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Meeting Las Vegas Entertainment

The Impression!

Las Vegas is always almost defined synonymously to Casino, gambling, entertainment, gangsters, syndicates and many other luxurious and glamorous underworld affairs. These are probably because of what the media particularly, Welcome to fabulous Las Vegastelevision and movies had created a scenario to everyone’s mind and so it was developed to an impression like this, even the Wikipedia had once tagged the place as the Sin City, but beyond that, the people of Las Vegas would of course love to defend their city and reiterate to everyone that it is actually needed a thorough and analysis of depth to be able to know comprehensively all the things about the city.

Las Vegas’ Diversity and Substance cannot actually met by just those giant 3D billboards, spectacular production shows, amazingly built hotels, over advertized and an over rated casinos and most specially cannot be measured by just those overwhelmingly attributes featured on those exaggerated movies and television programs.

On this article, we would try to peep into Las Vegas’ innersole by critically embarking and unskinning the city and how it stands as a part of the country and as a city itself.

In the Beginning!

It was 1905 when a certain town was established and recognized. This town was integrated as a city proper on 1911 and since then, Las Vegas was not only known to its state and country jurisdiction but made an impact to the whole Ancient book with the history of the beginning of Las Vegas.universe. The oldest incidence that involved the city is the uncelebrated visit of the Nomads which are believed to be Paleo-Indians some 10,000 years back. This visit helped the archeologist to trace historical events through petro glyphic occurrences that believed to be made during those times.

During the 18th century, a traveler accidentally discovered a valley that is full of water and this valley helped that traveler to reduce his travel time by a couple of days, this valley is called “The Meadows” which later translated to Spanish as Las Vegas. Several years after, a fort was built to bridge Salt Lake City and Los Angeles by some member of the Mormons for them to gather necessities.

It was then early 19th century when Las Vegas was considered to be a city when some parts of the valley were sold to the public. 1911 when the city of Las Vegas was incorporated and some laws during that time were liberalized such as Divorce. And the population starts to grow ever since, and many other forms of entertainment helped the city be built, though gambling is not yet legal during that time, it was then realized that the biggest revenue to support the leaning of the city was through gambling.

It was then legalized by 1931 by the State of Nevada’s legislative members. And so the population continues to multiply, parallel to this is the development of the city when it comes to business enterprise and popularity to the world.

As the Land of the Sharks!

If we think about the people who live in Las Vegas, it would be zero% that we would imagine someone below class C level of society specially those who had no experience visiting the place. Why? Because all the giant hotels and costly Venetian, MGM Grand and Bellagio hotels in Las Vegasrestaurants who only can afford by those bourgeoisie are not only very much celebrated but also well advertised on televisions, movies and any other forms of media. Not to mention that 8 out of top 12 largest hotels in the world are from this city. Namely, The Venetian and The Palazzo that contain 8,108 suits and rooms, MGM Grand with 6,582 rooms, Wynn/Encore Las Vegas with 4,734 rooms and suits and many others, making Las Vegas as the city that has the most number of hotel rooms in the world approximately 148,000. Usually, if you would see big glittering and 3D billboards on any movies or on a TV shows, it would automatically lingers on our mind that the place is Las Vegas.

The prestigious and luxurious environment made me decide that Las Vegas is actually the land of the Sharks, from which no middle class or average business entrepreneur can stand to retain, or if there is any, the business enterprise would just only be like the shadows of those giants who not only dominate the industry but also manipulate the market. But of course, this is just a pre-impression of those who has no concrete meeting with the place, and the fact is, there is also a community of average means who only afford still tolerable and moderately priced trades such as middle-class hotels and restaurant that offers services and necessities in affordable prices.

As the Place Where Entertainment is Every Where!

Las Vegas without arguments is the world’s capital for entertainment specially when it comes to live stage production numbers. A tourist or even residents can select hundreds of shows from many different bars and theaters daily. From a spectacular production numbers to celebrity headliners to comedy skits and many other forms can be available on a daily basis on the busy streets of this city. The competition among them are actually very stiff, making the audience be the beneficiary of this completion as the quality of entertainment is getting high, the cost is actually very minimal, so the money spent for this kind of entertainment would not be thrashed and wasted. The opening of an International hotel for instance is lead by none other than the king of Pop music Elvis Presley on 1969. Since then, no one can name a popular celebrity who did not perform on this city on their time of existence in the entertainment industry. To name a few extra-ordinary shows such as popular celebrity concerts which are mostly for limited engagements only but satisfaction guaranteed, there are also long term celebrity shows who lead by famous artist who chooses to stay on the city, Broadway shows, stand-up comedy shows and many more are those enlivens the sparkling glamorous night life of Las Vegas.

As the Disneyland for the Big Boys and Girls!

If the kids have their favorite amusement parks such as the ever famous Disneyland, Las Vegas is considered to be the most famous and most wanted journey for the gambling enthusiasts. If you are a kid, your dream playground would be something that you can find everything that you wanted to play, same with the adults, if you are a gambler, your life as an adventurer would not be complete if you have not tried a single poker table or any slot machines or whatsoever that you wanted to play in one of the glamorous and outrageous casino in Las Vegas. The difference between Las Vegas and Disneyland is the essence of living and how the people of both worlds are making the way of their lives. Disneyland is full of idealisms, though very systematic and organized polishing of regimens, its glow is full of magic, illusions and unreal objectives and goals, while Las Vegas is the real world, could probably change someone’s lives either from getting it better to making it worst. It is never a fantasy, fast, furious and not always a happy ending unlike Disneyland.

As the Gambling Capital of the World!

Whether we accept it or not, Las Vegas is known to many countries around the globe because of gambling. Casinos are the city’s natural resources as the record shows that more than half of its revenues are coming from those prestigious A lot of slots where people are playing.casinos, of course aside from those giant hotels and others. Making gambling as Las Vegas’ identity, as it charges the machine that keying the city. For those who just visited Las Vegas as part of a tour or travel, gambling is just for past time, but for those who visited the city for gambling, it is their way of living and for them, gambling is business.

Not only in Las Vegas but in general, casinos operate in a way that the percentage of winning on their side is much higher that the probability of winning on the player’s side, of course this is because casinos for the operators are still business and no entrepreneur that would build a business that only parallel between the capital and the income. Plus, not to mention all the expenses of the casinos that are needed to be shouldered, it is next to impossible that the operators would only target a break even. But also, the casinos believed that if they beat the players every time they visit, those players would easily decide to quit or change casino for that matter, which is why there are also winners declared from the players. And this is just almost for a short time only, the longer the player plays, the more probability of losing, so if the player is smart enough to control himself after winning more than what he expected and stop playing, he is a big winner. We all need to know that every gambling machine on any of the casinos are tailored in favor on the house advantage, or sometimes very seldom to break even because the house should always pay the amount prize almost always less than the total amount of the money odds.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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