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Mobile Casino Games!

Man playing mobile games.As mentioned from a previous article, all the games that can be played in land-based and online casino are now almost all available in mobile phones. For instance, we can mention what is the most played and the most favorite game of all time that happens to provide also the biggest revenue for any casino operators, the Slot games.

Slot games for both land based and online casino have the most number of variations which made this game also the most entertaining, not to mention the different things that coincides with this game such as the themes, the visuals and the audio that increase the creativity of the game.

This wonderful game is now also one of the variations and options to be considered in playing and enjoying the fun even without travelling to a land based casino or spending so much time and efforts in registering in an online website casino.

Mobile Slot Games have thousands of varieties to choose from, just select your favorite themes and start playing with a bang. The visuals of these slot games are just adjusted to fit the mobile specifications, but other than that, Slot games from mobile are just similar to those slot games on both land based and online casinos.

Slot games enthusiasts would be able to have fun with any types of mobile slot games such as the slot with three reels and five reel slot games that both can be more entertaining in mobile gadgets. Players can also expect more enjoyment through video mobile slots and progressive slots that can change the players’ life by winning an extra huge jackpot prize. All the slot features that can be found in an online and land based slot are also available in mobile slot games. The themes, the bonus rounds, the very colorful visuals and even the sounds that can be enjoyed in a non-mobile slot games are fortunately now can be played directly to valid phone mobiles and other gadgets. All the magic and excitement that we as the players thought that can only be enjoyed via website in the computer or in a wall-bricked casino are right through our palms now.

Mobile Slot Rules

Basically, the rules of mobile slot games are just the same on terminologies and meaning as the rules of online slots and land based slot games. The difference is just minor if there is any. First and foremost is to download the application, register an account and then select whether you are about to play just for fun or for money. Select the slot type that you wanted to play and decide on how much coin you would want to bet and how many lines of probable winnings. And just like on online and land-based slot games, you would be able to see the different pay lines you had chosen represented by different colors and scheme.

This is the moment to start the journey of playing. Click spin to make the reels spinning. If the winning combination is shown, you automatically won and the corresponding prize would be added to your game balance. Just like in a non-mobile slot game, the account balance is displayed on the small part of the mobile screen. And of course, if you lose, the total bet would be subtracted to your total game balance. The rule for playing maximum bet also applies as the rules in a non-mobile slot games.

Wild cards are also available on any kind of mobile slots; the same ruling applies as it replace any figure on the reels that would complete a winning combination. A particular combination also would give free spins to sum up with your total winnings as a bonus round. A specific combination would also be considered as jackpot depending on the rules set by the applications’ operator. A line of several jackpot figures in one pay line is usually the awardees’ of jackpot prize. And then, the progressive jackpot, is can also be won by playing the maximum bet with the maximum pay lines.

Mobile Slot Bonus

Most of the applications on mobile gaming are also offering different types of bonuses such as welcome bonus, from where there are consequences and requirements to follow before acquiring this kind of bonus. Most of the time, welcome bonus would be offered only to 18 years of age and above, residents of countries from where this kind of gaming is legal and mostly welcome bonus usually is a US Dollars, British Pound and Euros. Website application would require players to deposit a certain amount first before they can withdraw winnings especially if it comes from the welcome bonus. A wager is also defined similar to the non-mobile slot games. Welcome bonus would only be given once per player, the registration details would be the basis of this offer. Welcome Bonus would be put up to the players’ account after all the requirements have been met.

Another exciting type of bonus that a Mobile slot games can offer is the Bonus upon registration or the sign-up bonus. There are website applications that offer up to 1000% sign up bonus, not to exaggerate things but this kind of bonus offer require tremendous wager requirements. Most of the mobile slot applications offer 100% to 200% sign up bonus depending on the strength or capability of the site. Upon registration of your details including a deposit would be the major requirements before any player can achieve this bonus. Unlike in welcome bonus, sign-up bonus can be offered as many as possible depending on the requirements of the application, for instance, 200% on initial deposit, then 100% bonus to the following deposit and so on and so forth.

On some of the mobile slot gaming applications, these are not only the way to receive a recognition or an additional cash to be played on the slot gaming. There are some mobile slot operators that offer a cash gift to any player who could convince other probable players to register on their mobile slot site. This referral bonus can only be given to anyone who could convince their friends to register and play slot games on a particular site. This would of course involve a certain requirements before a referral bonus can be achieved. One is the required amount total of bet to play of the referred friend, and the one who refers should also be a constant player of the said site. There are also mobile slot site that would only ask the player for a friends’ mobile numbers and rest is up to them. Once the owner of the number that the player gave registered, it’s an instant bonus for the one who referred.

Never forget that slot is not the only game that can be played through mobile, most of the games that can be accessed through online and land based are now also available on mobile gaming. Baccarat, Poker, Video Poker, Roulette and others.

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