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Mutual Funds

How It Started?

Last Sunday, I attended a mass on the church that is nearest to my place and during the “Homely”, I was surprised that the priest is discussing about what he is ventured to, what else he’s been doing and how was it affecting his life. He was so eager to share his stories to all the people inside the church. The priest told us that he garnered 33% profit Hand with money for investments one of his “Mutual Fund” investments and another 32.5% to another one which is also invested to a Mutual Fund company.

I said to myself “wow”. The priest is profiting without any efforts, just entrusting someone to manage his money. After the mass, I went to the market to buy some food for dinner, and in the market, I accidentally bump in to someone I know for a long time but had not seen for quite a decade or so. And then we chat a lot and again, surprisingly, he discussed to me that he is ventured into something that the priest is discussing awhile ago, Mutual Funds.

And as per observation on how it works to my old friend, he looks so happy and contented with what is happening to the investment that he is connected to. I was thinking on my way home, how good Mutual Fund” is to them, to my old friend who is also obviously changed when it comes to appearance and confidence as I remember he is too shy before. And to the priest whom I believed would not lie or make up stories just to construct a “homely” piece.

A few hours later, I decided to switch on the TV while taking my dinner and turn the channel to my favorite Magazine Talk Show, hosted by Jessica Soho of the Philippines. And this time, I am a little bit shocked because the things that are running to my mind ever since I was in the Church, to bumping in to an old friend in the market, was actually the topic that Jessica Soho is discussing on her show…the “Mutual Funds”. Though the part that tackles the process is very short, it was very convincing that this would help one’s future and would probably prepare someone who is inclined to “Mutual Funds” in facing the world in the near future. So therefore, I told myself, is this a sign? Is “Mutual Fund” my calling to invest? Three very the same thing in one coincidence, am I inclining myself to Mutual Fund process? Don’t know yet, but decided to see something more and learn something more…so the next day, I started to read, learn and write something about “Mutual Funds” and let us see what going to happen in the next few days.

Man with a lot of ideas in his head.

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds… from the combination of two words…Mutual, meaning “common”, “joint” or “shared” and Funds which means, finances or any forms of financial aspect that is kept and an account to support, furnish or subsidize a particular asset either for personal or business matters. Therefore, technically by Webster’s definition, Mutual Funds are common account or a joint financial asset regulated and supervised by a particular person or business enterprise.
Mutual Fund is one process of investing that is actually a recollection of funds from different capable and willing investors for a matter of re-investing to some financial instruments and securities like “bonds” and “stocks” to probably gain more profit not only for the Mutual Fund’s management but specially for the investors who entrusted their money in incorporating themselves to this Mutual Fund company.

There are personnel that are actually managing the collected funds that are ventured to some financial instruments, and they are called “Money Managers”. Mutual Fund is said to be the introductory level for any individual who wants to venture in an investment for the first time because the process is very easy to understand and accept. One simple and general rule is regarding the profit sharing that would be equally shared to all the investors, same with the loss sharing for that matter.

When to Decide of Pursuing a Mutual Fund?

  • Know Your Objectives - In every endeavor that needs to be endured whether it is business, studies, or even personal lives matter, the process should be analyzed very carefully and critically understand all the consequences that may encounter during the process. Same with having involvement to any Mutual Fund Businessman trying to make his investment in time.companies, before doing such thing, the investors should analyze beforehand what would be his objectives.
    Define first your objective as a new investor whether it is long term or short term goal. By doing this, you should list what would be the purpose of the desired profit, should it be for emergency purposes in health, should it be for daily necessity or for something that you wanted to do the next day, let us say for example tour travel, or to be able to buy something for yourself? In this case, your objective should be short term. But if the desired profit would be used for your retirement purposes which is more than ten years from now or to support someone for his/her college education, this objective is considered long term.
    Knowing these objectives is important because by defining the goal, you as new investors would be able to eliminate more than 50% of the Mutual Funds companies that you needed to venture with. This is because there are Mutual Fund companies that only cater long terms which has a bigger bracket of funds and there are also companies that entertains short and smaller bracket of funds. But there are existing Mutual fund companies that cater both the small and the large bracket of funds; this is why the investors should understand the difference as there are different processes and rules in accordance with the funds bracket.
  • Prepare for Whatever Consequence – In any ventured business, no one could ever predict what would be the outcome whether it is profitable or unprofitable. This is the very reason why the investors should be ready on how to deal such outcome. You should know how long with the funds you ventured could withstand the situation. By knowing these consequences, you would also know when to back-out when necessary and when to push in whenever needed. Being prepared to whatever the consequence is also important as the investor dealing too much negative outcome would more probably panic and end up bankrupt. This is also important for the investors to know how much would be the limit of amount that he is losing comfortably because this would definitely affect his next venture to another business enterprise or to the same kind of Mutual Funds. One tip that we could share is that, the investors should only disregard negative consequence if and only if he another source of assets such as a regular pay job, he has his own assets such as house and lot, pension or social security support or even a huge inheritance, but on the other hand, if he only has the money to venture on Mutual Fund and there is no other source of income, we strongly suggest that put this amount to a safer and sure ball business.
  • Money Management – This is general matter, but can take a bigger part on venturing into business such as especially to something like Mutual Funds. Investors should know how long he can freeze his funds if ever there is no movement on the financial instrument that it has been used for. Or in a worst case scenario, if the Mutual funds turn into a disaster which also can really happen particularly during the wrong timing of putting it into a wrong financial instrument. Investors should know how to divide his accounts to be able to avoid bankruptcy in case of an unexpected loses. Investors should always have plan B, to support and sustain whatever is missing. And most importantly, investors should not allow his accounts to reach zero degree balance. If the amount in the account is tremendously deteriorating, investors should exercise his option or at least rest for certain of time and analyze and study what had happened so that in the next battle, all the mistakes and errors should be avoided and corrected. In money management, it is also important to know all the charges that the investors would face because some of the Mutual Fund companies do not explain pretty well what else would be deducted on your profit unless you as an investor would investigate how it happened and what the calculation were based. You would not be surprised in case you did not received what you expected if you have the knowledge on the different fees and charges of the Mutual Fund companies.

Well, by knowing all these do not make me confident about being knowledgeable on the subject matter. From the point of view of the priest on the mass, which is actually irrelevant to his “homely”, I found it immaterial still to jumping into conclusion of venturing into a mutual fund company. And from the stories of an old friend which is so positive to be too good to be true, but still I believe him because he has change a lot, it is still not enough for me to decide yet. Or maybe, I didn’t have the guts yet to gamble…yes, I still consider this as a gamble because we are not sure what would be the outcome. And as far as knowing that the result would not only means “profit”, it just enhances my fear in opening up my palms for a few thousand of cash for venturing on this Mutual Fund. But of course, I am not closing my doors to any circumstances and opportunities that may knock, what I want for now is time to think and study furthermore regarding this matter. And maybe…just maybe in due time, I would also try this one.

Savings put on the table
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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