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Mobile Poker

Mobile Poker is the new thing.When poker game was invented during the 18th century, it just started with the traditional 20 card – four player games. The goal is as simple as producing a fair or a straight hand as the objective would make the players desire for the pot.

As the poker games go mainstream and create a scenario in the world of gambling, a lot of innovations and varieties come along. It seems that the players are not satisfied with the goal as they realized that there are a lot more combinations that can be formed with four cards. Poker enthusiasts never stop creating developments to make it more amusing and addictive for the players. Until 52-card – 9 players were introduced to the public and automatically made this magic to the players as it became one of the most played game in any casino.

Some variety is also introduced and made it to the cream of the crop was rated per se by the players themselves. Poker tournaments as an example became the favorites for some countries and until now are still considered as one important event for the players who love poker games. 

But, of course there is a word but, nobody from that time can ever think that this game would pass its distinction, after the game became online, a lot of poker game experts actually thought that this game already reached its climax and the innovation would stop there. But the power of mind is not stopping to be more creative, as the technology is getting high and still continue to fly. Another milestone for poker game is now on its way to the main stream, the Mobile Poker.

Mobile Poker is the new way to play on the go!Have you ever been tired of playing a particular fun game again and again and feels like you have no other choice but to play that again just to kill your time?

Or have you ever hanged around waiting for something doing nothing? Even in a line where you are waiting for your turn in an ATM machine, so bored, though wanted to play your poker but cannot because you are standing on a line?

Mobile Poker is the answer to all these. There are respectable websites and application that can now access poker games right on your own palm through mobile phones. So boredom can be lessen and evade while spending so much time doing nothing.

Mobile Poker games include the following as such as available also in land based and online casinos, the tournament, the trials or the money games. What the players had learned from practicing in wall bricked casino or either from an online casino can be applied in mobile poker as the objectives and most of the rules are similar. And considering the best of it is the inclusion of Texas Hold’em Poker games.

The hand combination, the betting system and all related to the games can easily be defined in a mobile poker such as the strategies, the bluffing methods etc. There are applications of mobile poker games that is so interactive depending on your hand set model.

Mobile Poker Features

It’s so fortunate that nowadays, there are applications of software that is so user-friendly and innovative to cater the specifications that suit the software of some selected mobile handsets. These features include tutorial features which help new players to understand and analyze how the game would be played. Some application would even grant an Cell phoneexercise on how much the new player had learned from what he studied. Other feature is the player support from which a player can seek an advice in relation to the games through interaction between the player and the virtual coach.

By the way, there are application also that makes the opponents players really like a live players because you can make a small chat with them and they can react like a real persons. There is of course a feature that will let you know who among your poker buddy is online and you can actually invite them to play with you. But this feature depends on the model of your hand set as not all types of gadgets allow this magic. Usually, it is iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Tablets and smart phones that caters these features.

High-Speed Mobile Poker

One exciting feature of that some of the mobile poker application may offer is the High Speed Mobile Poker, it is actually getting more and more popular to online poker gaming world as there is no time wasted usually for waiting for the other players to decide. This is usually during the time you are decided to fold for a particular play, if you fold, you don’t need to wait for the play to end to deal another cards. In this feature, after you fold, you are automatically transferred to another table and deal another card for an instant. Therefore, in a short period of time, you can deal as many cards as you want because you are enjoying a non-stop poker game.

Mobile Poker Rules

Remember the same rules in poker.Mobile Poker rules is commonly the same as the rules of the game whether it is played via land based or online casino.

The very slight difference is the different processes of depositing money from mobile casino, first it could also be through credit cards or debit cards just like in an online casino, but there are applications from mobile poker games that the players can buy a prepaid card with a certain amount of value that the players could use to bet and play mobile poker.

Similar to prepaid cards for call and text, and similar to prepaid cards for internet access, this particular mobile poker application has a prepaid card to play the game, the players would just need to enter the codes and follow the prompted instructions.

Just to reiterate the common rules between all the types of medium, such as the different types of hand, from the Royal Flush to a High Card, the Pot, this is the total amount bet by all the players, the Blind Bets or the Ante and the Rake which is the fraction charge by the application for the operators. Mobile Poker betting rules such as the Call, (means you are taking the odds) the Fold, (which means you surrender) the Raise, (means you are increasing your bet) and the Check (which means you are just passing the odds) are just similar to the betting rules of a non-mobile poker games.

And the bonus for Mobile Poker games would be depended on the website applications and operators of the room. But usually, it comes with the most common bonuses such as the Welcome Bonus, the Sign up bonus and the regular player bonus meaning the bonus given to the constant players of a certain game and the referral bonus or the so called refer a friend bonus.

Mobile Poker will change the way poker is played!

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