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Names to Remember in the World of Sports!

In the Beginning. . .

In my boredom being alone in the house, I tried to scan all the channels that my surplus television has and I was surprised because I had seen some station that I just had seen for the first time ever since I bought that small square screen appliances. The subject is about prominent people who submitted their application form for candidacy for a certain position in the government. Everyone is citing their achievements and all the awards that they had received on their life. After the “uplifting your own chair process”, they started to spread their platforms and promises and promises to the voting public. One of the candidates actually caught my attention as he discussed not just his medals on public service but he also mentioned all his trophies he garnered in sports. I wonder how he would correlate his MVP awards to the projects that he wanted to start if ever he wins in the election. Obviously, many are raising their eyebrows as these are just promises as always practiced every time election would be coming, but for me, this is quite helpful as I realized that he actually suggested indirectly something I could read and learn and possibly write. As for me, I was wondering if this candidate has a lot of medals and trophies because of sports, (he is not even a sportsman because he is a politician) what more those people who really exerted so much effort to win not just a trophy but a reputation on their names when it comes to sportsmanship. So I decided to research and learn about people who excelled on their chosen field of endeavor on sports.

  • Soccer player with number 15 on the back.Zinedine Zidane of France, Diego Maradona of Argentina, Edson Arantes Donacimento of Brazil and David Beckham of England - Soccer as the most famous and most celebrated sports globally and also the sports that grabs the spot not only in live action but also the betting online.

    These names have created reputations in the world of soccer; they have exerted efforts not only to be popular but to give honor to their respective countries. They belong to the category “names not to be forgotten” or “names to be remembered” because of all the achievements and recognitions awarded to them.

    They are not in public service but indirectly, they are setting real examples to be idolized by the youth and they are creating awareness for the youth to be more inclined with sports particularly in soccer to avoid more negative behavior that the youth may be inclined to.

    So, personally, I give credit to these people by setting an example to the people not only to the youth because they would not be on their shoes right now, if they had not done their best to achieve whatever they had garnered. Not to mention all the kindness as per their local news that sometimes, these people are contributing some of their time, efforts and even financial matters to whoever is in need for their help.
  • Basketball player trying to make a goal in the basket.Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, James LeBron, Vince Carter and Yao Ming for Basketball – who among the youth had not known these people?

    They had created a scenario that would linger to the audience’s mind whenever they are in the court. Multi-awarded basketball players of all time, this is the short fragment that used to describe these people as they had shown not only sportsmanship, leadership and strength but also the goodness in their hearts.

    Though they started their careers in the bottom, through their abilities, eagerness to learn and will power, they made it to become the most respectable individuals in line of their expertise.

    Now, they are making wave not only in basketball courts but also in some product endorsements as the professionals believe in their personality. These people truly deserve to be part of this category.
  • Cricket player in action.Sachin Tendulkar of India, Shahid Afridi of Pakistan, Ricky Ponting of Australia and Kevin Peterson of South Africa – Cricket although all the names mentioned are hard to pronounce or even harder to spell, what they have done to be on the list cannot be forgotten so easily.

    From reviewing their biography files, some of them came from a poor family but this is not a hindrance. Hope and hard work are actually good ingredients for being successful.

    And some of the names on the list are actually a victim of bullying but now, the experience has been used as a challenge and inspiration to rise up and dream harder to become somebody who belongs to the cream of the crop.
  • Female tennis player.Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Arthur Ashe, Martina Navratilova and Roger Federer – Tennis, all of them have set records in the world of Tennis, no matter what championship competition it is, their name always are visible to the list of awardees, only with rackets as their weapon.

    Every spike and punch on the tennis ball is actually a strike on every hope that the public is sometimes losing.

    So I strongly believe that their names should also be included on the list.
  • Boxer before a match.Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Henry Armstrong, Rocky Balboa I mean Rocky Marciano for Boxing. For me, this is the hardest sports ever. Not only the pain physically but mostly the emotional attack, every punch received by their body is nothing as compared to every punch that they are giving to their opponents, the guilt, the trauma and the emotional impact that is attacking them is their greatest nemesis.

    Not to mention that even own lives are at stake on this game. So above them all, these people really deserve to be part of the category “names to be remembered”.

. . . and many other names who created an effect to the lives of other people only by determination, hard work and abilities. Now I realized that those people who are citing their achievements on national television just to garner votes from the public as compared to the people who not just entertain others by playing their best inside the arena or the court but also giving inspiration and hope to every individual. The people I saw on television are giving false hopes but not all of them of course, but those people who serves as an inspiration and honor to the country even outside public service are those really people who served well. And so, I honestly salute those sportsmen and women who gave dignity to their respective country.

Number 1
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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