always believed that there is no such thing as perfect player and so he continues to learn and practice the game from which he already is perfect, and there would always be improvement. Of course, he would not consider football on his life without idolizing co-football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Andres Iniesta and Xavi.


Football enthusiasts are fond of comparing Neymar to another football icon from Brazil Pele because of his similar styles and football playing strategies, aside from that, both of them are from Santos Youth Academy and both turned from an ordinary member of the club to returning one of the leaders. Though Neymar considered Pele as his role model, he did not want his name to be acknowledged as Pele’s shadow. And so with Pele, the opinions are just the same as while Pele’s interview in a certain press conference, he was asked about another football icon Lionel Messi, he answered the interviewer and shared his thoughts about Messi and da Silva. According to him, the only advantage of Messi to da Silva is about tenure in the field of football, but to be able to be considered as great player, he must be better than Neymar first. This is a very compliment connotation from Pele about Neymar. And not only had he commented on Neymar’s ability to play, there is Brazilian star Ronaldhino who gave advises to Neymar on how to become one of the greatest. Also there is Jorge Valdano, Xavi and a World Cup Winner Ronaldo. All of them believed that Neymar could make it on the top list among the cream of the crop when it comes to playing football.

3. Junior da Silva in the world of Football!

In the beginning;

  • He knew from the very beginning that he would make it big in football but he was not contented with what he can do as a footballer. Still very young when Neymar had started playing football, but this does not gave him hindrances as just like many other football superstars in the name of Coutinho, Diego, Alex, Clodoaldo and Elano, Neymar had also became a member of the Youth Academy which produced football icons like the name mentioned above. From this club, he furnish his abilities and styles of playing football just like Pepe, Pele, Robinho and others who started their football career on this group. At the very young age of fifteen, from Brazil, Neymar take a trip to Spain just to follow the footsteps of his idols Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and Robinho. This is considered by him to be like a dream come true as he did not expected this to happen so early on his life. But instead of just dreaming and thinking of a way to reach his goal, he strives so hard to uplift his status as being a footballer. And so, this is the real beginning of his journey to the world of sports particularly in the industry of football.

Professional Debut!

  • Though Neymar had a thorough and excessive training and countless obstacles and mischievous unexpected incorrect happenings (though he did not consider them as failures because he believed that a failure for him is just simply giving up), he did not stop improving himself in the field that he had chosen to consider his life. On the 7th of March 2009, during the 2009 season, Neymar was only 17 when he had his first game professionally, joining the football club Santos during its last half hour on the competition against Oeste from which they had win through 2-1. It was an overwhelming experience for him as he was so excited to join the season to participate in a game even without expecting to win.

His First Goal!

  • It was also on the 2009 season when Neymar had his first scored goal for football club Santos. This is a week after his professional debut against Oeste and his first goal was scored during a game on the 2009 season versus Mogi Mirim. And as per him, this is more exciting than his very first game with the football club, as he was able to show his talent in playing football. He never knew during that time where he would put his happiness as many applauded for him for what he had garnered on that game. And for him and for many other football enthusiasts, this is just the beginning of his success on the field of football, in fact many had commented that in his body and soul, a new football superstar was born and his name was Neymar da Silva Junior.

2009 Campeonato Paulista!

  • Still 2009 season, Neymar continued to strive harder and never stopped developing his football skills. Continue practicing and exercising not only his body and mind but also his heart to any obstacles that would probably come to his way as he believed that no matter how good he is in playing football, he still needs to be prepared to any consequence it may come. It was not easy for any club to participate on any Campeonato Paulista competition but for Neymar’s football club which got to be considered on the semi-final first leg from which Neymar had scored a decisive goal in a 2-1 win against Palmeiras. But very unfortunately for him on the final round, his club did not make it for a 4-2 lose against Corinthians. And so on his professional debut and on his first year as professional footballer, in his first year on the season, for 48 games, Neymar da Silva Junior scored a total of 14 goals. Not bad for a starter even considered to be very awesome performance for someone who just had begun his journey in climbing the ladder that his idols are stepping.

First Best Player!

  • Being not contented on his own capabilities made Neymar better as he believed that perfection can still be improved and so he did not stop doing his best better not just to impress the world of football but for his own contentment. On the 2010 season, his football club Santos made it to the qualifying round of the Brazilian Cup, in his best efforts, Neymar scored 5 goals in a win of 8-1 against Guarani on the 15th of April 2010. This is after their championship win for Campeonato Paulista for 2010 from which on their 19 games, Neymar had scored a mesmerizing 14 goals. It was Santos versus Santo Andre on the finals from where his football club won 5-5. Due to his performance for these previous games, Neymar got his first Best Player Award for the competition. And from this fact, many football enthusiasts already consider Neymar as another Brazilian football superstar parallel to the likes of Robinho and Pele. His second seasons on the football games are highly commendable and successful as ended his second season with a very impressive 42 scored goals over 60 in total games, making him one of the awardees for South American Footballer of the year 2010, on this award, he came third after Andres D’ Alessandro as first and Juan Sebastian Veron as second. For Neymar, this is just a bonus as the real prize for him in winning in any game that he participated and his club Santos had to faced, it is still the contentment of himself believing that he did his best during the game. he would continue to step on the ground and promised himself not to be over confident on what he is achieving as a football player. The more important for him is the fact that he is beginning to achieve his goal.

Top Goal Scorer!

  • Neymar could not garner any awards in different category if he did not able to reach a status from which can be considered as Top Goal Scorer. During the 2011 season, in the semi finals of 2011 Copa Libertadores Finals, his football club Santos won over Cerro Porteno for 4-3 ratio from where he scored 6 goals in totals including a secured goal that made Santos win which made him of the three top goal scorer of the season. Though they tied on the first leg against Penarol, they had won again for the second leg for a 2-1 competition. From this, Neymar also won a special award “Man of the Match” for his exemplary performance during the game. Aside from that, this is also his football clubs Santos’ first victory in the Copa Libertadores ever since 1963 even his idol is still playing for Santos. Many believed that this is not just luck per se as this just happened because of the combined efforts of the team members plus the techniques and styles of Neymar.

FIFA Club World Cup!

  • Not just the awards that Neymar had proven his worth in the field of football, he accepted a lot of offers and even piracy on other clubs but remain loyal to Santos. Due to this, he got an increase on his talent fee but for him, this is just secondary, it is still his love to football that is more important. In the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup, Neymar was able to score an opening goal that made his football club Santos won over Kashiwa Reysol on the 14th of December 2011. But due to some unavoidable circumstances, Santos was not able to score a single goal giving them a loss over Barcelona club during the finals on the 18th of December 2011. This had made Santos being only an nth placer in the FIFA Club World Cup. But another award came to his football career as he won the FIFA Puskas Award for 2011 for his outstanding performance scoring a astounding solo goal against Flamengo during the Brasileirão Série A. Though Santos lost in the game, Neymar was able to capture the FIFA Puskas Award jurors the reason why he was recognized for the award. Aside from this, Neymar da Silva Junior was awarded as the South American Footballer of the year for 2011 with a big difference from his second placer putting him in a record list in the world of football. Again, his journey to the ladder of success in the field of this sports is not so commendable because there are shortcomings and hindrances that came to his way but his commitment to playing football had never been lessen and his conviction to be like his football idols is getting stronger and harder. He continued to hunger for more and his thirst to becoming better in the football world is immeasurable that is why he never fails to overcome all those hindrances and obstacles. More and more success in winnings and awards came to his way not only to his club but also on his individual self.

Club Barcelona!

  • Despite of many negotiations, denials and press releases, Neymar finally admitted that he would be joining another club as part of his career advancement and self satisfaction in terms of width and depth of the game football. FC Barcelona was his new football club, though there is no clear announcement on the details on his transfer defining the transfer fee and other details. The transfer even drew an investigation trial due to some unconfirmed illegalities and irregularities in the negotiations. He had his debut game with his FC Barcelona membership during a pre-season game against Lechia Gdansk. He had scored his first goal with FC Barcelona during a friendly game win against Thailand National Team. Neymar da Silva Junior had his first competitive game for FC Barcelona on the 2013–2014 La Liga’s opening game with 7–0 victory versus Levante UD. He scored his first competitive goal for FC Barcelona on the 21st of August on the 2013 Supercopa de España versus Atlético Madrid. His first game for UEFA Champions League was on the 18th of September from where he was able to assist one of his FC Barcelona players to score a goal in the 2013-2014 tournaments’ opening game.

International Competitions!

  • Neymar da Silva Junior has also been inclined to international football competitions like his participation in 2009 U-7 World Cup from which he had made a goal score versus Japan. His talents and capabilities as football player were not enough for his coach to include him in the 2010 World Cup even with the persuasion of some members to play on the world cup like Pele and Romario. But he was selected on the 26th of July 2010 to join the Brazil team in competing with the United States in a friendly game. Being one of Brazil’s senior team members, Neymar had participated on the games against Scotland which led to a controversy that he alleged accused the Scottish fans to be racist. Of course Neymar did not admitted it as according to him that he did not accused any individual or any group to be racist. Neymar had also participated as member of the Brazil team in the 2011 Copa America from which he was given an award to be “Man of the Match”. He also had part in the 2012 London Summer Olympics from which he scored goals making his team qualified a place for the semi-finals. He considered his participation on the 2012 Summer Olympics perfect as he scored a goal and assisted his co team player to score a goal twice. And on his participation on the 2013 Confederations Cup, Brazil was able to defeat Japan, Mexico, Italy and Spain. He was able to score a goal in every match of the cup tournament making him recognized as “Golden Ball” awardees for the 2013 Confederations Cup.

Awards and Recognitions!

  • So far, in his career in the field of football, Neymar da Silva Junior could be considered as one of the most awarded football player in his generations. But again, this would not stop him in developing himself in sharpening his techniques and styles in playing the game of his life, football. These awards and recognitions for him are just bonuses for his hard works and conviction to become better and better. These awards are as follows; Best Footballer of the World as given by the “Guardian on December of 2013, South American Footballer of the Year for 2010, 2011 and 2012, Most Marketable Athlete of the World which was given by Sports Pro 2012 and 2013, Silver Medalist on the 2012 Olympic games, Golden Ball award for FIFA Confederations Cup for 2013, Arthur Friedrich award for 2010 and 2012, Armando Noguera Trophy award for 2011 and 2012, FIFA Puskas award for 2011, Golden Boot award for 2010, 2011 and 2012, Bronze Ball award for 2011 and 2013, Silver Ball award for 2010 and 2011, a lot of Best Player, Best Young Player and Best Forward awards in different cups and tournaments.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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