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Most Participated Sports in Online Betting!

Sports; one of the most anticipated topic in any form of media, one of the most watched program in national television, in fact owns a separate page on any leading newspaper in town is also one of the most participated in online betting.
Online Betting; is now making its wave on the mainstream of the gaming industry. Aside from casino games, financial economic situation is also a subject for this kind of luck finding game. But one of the most important aspect of online betting is said to be the most popular subject in any website of gaming…the sports!

Sports Online Betting; when combined is the winning streak for anyone who loves both sports and online betting. This would be the most interesting combination for the enthusiasts of inclining themselves to sport but cannot much contribute to the betting system due to lack of spare enough time in attending other important matters. But because of this, enthusiasts would be able to enjoy much better sports betting because of the more convenient way of betting to their favorite sports through the none other than online betting.

There are a lot of sports options from many different online betting websites that punters can select from, from the team sports to athletics sports. Nowadays, casino goers are turning their heads into involving themselves to a much convenient way of entertainment and fun. And sport lovers are also changing their paths in accordance with their betting habits with their favorite sports. Therefore we are featuring some of the most popular sports that involve online betting and sports that are actually bracing with a place on the most participated sports in online betting.

1. Soccer

– No doubt that this sport is leading on the list, as not only Europeans are interested in placing a bet for this game. This is actually equivalent to Americas Football game making it tremendously famous. To mention a few leagues that Boy with his soccer ballgaining more revenue from online betting are as follows;

The English Premier League in England which runs during the 8th month through the 5th month of the succeeding year and broadcasted through international television channels such as ESPN and Fox Soccer.

Major League Soccer of America which runs during the summer season of March to November and has produced very famous soccer players such as David Beckham and many more.

Serie A of Italy is also those one of the most followed league in the world and considered also as one of the most controversial among them due to some allegations of a fixed or scripted play-off which actually up to now is not yet proven.

Spanish La Liga of course of Spain is also there.

German Bundesliga of Germany, Ligue 1 of France, Eredevisie of Holland, J-league of Japan and UEFA Champions League of Europe that comprises of the best soccer teams from other leagues.

These are just few of the many popular leagues not only followed by the soccer enthusiasts but also participated in online betting, in fact, this game is almost always present to almost all of the bookmaker websites.

2. Basketball

– No part of the global does not have either any knowledge of the game nor has not render participation in any national league of this kind of game.
A boy and his basketballIn fact, even the remotest part of the urban country has displayed either a half or a whole court in one of their parks or inside their house yard. The greatest proof ever would always be the most famous league in the world, the NBA or the National Basketball Association of the United States.

But this is not the only league that pushes the punters to place a bet for their favorite teams in many bookmaker websites. Here are some of the most popular leagues in each of the country.

Lega Basket Serie A of Italy, some of the famous NBA players originated on this league, though has fallen the popularity this past few years but still remains one among the top league of basketball globally.

Turkish Basketball League of Turkey, this league is FIBA Europe member. Some of the players of the NBA are suspected to transfer and join this league in the coming years.

Chinese Basketball League which happens to be the counterpart or replaced NBA during those times that the latter has not doing very well on the mainstream.

French Pro A League of France, Liga Nacional De Basquet of Argentina which was tagged once as the “Top Non-NBA Basketball League” and once the champion of Olympics in the basketball competition came from this prestigious league. HEBA A1 of Greece and Liga ACB of Spain are also those top leagues among many others. These leagues make the game the most achieved profit for any of the bookmaker websites.

3. Cricket

– Aside from the two mentioned sports, Cricket also is considered one among the most popular as 2 to 3 billion followers are avid fanatics of this sport, mainly from UK, Australia, England (in fact this is the national game of A cricket player showing a big smileEngland) and among others specially from Asia particularly the Indian regions.

Supervised by the International Cricket Council which consisted of 104 countries, Cricket is one of the sport games that can achieve flying high revenue when it comes to online betting.

To name a few of the most popular leagues of cricket are as follows. The ICC World Cricket League from which all the members from 104 countries are reliable to compete with the league. Champions of this league would be able to join the World Cup that can be participated by all members of the same category. The last contest was held in UAE during the April of 2009.

A series of leagues in England are those which belongs to the top of the world such as County Championship that is actually a combination of two minor leagues and runs for four days. The Minor Counties Cricket Championship that runs for about three to four weeks and participated by those county clubs who do not belong to the first class clubs.

The ECB Premier Leagues, Bradford Cricket League, Lancashire League and the Central Lancashire League are the few famous small leagues in England. In USA, there are also numerous cricket leagues that are followed in accordance with online betting. To name a few are Northern California Cricket Assoc., the Social Cricket Alliance of Los Angeles, Bay Area Cricket Alliance of California and many more from different states of America. And the most popular leagues among Asian is none other than The Indian Cricket League, operated by a private enterprise, this was joined by four major participants, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and any team from any part of the world. And the highest revenue for cricket online betting is still said to be the leagues from England.

4. Tennis

– Though not included on the top 3 but still number 1 in the individual sport category. This Olympic part game is said to be played mostly by the richer people enjoyed with professionals and amateur competitions. This played by both men A tennis playerand women by a single or double game event and considered one as the highest paying individual sports.

This sport is also good for exercising purposes as the game does not have a limited time, so the stopping factor is the stamina of the player.

Tennis may also contribute at least to the revenue of the bookmaker website as it is one of the most participated sports when it comes to online betting.

To name a few famous tournaments when it comes to fans, audience popularity and prize awards are as follows;

- The Wimbledon Championship of London. Considered as the oldest among any other tournament is actually the third Grand Slam tournament which was held during the latter part of the 6th month to the earlier part of the 7th month.

- Australian Open of Melbourne is the pioneer on the Grand Slam stage. First it was played in grass but later on tuned to hard courts.

- The second Grand Slam stage would be the French Open of Paris. As the only tennis tournament played in Clay courts it is during the late May to early June of the year.

- And the tournament with the final Grand Slam stage is the US Open which was held during the late August to early September. Its courts are changing from grass to clay then later on turned to hard courts.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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