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Mike Tyson

1. The rise and fall!

Mike TysonA detective who solves some strange and peculiar mysteries, a personality with great sense of spying and a character who would steal the heart of the cartoon industry audiences, this is Mike Tyson who would portrayed as himself in a 15 minute episode tagged as “Mike Tyson Mysteries” which is under Cartoon Network.

But previously prior to that, Mike Tyson appeared in a Cameo role in the two “Hangover” movies and a special participation in the “Scary Movie” films. Who says there is no life after boxing for him? In fact, he was as busy as Brad Pitt in his personal appearances on many different television and film shows. He was in the opening number of “The 67th Annual Tony Awards” and “2013 Billboard Music Awards”.

He was featured in Oprah’s series of shows titled “Where Are They Now?”, “Columbine Survivors Today” and “Mike Tyson & the Bachelors and the Bachelorettes”, all episode for 2013. He was also part of the TV series as “Reggie Rhodes” in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Monster's Legacy" also in 2013. Different shows had him as guest this 2013 such as “Good Day, LA”, "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell”, "How I Met Your Mother: Bad Crazy” and “Katie, the TV Series”.

And just like his 2013 business, his previous years in showbiz cannot be left behind with the number of shows and films producers who are interested in his service, he could never missed his boxing career. But before these project offers came to his doorstep which actually more on the showbiz side of his world, he was once a champion and always be a champion on his first endeavor and considered his first love, the boxing.

Mike Tyson is not un-usual kid when he was still a boy; he is just a commoner in his town that enjoys common life. Though his paths to stardom are not just ordinary pathways, he is still just human who committed many mistakes and faultiness.

And yet, we cannot judge him just by reading some articles about him, nor listening and watching documentaries on television about him. Mike Tyson only knew himself better than anyone, his thoughts, his beliefs, his real score in life and most especially his own self.

Mike Tyson Documentary


2. Who is Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson is Michael Gerard Tyson in real life; he was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, US on the 3oth of June 1966. Though he was already a retired professional boxer, boxing could not be less in his life, as he was the world’s undisputed heavyweight champion. But before these successes, Tyson is just a simple kid who has a family that encounters a lot of problems; in fact, he lives in a broken family. His mother was left behind by his father after quite some time of his natal day. This is probably the reason why he was involved in many legal and petty troubles and was arrested because of these more than thirty times before he was thirteen plus the environment which is really high in crime rates. His family transferred from Bedford-Stuyvesant to Brownsville due to financial burdens. And after his mother died when he was sixteen, he was legally adopted by his boxing manager and mentor Cus D'Amato. But prior to that, his boxing ability was discovered by a former boxer Bobby Stewart in Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown from which Tyson tried to complete his High School. Stewart was a juvenile detention center counselor of the said school. After seeing Tyson’s capability in boxing, Stewart trained Tyson more in a few months and after he thought that Tyson is ready, he introduced Tyson to Cus D'Amato. And from this time onwards, Tyson’s boxing history elevated though he was not able to finish his High school during that time. But in 1989, University President Arthur E. Thomas awarded Mike Tyson an honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from Central State University, in Wilberforce, Ohio.

Mike Tyson - Early Years - Documentary


3. Junior Olympic Games!

Mike Tyson set a record in the Olympic Games which until now is not yet broken, the “quickest knock-out” in the history of boxing. He was able to knock-out his opponent Kelton Brown in 1982 within 8 seconds making his manager threw a white towel on his ringside and declaring him as the gold medalist. Prior to that, he also won Gold in the Junior Olympic Game 1981 beating Joe Cortez who is also tagged as the favorite athlete during that time. During this period of times, Mike Tyson was able to win all his bouts through knock-out.

4. Professional Debut!

Mike Tyson and his coach and trainers believe that it is about time to level up. On March 6, 1985 at Plaza Convention Center Albany New York, Mike Tyson gained his very first professional win. Against Hector Mercedes of Puerto Rico, he was able to knock him out on the first round. His name made a buzz because of this scenario especially after his succeeding fights that reach the total of 28 bouts in a couple of years. On these 28 fights, 26 from them are won via knock-out and 16 from them were finished during the first round of the game. All members of the sports media and almost all of the boxing enthusiasts became so much interested by the name Mike Tyson as they believed that this name would still make it bigger in the world of boxing. Mike Tyson is very promising indeed during that time, though there are speculations that the death of his mentor was connected to the hardships and difficulty of mentoring Tyson. His first TV appearance maybe as controversial as his first year in professional boxing as he defeated his opponent journeyman heavyweight Jesse Ferguson of the United States, at first it was called as “No Contest” in favor to Tyson due to the disqualification of Ferguson due to his misconduct behavior inside the ring. It was said that after Tyson had given Ferguson a knock-out punch via an upper cut on his chin, Ferguson started to clinch and make unnecessary moves that made the referee decides to disqualify him. But Mike Tyson’s side filed a protest that it should be a Technical Knock-out instead of No Contest as it would benefit his winning tally and according to them, the referee stops the fight because Ferguson can no longer stand in a fight during that time. Fortunately, the complaint was granted and the decision turned to become Technical knock-out of course in favor of Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson Knockouts Collection


5. First World Title!

Controversies and expectations are becoming high, in fact very high for the boxing enthusiasts especially for those who idolize Mike Tyson. On November 22, 1986 at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mike Tyson won his very first ever world title. He was able to snatch World Boxing Heavyweight Title from Trevor Berbick of Canada. He defeated his opponent via technical knock-out on the second round of the bout setting his second world record of being the “Youngest Heavyweight Champion” of the boxing history. He was only 20 years old when he was able to wear the heavyweight champion belt. This fight was also one of the reasons why other champions are intimidated by his strength, hand speed, will power and intelligence when it comes to boxing. The combinations of left hook punch to the left side of the opponent followed by a right uppercut to the opponent’s chin were Tyson’s trademarks, this combination tagged as the killing power of Tyson was one of the reason why other champions are getting intimidated by him. On March 7, 1987 Mike Tyson was able to retain his WBC Heavyweight belt at the same time snatching another title World Boxing Association Heavyweight Champion from James Smith of the United States in Las Vegas Nevada. Tyson was able to defeat Smith via unanimous decision. And on August 1, 1987 Tyson had successfully taken the International Boxing Federation (IBF) Heavyweight title from Tony Tucker of the United States in Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Nevada. Tyson defeated Tucker via unanimous decision. And by this time he was able to set his third world record as the “First Heavyweight Champion of Three Major Belts” (WBA, WBC, and IBF) at the same time. Some heavyweight boxers try to steal these three belts from Tyson but all of them are unsuccessful as they are all defeated by the undisputed champion Mike Tyson. Tyson was able to retained WBC, WBA & IBF Heavyweight titles against Tyrell Biggs, Larry Holmes, Tony Tubbs and from Michael Spinks who are all from the United States via knock-out. Michael Spinks who happened to be the holder of The Ring Heavyweight titles lost his belt to Mike Tyson making the latter the Heavyweight Champion of The Ring, WBC, WBA The Ring, WBC, WBA & IBF Belts.


6. The First Fall!

February 11, 1990, one of the most significant date for Mike Tyson, the date he failed to retain his WBC, WBA & IBF and the Ring Heavyweight belts to another fast rising and equally promising heavyweight boxer Buster Douglas of the United States. Tyson was defeated by his opponent Douglas via knock-out on the tenth round of the bout. This was held at Tokyo Dome Tokyo Japan. His lost had made a slight impact on his career; in fact, The Ring Magazine had tagged this bout as “Upset of the Year”. And it seemed that the fall is not limited on his moves and actions inside the ring, his life outside boxing made him very fight-able as big troubles and problems came on his way during that period of his life. Dignity and reputation were at stake so it needs to be changed and reversed according to him. That is why Tyson managed to regain his confidence as soon as he thought that it is just normal for any boxer to lose from time to time in a match. He made his comeback to the limelight and successfully defeated his opponents Henry Tillman of the United States and Alex Stewart of the United Kingdom both via a first round knock-out. Tillman was defeated on June 16, 1990 at the Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada while Stewart was down on December 8, 1990 at the Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey.


7. The Revenge!

Not a vengeance on whom the reason why he was jailed nor a revenge on all the people that pushed him inside the prison but a soft and sweet revenge on how he could bring back his life as a boxer and as a human in general. Once a fighter, always a fighter, not only inside the ring neither a trouble fight inside the prison wall but a fight on himself in restoring back his name, his dignity and reputation. After a non-title successful bout defeating some of the heavyweight boxers such as Donovan Ruddock of Canada who was defeated twice, Peter McNeeley of the United States and Buster Mathis Jr. also from the United States, Mike Tyson was able to retake the WBC and the WBA championship belts against Frank Bruno of the United Kingdom and Bruce Seldon of the United States respectively. Tyson defeated Bruno via a technical knock-out on the third round of the bout on March 16, 1996 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada while Seldon was defeated also via a technical knock-out on the first round of the bout on September 7, 1996 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada. Seemed that the comeback is so sweet but the happiness and celebration did not last until after his next fight. The following fights after that sweet vengeance that tagged as one of the most successful comebacks on the limelight was followed by the bout that made a buzz not only in the world of boxing but in the entire world of sports. This fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield was one of the most sensational and the most controversial boxing match of all time.

Mike Tyson bites ear off


8. Tyson vs. Holyfield!

First, it was Holyfield who was tagged as the underdog in this fight and was criticized to be no chance of winning against Tyson. Then, it was also Holyfield’s comeback after three consecutive fights of winning but the limelight belong to Tyson during that time as he showed the more controversial life story such as being on prison and his life as a boxer is the life he would want to be back on. Third, it was Tyson who held the belt that they would fight for. Therefore, everybody who was involved in boxing is expecting Tyson to win the bout without any complication and controversy. But as life has no assurance at all, the real situations were reversed. On the ninth day of the eleventh month of 1996, in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tyson versus Holyfield dubbed as "Finally" would be watched by the whole world. The Ring Magazine once again had given this bout as “The Fight of the Year” because the fight is about two great champions who were in their peak of comeback careers. In a much unexpected result of the fight, Holyfield, who was presumed radically to be no chance of winning by a lot of boxing enthusiasts, defeated Tyson by technical knock-out when Mitch Halpern, the referee of the fight had to stop the match on the eleventh round. Tyson’s corner had an allegation that Holyfield won because of his tremendous frequent head butts which hit Tyson also frequently, but the referee found these alleged accusations as accidental and unintentional, therefore making Holyfield as the winner via technical knock-out. The Ring Magazine tagged the fight as “Upset of the Year” beside “Fight of the Year” award. And Holyfield after winning this fight made him the second heavyweight boxer who held the three major belts, World Boxing Association Heavyweight Title, World Boxing Council Heavyweight Title and the International Boxing Federation Heavyweight Title at the same time.

Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield - Heavyweight championship of the world (1996-11-09)


The fight between these two great heavyweight fighters did not end that way because on the 28th day of the sixth month of 1997, Tyson and Holyfield faced each other again entitled Tyson vs. Holyfield II “The Sound and the Fury” which was held at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena which happened to be the venue also of the first bout. As the party of Tyson filed a complaint on the previous referee of the first bout, Mitch Halpern, this professional boxing referee was replaced by another and equally professional and talented referee named Mills Lane. Very fortunately because the sales returns of the second bout overpass the first match “Finally” in terms of attending audience and gross income that reach more than $100 Million. This fight also grosses the highest purchased on pay per view which totaled up to 1.99 Million. But all those positive outcome of the match turned to be the most controversial boxing match of all time. On the near end of the third round of the bout, the referee Mills Lane stopped the fight disqualifying Mike Tyson in favor of Evander Holyfield. The charges; it was because of the “Ear Biting Incident” that Tyson committed against Holyfield. The first incident of biting which caused Holyfield bleeds as the bitten ear falls into the ring floor made the referee decides to stop the game temporarily and warned Tyson about his attitude on the ring. But when the game resumed and the fight was in the proper position, Tyson did it again; biting the other ear of Holyfield made him decide the referee to call it quit and disqualifies Tyson. Therefore the referee declared Holyfield as the winner of the bout. Tyson not only lost the fight because he also lost $3 Million less on his $30 Million sure money for the fight. It was Nevada State Boxing Commission who decides to fine Tyson because of his un-disciplinary action inside the ring. His licensed as a professional boxer also was in stake and suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for a couple of years making him banned to fight again inside the ring on the United States until October 1998.

Mike Tyson Interview


9. The Boxer Rises Again!

After the controversial fight against Holyfield from which he gained two losses, Tyson strike back as he once again on the verge of winning and he defeated Francois Botha of South Africa via knock-out on January 16, 1999 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, Julius Francis of United Kingdom was defeated by Tyson on the 29th day of January 2000 through technical knock-out at M.E.N. Arena, Manchester United kingdom, Lou Savarese of the United States on June 24, 2000 via technical knock-out at the Hampden Park, Glasgow United Kingdom. Brian Nielsen of Denmark was also defeated by Tyson through a referee’s technical decision on October 13, 2001 at the Parken Stadium, Copenhagen Denmark.

On October 23, 1999, Tyson’s fight against Orlin Norris of the United States at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada made another buzz in the world of boxing as the bout was settled on to be “No Contest” decision. On this fight Tyson throw a punch toward Norris even after the time is up and because of the strike Norris was knocked down falling his knee on the solid floor of the ring that made his knee injured. The incident made Norris unable to fight and the bout was called NC.

Another “No Contest” bout was held on October 20, 2000 at the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan when Tyson faced Andrew Golota of Poland. It was actually a technical knock-out in favor of Tyson but changed to “No Contest” after two rounds due to Tyson's post-fight drug examinations turned to be positive for cannabis.

These just showed that the life of Tyson inside boxing ring has no big difference on his personal life with a series of charges against him, not to mention his life inside prison is as complicated as his life in the boxing world. Though his last two final fights turned to be a burden on his boxing career as he lost both against Danny William of the United Kingdom on July 30, 2004 via knock-out and Kevin McBride of the Republic of Ireland via technical knock-out on June 11, 2005, Tyson realized that he lost his passion for boxing and another life of him outside the boxing ring would about to start.

Rising sun and a new beginning for Mike Tyson.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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